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  1. Anxious About New DON/Coworkers

    When I feel fearful about leaving a job because I like the people, I remember that the new job will have people, too. Your work friends come with the job and they will come and go from your life. Be very careful expressing opinions about your co...
  2. Offensive Badge

    Wearing anything like that to work tells the world you have very poor judgement. Do you have a chip on your shoulder? Are you trying to be provocative? We are allowed to wear service pins and nothing else. I'm glad.
  3. Got Fired Help Plz

    Sorry this happened to you. The important thing is that you are a nurse with a license and there are many opportunities for you, especially these days.
  4. should I just give up? DUI/ mental illness

    I wish I had answers for you but all I can do is echo everyone else's words of encouragement. You might post your DUI question on the Recovery board. Those nurses have walked the walk and would have the most current information, possible even specif...
  5. I am a bedside RN and I shine when it comes to patient education, customer service, and the general areas of my specialty. I pride myself on doing a good job navigating my patients though their admission, especially upon discharge. I am curious about...
  6. Spouse of nurse

    Not the money but the effort: I would be very unhappy, too, if I felt that my spouse wasn't working as hard as me.
  7. According to South Korean news agency, a pregnant patient with a 6-week-old fetus had gone to a clinic in the country's capital Seoul. A mix-up in medical charts and failure to check her identity led to the mistaken abortion. The patient was supposed...
  8. Spouse of nurse

    Living expenses went up and you are both feeling the pinch. I suggest you work on budgeting together. Is your spouse working full time? Maybe there are ways to increase his salary in their current job? Or maybe look for a better job? Hard to do in yo...
  9. How often do you wash your scrubs? :)

    All of my scrubs are dark navy and I wear black shirts underneath. I do wash them after one shift but I run a separate cycle for scrubs and work shirts: "for darks" detergent, cold water, pre-soak, gentle cycle, and warm (not hot) dryer. I usually wa...
  10. Just because discrimination is illegal does not mean it does not happen every day based upon anything that might make the interviewer uncomfortable. Unless the discrimination is overt, like a declarative statement, "We don't hire people with CA hx," ...
  11. As someone else said earlier, if an employer really cared and really intended to take action, they would look after their existing staff. It is not my job, especially as I am walking out the door forever, to be a learning experience for my facility's...
  12. Nurses, Get Ready for Amazon Prime Day 2019

    I use Amazon several times a month but I try to keep in mind that I don't always need things the next day. I hear that the fulfillment job is grueling and low-paying, so I try to ease up on delivery speed. I am fine with 2-day or Amazon Day, where th...
  13. Dialysis nursing pros and cons

    Aren't dialysis nurses sometimes paid by the case? WIll you be at a hospital, SNF, LTAC, or dialysis center?
  14. Earthquake at work?

    What was that like? Just curious.
  15. How to Remain Relevant as You Age

    These dynamics are never spoken about in regards to the second-career RN. We who take the floor sometimes a few decades (or more) older than our peers. We face some challenges and usually try to keep it a secret, lest we be seen as already over the ...