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  1. ToFNPandBeyond

    California NPs - trouble with finding "the" job?

    I agree with ArmaniX, you've got to interview back! My rule of them is I never start a position where an MD has no idea what an NP does, or you're the first NP to ever work that position, etc. You're essentially their "Guinea pig "until they learn about your role.
  2. ToFNPandBeyond

    Good NP jobs

    I find this post way too vague. Are you an NP? As the poster previously mentioned, stress and "good" NP job is subjective. Let's start with your specialty (assuming you are an NP). What is your specialty? Do you plan to work within your specialty. If it's niche, you may not have a choice. Where do you live? Are you willing to relocate? You need to be more specific in your request. It's almost like asking an adult what should I be when I grow up
  3. ToFNPandBeyond

    Is Southern California affordable on a psych NP salary?

    Psych NPs are one of the highest paid NP specialties. I've lived around California, and know of colleagues who live quite comfortably on their NP salaries making less than psych NPs in that area.
  4. ToFNPandBeyond

    Psych NPs working in California, what is your salary?

    Thanks for your reply! Was this outpatient?
  5. Gauging the current market for psych NPs in California. I plan to return to school for postgraduate degree in psych. Also, please share your benefits package. Thanks!
  6. ToFNPandBeyond

    Let’s talk numbers and visit frequency

    Ah...working in primary care can feel like taking you're taking two steps forward, one step back. Or putting out fires with a garden hose...Somehow, it just never seems like you're doing enough. It's why I left it almost entirely. But I've read your past posts and I see you are passionate about primary care, so what do you do? I think the new policy at your job regarding possibly reducing ones pay when there are factors that are out of your control, like no shows, etc is B.S. Particularly when serving Medicaid populations or those with no insurance, often times their life circumstances make it difficult for them to make it to care. You shouldn't be punished for this. What type of population do you want to serve? I'm all for serving those with limited means, but understand the beaurocracy will be great. When the government is heavily involved (as is the case in FQHCs), obtaining money will be more difficult for these healthcare clinics, and healthcare facilities will make it glaringly obvious (IMHO) that they will prioritize the might dollar over patient care. If you serve the upper class, you may have a cushier job; however this may have their own set of problems (cash pay will likely dictate, and with the backing of upper management who can pocket the money without having to claim it all, how you diagnose and treat them). You may not feel as fulfilled as you desire for helping make change like you mention. So, decisions, decisions. Seems like, however, that you aren't happy with the change in your employers policy. And I don't blame you. If there isn't a way for them to negotiate something that is to your liking, then you know what you have to do.
  7. Looking for feedback on those who may have attended this school for their postgraduate pmhnp cert. What was your experience? Would you recommend or not, and why? Thank you
  8. Looking for info primarily from the who have applied to this school on the past OR are currently in the program. What was your experience? Would you recommend or not, and why? Thank you
  9. ToFNPandBeyond

    Best States for RN's and NP's both in terms of pay and practice?

    There is the rule, and then there is the exception... I live in California and I have to say that I agree with Myoglobin. Although the pay is great, the state income tax is INSANE! We are also a very restrictive state in regards to practice, which is frustrating because I would very much desire working independently in the near future. When you add all of the negative aspects (high state income tax, restrictive state, high cost of living in desirable places one may want to live) with the positives of pay, I can see why others may want to move out of this state to work.
  10. ToFNPandBeyond

    Post Masters Certificates

    You can do either/or.
  11. ToFNPandBeyond

    Board of Nursing Complaint

    Just want to provide you virtual support❤. I am sorry you are facing this. Definitely a wake up call for us all...
  12. ToFNPandBeyond

    New Grad FNP offer

    You will get a mix bag of responses regarding this. I am an FNP who works in both an outpatient psych private practice (my main bread and butter job) as well as a family practice (side hustle). I will say that prior to working psych, I did work full time in primary care, and had some experience diagnosing and treating common mental health conditions (mainly depression and anxiety). I do all the follow up appts, and the psychiatrist, who I consult with for any questions I have, does all the initial intake. In this way, I am similarly doing the level of care I did in primary care - assessment and medication management. I obviously do way more mental health care than I did (and do) in primary care. Again, should I have any questions regarding more complex mood disorders (i.e. bipolar disorder), I consult. If they are acute and/or complex (schizophrenia) , I refer them to the psychiatrist. It may be a challenge for you if it's your first job out of grad school. Personally, I think it's best to work in primary care as an FNP to get a general understanding of the health issues you've learned in school and clinicals before going into specialty. However, psych (the more common and general mental disorders) won't be completely foreign based on your training. If your employers training is thorough, and your an inquisitive learner, you should do well. If you decide to stay in psych, I'd recommend going back to school and getting your psych cert. It's what I plan to do so that I can confidently do more within this speciality.
  13. ToFNPandBeyond

    Telemedicine NP work?

    Looking to hear from those who have worked in telemedicine as a NP. What was your rate of pay? Describe your experience: likes and dislikes? Agencies you worked for? Etc. For those who work in a restricted state, did you have to find your own collaborating physician? Thank you
  14. ToFNPandBeyond

    FNP Made to Work Alone?

    I would leave. Sounds like a recipe for burnout...
  15. ToFNPandBeyond

    New NP pay

    How many hours a week are you working for $67/hr as a staff RN? If more than 40 hrs a week, you won't be taking a pay cut, that is, if you negotiate. As a new grad last year, I made $125K in CA, 2 hrs west of the bay area, with a $5K bonus working 40 hrs a week (often less as I was salary). I'm in specialty now making $140K with an opportunity to exceed my income with RVUs 1.5 years later (yea I know). So...you can make more, just have to look and negotiate.

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