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If a NP has to buy own medical insurance and gets no benefits, should he or she accepts pay rate of $40.00 an hour as new NP? Florida

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Um, I would say no way? But that all depends on how desperate you are for food and shelter.

$40/hr alone, regardless of benefits is a H*'ll no!

$40/hr and no benefits/insurance?!?! You might as well beg to work for free....:no:

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Probably 1099 too.

I do not understand why anyone would take on the responsibility of an NP role for that much. Sadly, there are too many people that will. The fact is the "market" will pay as little as they can to get an NP and as much as they have to pay in order to get one!! Of course, there is a maximum, but $40 is nowhere near that!!! You are there to increase revenue...not as an expense! If you bring in $200,000 in revenue and cost the facility $150,000 (salary + benefits)...then you still make $50,000 for the facility, right? Therefore, it would really be a loss for them not to hire the NP. I really hope that NP's stop accepting such low pay....I hope to compete with you for a job one day!!!

That's a big no. There are bedside RN's in Florida that make over $40/hr with their associate degree. You are worth more!

I like your username. It makes me crave rocky road ice cream.

That's RN pay at a SNF in California.

That's RN pay at a SNF in California.

Exactly my thought.

Not that many years ago there was an ad running in my local area for an FNP. 65k. The ad kept running, so I hope nobody even applied.

Sad, though, that pay will ultimately be determined by the market, and I fear we are flooding the market with poorly prepared NP's.

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No way. That's exploitation.

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Uh, I make $7/hr more than that as an RN with amazing benefits. I wouldn't even accept $40/hr as an RN at this point in my career so, no, I hope an NP wouldn't accept that rate especially with no benefits. If you get no benefits you should get a much higher salary to make up for it.

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Ummmmmm, hate to be a bummer here, but $40/hr = $83,400/yr and is pretty much the going rate in the SE from what I've seen, and it gets worse, I had a friend making $29/hr = $60,000 as an FNP at the health dept. Most of the office mon-fri FNP's that I knew in PC were only around $80k/yr, which is in the $38-$39/hr range. I moved to the NW and work with the VA, I make $97k/yr or under $47/hr...........the RN's in the Seattle area VA just got a huge pay raise, and most if not ALL are making more than I am currently, at my pay grade right now, I'd make $94,000/yr as an RN, floor nurse, base pay, with differentials for nights/weekends I'd be over $100k as an RN, but I work mon-fri as an FNP for $97k......I work weekends in the ER to make up for it, on the weekends, I make $82/hr with OT, weekend diff, etc..............So pay can totally stink for NP's, there's a trend that I have seen, bonuses, etc to get RN's, nothing for NP's for the most part. Thank God, that I didn't have to take on any student loan debt like a lot of people do, then it'd be way worse!

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