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  1. lalaxton

    Steps of a wet to dry dressing

    If a doctor writes an order to give a medication that you know is clearly going to harm your patient, are you going to give it? You are responsible for your own practice, regardless of what a physician orders. Contrary to popular belief, physicians can learn from nurses. Let's help those who are still using these outdated practices to learn better wound care technique. There is a wealth of information out there about not using wet to dry dressings. Simply Google the term.
  2. lalaxton

    Hospital NPs: What's your specialty?

    I graduated from an FNP program but have always worked in an inpatient setting. Previously with hospitalists and now in cardiology.
  3. lalaxton

    nursing in mcgill

    Downtown is nice but can be pricey, there are areas a little further afield that are easily accessible by metro/bus such as NDG that are cheaper. If you are starting in September, better secure somewhere soon as most of the apartments close to the university will already be picked up by students.
  4. lalaxton

    Regret Midlevel Position?

    No regrets here. And where did you ever get the idea that docs are 'top dogs' in a hospital?? If you want that then go into hospital administration!
  5. lalaxton

    Nursing in northern communities

    Good luck! Let us know how it goes.
  6. lalaxton

    Calling all Canadian Nurse Practitioners

    Hi there, You can find more info at the Canadian Nurses Association website. They did a great deal of research a few years ago and the result was the Canadian Nurse Practitioner Initiative. The CNPI does have a website that has lots of info. Also depending on what province you are in you can try to find the provincial NP association. In Ontario go to http://www.npao.org for more info on NP's in Ontario.
  7. lalaxton

    travel nursing canada

    I have never heard that holding a license in more than one provinces was a problem. I am licensed in Ontario and NWT and have never had any problems. Registration is expensive in many provinces as the licensing body is also your professional association so you are essentially paying for your license and your professional association dues. In Ontario your registration costs $125 a year but the professional association is seperate here so the cost is lower. I you are going to work for an travel nurse agency negotiate for them to reimburse you for your license fees.
  8. lalaxton

    Nursing jobs in Ontario

    Take a look at the RNAO website, they do have many jobs posted around the province http://www.rnao.org
  9. lalaxton

    McMaster Nursing? Is it worth it?

    You should investigate other programs as well to compare what their entrance requirements would be. Doing a full 'pre-health' year after only being out of school for two years seems excessive to me.
  10. lalaxton

    Nursing in northern communities

    Hi Betaq, I have worked in several northern communities. Health Canada does offer an orientation program if you go to one of their nursing stations. Most other regions offer extensive orientations as well. Have no fear no will 'throw you to the wolves' on your own. If you do go up with an agency however be aware that some of them offer no orientation whatsoever and you are expected to hit the ground running if you work through an agency doing relief work in a northern nursing station. So my best advice is decide on what part of the north you want to go to and contact that area directly. They are so short of Community Health RN's just about everywhere they will be happy to help you. Feel free to PM me for more info.
  11. lalaxton

    Canadian NP Exam

    Has anyone written the Canadian Nurse Practitioner Family/All Ages exam? Just looking for info on format? did you find it difficult?? what province are you from? Thanks!
  12. lalaxton

    Tax deduction as RN in Alberta

    If you do a search for 'marginal tax rate in Canada' you will get several different sites that will calculate this for you. Cheers!
  13. lalaxton

    traveller nursing in US

    You should check out the travel nurse thread, they have lots of discussion on this point.
  14. lalaxton

    Canadian nurse midwifery

    Midwives in Canada do not have to be RN's unlike in the US. There are some reputable Midwifery schools in Canada, but I can't speak to what their entrance requirements are. That being said, I do know several midwives who were nurses here before pursuing midwifery. And in Ontario, I'm pretty sure their care is covered. They are allowed to practice in hospitals here as well.
  15. lalaxton

    NP or MD?

    The Universtiy of Montreal has a similar program. In Quebec you graduate from high school in grade 11. You then have to do 2 years at CEGEP (community college) then the 5 year MD program at U of M. So basically the amount of years to graduate with MD. It is however, given in french.
  16. lalaxton

    Where are you from?

    So since you graduated 13 years before I did you must be "Older"!! Glad to see another Dawson grad still enjoying being a nurse!