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  1. How one reads a post and interprets it is individual. To me, she was not insulting or presumptious. Naive maybe? Inexperienced? Therefor, I don't say that I answered in a "cut and dry " fashion. People are free to make comments according to their inn...
  2. I just read this whole thread and am saddened at the pokes and jabs directed to the original poster when she(I am using she for convenience) was only asking a question /expressing her opinion. From her standpoint, her thoughts are her reality. To mak...
  3. With my junior high, I gather the student(s) that need instruction and some who don't and have a "mini class" on hygiene during which I go over the needed info. The students are then asked to judge my class content, ability to understand the info,...
  4. katscan

    transgender nurse (transvestite)

    Personally, I don't care what the nurse looks like-or "is" as long as the person is competent when they care for me-or any patient. This student doesn't THINK with that male appendage-which will probably be lost in the near future anyway. The person...
  5. katscan

    Help ! Interview ???

    I'm 52 and have been told by students and administrators during my 21 year career that I relate to kids very well. I have k-12 experience. And I would love to implement more wellness programs. Obesity interests me. I was wellness coordinator for the...
  6. katscan

    "gypsy" nurses

    Sorry I said anything. The negativity hit a nerve that's all. But then, I couldn't understand all the comments to the poster on the "obese nurse" thread, either. Lots of nerves were hit there. Just don't flame me for having an opinion.
  7. katscan

    "gypsy" nurses

    The comment was not directed at you but to the whole "name calling" tone of the article and the offensive tone associated with the term "gypsie". I am not angry but I won't chill, either. Neither am I buying into any label, I was merely asking tha...
  8. katscan

    "gypsy" nurses

    I just want to remind you that when you label a group of nurses as "gypsies" and portray them in a negative light that is offensive to those of us that are of Hungarian, Romanian, etc. descent. As a second generation Hungarian, that name was hurle...
  9. I'm a school nurse on salary. I am expected to stay after if a meeting on a student is called, but otherwise I work 7 hrs per day and have 1/2 hr for lunch. It's lunch I don't always get. I am on call all day for everything. But I have been doing th...
  10. katscan

    Newsweek letter to editor

    After a long hard day, I sat down last eve with the latest Newsweek. I did not need to read that letter from that resident. To make such sweeping statements, and lump all nurses together...His narrow mind will get him in trouble long before he beco...
  11. The way you asked the question, it sounds like you are researching the topic. Are you working on a Master's thesis? Just wondering.....
  12. katscan

    Sent home from Clinical

    This is amazing! And management require nurses to work double shifts! What about them?? No talk about patient safety there-only insubordination if you don't. I sincerly doubt that you would have endangered your patients, you DID get some sleep. ...
  13. katscan

    HELP,HELP,HELP,HELP,HELP--student nurse in distress

    Nursing is not all about dealing with the "yuckies". besides, everyone is different. And the incident passes. You may feel queasy until the task is finished, but then you move on to different things. Maybe the dissection thing is the only thing that...
  14. katscan

    I got a Job!

    Congrats! Hapoy for you!
  15. katscan

    Grumpy Secretary--what would you do?

    Rotten Nurse-that was a mean and totally untrue statement! Unit clerks are part of the team too-they accomplish alot. How would you like to be "minimized " like that. Andre, I respect what you do, please don't think we all feel the way Rotten Nurse d...
  16. katscan

    I Hate You, Heart Attack.....

    This MUST be shared with others! Too good to pass... So many others are going through this too, every day. Your insight provides courage and hope, as well as demonstrating the humanness of all of us. Bravo, VERY well done.