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Alex_RN has 6 years experience as a BSN.

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  1. Alex_RN

    should I just give up? DUI/ mental illness

    I wish I had answers for you but all I can do is echo everyone else's words of encouragement. You might post your DUI question on the Recovery board. Those nurses have walked the walk and would have the most current information, possible even s...
  2. I am a bedside RN and I shine when it comes to patient education, customer service, and the general areas of my specialty. I pride myself on doing a good job navigating my patients though their admission, especially upon discharge. I am curious about...
  3. Alex_RN

    Spouse of nurse

    Not the money but the effort: I would be very unhappy, too, if I felt that my spouse wasn't working as hard as me.
  4. According to South Korean news agency, a pregnant patient with a 6-week-old fetus had gone to a clinic in the country's capital Seoul. A mix-up in medical charts and failure to check her identity led to the mistaken abortion. The patient was supposed...
  5. Alex_RN

    Spouse of nurse

    Living expenses went up and you are both feeling the pinch. I suggest you work on budgeting together. Is your spouse working full time? Maybe there are ways to increase his salary in their current job? Or maybe look for a better job? Hard to do in yo...
  6. Alex_RN

    How often do you wash your scrubs? :)

    All of my scrubs are dark navy and I wear black shirts underneath. I do wash them after one shift but I run a separate cycle for scrubs and work shirts: "for darks" detergent, cold water, pre-soak, gentle cycle, and warm (not hot) dryer. I usual...
  7. Alex_RN

    Nurses, Get Ready for Amazon Prime Day 2019

    I use Amazon several times a month but I try to keep in mind that I don't always need things the next day. I hear that the fulfillment job is grueling and low-paying, so I try to ease up on delivery speed. I am fine with 2-day or Amazon Day, where th...
  8. I assume you have not told your new employer. You will start orientation already on limited duty: No infectious cases, no potential violence, etc. I don't know how that plays out in L&D but most anywhere else your daily assignment will be impact...
  9. Alex_RN

    Nurses Week Gifts that Knock You Off Your Feet

    A patient's family brought us a selection of different flavored Oreo cookies. I was pretty excited, actually!
  10. Alex_RN

    should I just give up? DUI/ mental illness

    Only you know your situation, but please don't give up unless you know for sure what hurdles you face. I have a bad habit of stressing out over "what if" and I really work hard on staying grounded. It will help if you can nail down the facts. Hurdle...
  11. Alex_RN


    This is an important thread. I have enjoyed reading the posts.
  12. Alex_RN


    My school had similar policy. Nursing school is the time to crack down and get ahead of your education. Your philosophy should be: 1) Leave No Point Behind, and if things start to slip, 2) Panic Early and Often. Nursing schools need to have good...
  13. Alex_RN

    BON and alleged verbal abuse via pt

    I am so sorry you are going through this. The reality is, if the patient is 400 lbs, then she is 400 pounds, and what does polite have to do with physics? Are you supposed to cripple yourself and pretend that she is not morbidly obese? A simple, "I ...
  14. Alex_RN

    Reasons nurses get fired

    We lost a ton of nurses who had many years of experience but no BSNs because of a policy change as the result of a change of corporate ownership. They were not fired but over the course of several months they left for other jobs. Now the average numb...
  15. Alex_RN

    Flushing tubing after IV ATB administration

    Our primary lines are 18ml, secondary are 7ml. We always run ABX as a secondary.
  16. Alex_RN

    Teachers Discriminating against students

    I saw a lot of personality-based inequality in my program, so I totally believe you. Several people I knew were flunked out at the last minute. Most of them transferred their credits to a different school in the same corporation and became LVNs inste...