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  1. Please recommend your CPA!

    For those who own their own business, please recommend your CPA. I'm looking one who is obviously well-versed in tax law who is aggressive at lowering my tax liabilities. Thank you!
  2. Take job for less money but more potential happiness?

    $3500 isn't that much less when considering an NP salary...and especially when you factor in your overall happiness. It's kind of a no brainer.
  3. Sacramento VA

    Hi, I have sent you a PM ?
  4. Over-documentation

    Yes, you tell them you can only address 1-2 problems due to the limited time you have to fully and adequately address their concerns, then inform them (should they start to drag you down the rabbit hole of problems), that you can schedule a follow up...
  5. Wilkes PMHNP 2020

    Beware California residents: I was informed (upon my inquiry, and last minute), that they are now currently not authorized to accept California residents. So, if you applied and got accepted for fall 2020, like me, it's a no-go for you.
  6. Mid-school Crisis (PMHNP)

    You bring up very valid concerns that many in the medical/nursing field shy away from talking about. You're correct, many of these psychotropic, and other pharmaceutical meds, have a whole host of side effects. And when you get into a situation...
  7. ANCC Frustrations

    No advice unfortuntely, but just support for how frustrating that is. They should at least honor the fact that you completed the psych NP part of your program and passed the boards. Esp since you being withdrawn from the program was due to COVID19......
  8. Why do psych NPs make more?

    Simple: the psych NP is trained and well versed in everything psych, and you as an FNP are not. Yes, you are prescribing suboxone, but the psych NP is probably doing the same, plus psych med mgmt, plus initial evaluations, which can easily take ...
  9. Psych NPs Patient Schedules - Is this the norm?

    So I take it your employer provides an office manager that you don't have to pay for? Do they complete prior authorizations, scheduling and other admin work for you? That would be so ideal!
  10. Psych NPs Patient Schedules - Is this the norm?

    Ouch! Your tax liability will be through the roof if you're not actively trying to reduce your tax liability (incorporate, business expense right offs, etc.)... I would only consider doing 1099 if I can reduce my tax liability, otherwise uncle S...
  11. Psych NPs Patient Schedules - Is this the norm?

    This is so ideal and is what I aspire to do! Please do update us with how working as an IC 1099 has worked out for you!
  12. Psych NPs Patient Schedules - Is this the norm?

    Myoglobin, can you explain how you save on taxes as a 1099 employee making the high income that you do?
  13. PNP salary negotiation

    My general rule of thumb regarding appropriate salary standards is that if I am not making more than what I borrowed for school (plus interest), then I am making too low of a salary to earn a living and pay off my debt. 80K is quite low. I imagi...
  14. Psych NPs Patient Schedules - Is this the norm?

    I hear you. I work in private practice/psych outpatient and it's relatively the same issue. I do psych follow-ups and it's 20 min back to back with a "30 min" break and "admin time" that is only 20 min at the end of the day... I have to hope for...
  15. Prescription "cookbooks?"

    I use epocrates paid version and consider it a great investment!