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    New NP pay

    How many hours a week are you working for $67/hr as a staff RN? If more than 40 hrs a week, you won't be taking a pay cut, that is, if you negotiate. As a new grad last year, I made $125K in CA, 2 hrs west of the bay area, with a $5K bonus working 40 hrs a week (often less as I was salary). I'm in specialty now making $140K with an opportunity to exceed my income with RVUs 1.5 years later (yea I know). So...you can make more, just have to look and negotiate.
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    OP, or others, can you provide a status update on how the pmhnp program was for you?
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    Psychiatry question - Must I provide Therapy too?

    Do you have behavioral therapists where you're at? Me personally, other than light motivational interviewing, I'm not all that into providing therapy. I don't believe our education really focuses heavy on it (don't quote me as psych isn't my specialty as of yet). I tell them my focus is on med mgmt, and that I can refer them for therapy. We have therapists on site.
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    Cert or not to Cert

    In California, you'll get compensated very well. Not sure what the avg salary for psych NP is in your area specifically, but in the bay area, I've seen several job post for $180k+. In the capital, I've seen on average $150-$180K, not including bonuses of course. I currently work in psych as an FNP doing follow up med mgmt (not intake), and make $140K. I will be going back to school doing a post masters online cert program. The school I'm looking at cost about $18K, which if you do the math based on the figures I've given above, is a pretty good return on your investment.
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    Does it matter where I get my MSN-FNP?

    I beg to differ. I went to the 4th ranked school in the nation for nursing (Second in medical), and it didn't mean squat to most employers who valued experience over brand. Experience will more likely than not trump name of school. Again, I think OP is better off researching accredited schools and their passing rank. Ultimately, the OP wants to ensure the school she/he goes to prepares him/her to pass the exam and practice in the real world. Good luck!
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    Does it matter where I get my MSN-FNP?

    No, they don't care. All you need to care about is if the school is accredited and their passing rate regarding licensing exam.
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    Are we intervening too much?

    I was informed by my medical assistant that a doctor she works for still does pap screens on his patients ONCE A YEAR, regardless of results! 'Nuff said
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    Unhappy and stressed as NP- seeking advice.

    Agree with Oldmanhubbard, I work in psych private practice and most of my patients are high functioning. Most common diagnoses are MDD and anxiety, followed by bipolar and ADHD. Like in many specialties, you start to see patterns in sxs, which helps with diagnosing and treating common illnesses. Minority of my patients are schizophrenic. I care for those who have commercial insurance and about 60 percent who have Medicare. I state this fact because it matters when you start prescribing meds that either require a PA or meds that are newer on the market. It can be a pain trying to get meds approved for use when someone has government insurance unfortunately... I really like outpatient psych. I feel I've found a niche that I'm good at and comfortable with. I know myself to know I could never do inpatient psych, child psych or community health psych...not built for it. But outpatient private practice psych where majority of ppl are motivated to get well, and I'm not drowning myself in the work, I'm all for!
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    $200,000 salary as a RN, it's true

    I think it comes off as bitter when professionals try to take jabs at one's earnings by stating things like "I'd never want to live in Ca" or other disparaging remarks to mask their own insecurity, unease, or discomfort of their own salary/earning potential... I think it's rare but quite remarkable that the RN you know is making that salary, and even more remarkable of the benefits and retirement package. For myself, personally, even if I were making that kind of money, I wouldn't be satisfied if I were an RN doing it. I much prefer the leadership role an NP job provides. I also like the respect I get in the role. Money is very important, and surely I wouldn't be an NP if the money wasn't right (it's the truth, not ashamed about it), but my satisfaction is a bit more important than the dollar. I'm okay making less than $200,000 if that means I could derive satisfaction in what I'm doing.
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    $200,000 salary as a RN, it's true

    Not true. Many parts of Sacramento are very affordable. I can attest.
  11. Oh wow, Fullglass! I've been following your NP journey since you passed your boards. I'm sorry to hear of your unfortunate experiences. But as you said, there was a silver lining in all of this from the invaluable skills you've gained. I had a similar experience with a community health clinic NP position I accepted right out of graduation. Great boss/medical director, great company and benefits. Then 4 months into working, we were surprisingly told the clinic will be shutting down and that we ALL will be laif off. Why? No money. They did eventually end up selling to an FQHC which was a nightmare. A month into working for the new company, I left. One of the issues with my previous employer is that they mainly worked with one insurance carrier. And so when they were at odds and the insurance company decided they no longer wanted to do business with our employer, we were out of luck. When I interviewed for new jobs, one of the questions I asked were all of the insurance companies the clinic worked with and if they were in good standing. Fullglass, have you completed your service agreement with nurse corps, or are you breaking their contract? If the latter, what does that mean for you and the potential money you may have to pay back?
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    New PMHNP

    What about prescribing, insurance, etc are you nervous about?
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    Moderators, this should be in the student NP forums. Are you all still moderating posts?!
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    FNP pay, splitting reimbursements from insurance?

    Great post! Interested learning more about this and what ppl actually made.
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    New Grad Job Offer... What do you think?

    Most conferences are 3 days. And even if they are not, you'll want to leave by the 3rd day.... If the CME time is your only concern, then you're in good shape. I would take the counter offer.
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    New Grad NP feeling Overwhelmed, Scared

    No offense Dodongo, but your post does nothing to help address the concerns this person feels in real time. OP, it is normal to have those gitters and concerns. I was there when I started working as a new provider last fall. As another poster said, you have to make peace with the fact that you aren't going to know it all. Choose a practice that has onboarded new grads and has a realistic ramp up (3 to 6 mos is ideal). Download EPOCRATES and subscribe to Uptodate for medical references. If you need to learn more about a subject, research it over the weekend. We've all been there. Even those like medical doctors at some point in time were nervous when they had to leave the nest, but regardless, most of us do well. Evidence even backs that nurse practitioner have better patient satisfaction and generally provide quality service. So take a deep breath, study and pass your boards, take a vacation if you desire, and consciously choose a provider that can support you.
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    Why did you become a NP?

    I wasn't necessarily looking into working in specialty, it sort of "found" me. I was applying for jobs and came across a psych mental health outpatient position. In my previous primary care clinic, I was doing quite a bit of mental health screening, diagnoses, and prescribing, and found good satisfaction in helping people get better. I haven't started my new position yet, but I will be doing all the follow up care and treatments. The psychiatrist will do all the initial intake as I am not a psych NP, which I can understand her logic. I'll give myself about a year to determine if I truly like this field before going back to school to obtain my psych cert. I may take a very part time position in primary care just so I don't lose my skills. I really do like primary care for the most part, and if there was an ideal position such as the one described above, I'd be staying. But for right now, and with my green experience, there aren't any positions readily available for me, and I needed to get out of my hellish experience before it got really bad and I risked losing my license.
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    urgent care or family practice?

    I hear you. I currently work in family practice but will be transitioning to specialty care d/t new mgmt and the push/ pressure to prescribe narcs to those who demand for it. It's starting to feel like a pill mill so I'm leaving. I've never worked in minute clinic, but from I've learned, it's fast paced so you may like that. However, the job may get boring overtime as you're primarily treating common cold sxs. Obviously do your own research and ask questions to determine if it's right for you. Bestof luck to you!
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    Help- Minute Clinic or Planned Parenthood?

    Planned parenthood also does primary care so you'd get more varied experiences there. You may also get better orientation which would be important for you as you're so far removed since you graduated and became licensed. Minute clinic from what I've read offer a a very brief orientation, then you're on your own. What do you want from your job?
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    NP Fellowship experience

    Great post! Thanks for sharing your experience and helping those who may need it.
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    Accidental Mistake- UGH

    YES! The same thing happened to me over the summer. I had just received my license a few weeks prior and needed to renew. To our credit, that question was misleading and confusing IMHO. I went straight to them to get it straightened out. I had to pay an additional $12 Cash and paperwork. They don't accept credit cards. They had informed me it would take 5 business days to change status. It was a pain but it got done.
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    Oversupply of Nurse Practitioners

    All of the amenities you've mentioned you don't own. With the amount of money your throwing away in rent, you could put down $100K in just under 4 years if you were paying a reasonable amt in rent. I lived in SF. All one would need to do is purchase insurance in case of an earthquake which is very affordable. Listen, if you're happy with what you're doing, great. But for any other new grad reading this who is concerned about making their money grow, it's not a smart investment in my humble opinion. Anyone who invests knows that there are only 2 options that makes sense, stocks and real estate. I had to move out of the bay to not get trapped in the rat race.
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    Oversupply of Nurse Practitioners

    You mean to tell me that you make nearly $200K and you've decided to live in the most expensive parts of the country RENTING! You are literally handing over $4k a month to make someone else rich. How about using that money and investing! If not for yourself, then your child! Only in America...
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    Salary range means?

    You can make over $140K in primary care. The larger hospitals in California for example offer this pay grade and over. I have colleagues straight out of school with no experience making this. And no, I'm not taking into account bonuses, etc.....
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    Resume tips for AP nursing?

    Yes, include your clinical rotations and label them as "clinical experience " or "residencies " and break it down into sub specialties. It's important to highlight you clinical experiences while in school because it shows that you've been been putting your education into practice (didactic). Highlight your accomishments, including how many patients you were able to see, skills you've acquired, etc. As for your project, unless it's clinical base, I wouldn't include.