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  1. I am including when you come back to work after a few days and find your patient in "rule out TB" precautions. Between rule out and actual, my number is: 3. It is still February.
  2. Alex_RN

    Latex Balloons

    I am reminded of an acute care patient with a stated latex allergy. We took full precautions, which is a hassle. Turns out she just didn't like how latex sounded.
  3. Alex_RN

    Failed for Clinical-but no proof

    As someone said above, you got off on the wrong foot and stayed there. As I read your account, I, too, am uncomfortable with your performance. Everyone (other nurses, your instructors, etc.) are just people and no one is perfect. None of the people you work with: you future managers, etc., are going to manage you perfectly, like a TV lawyer. You need to bring your own common sense and not rely on others to tell you exactly how to behave professionally. Your instructors are acting on how uncomfortable your performance is making them and their efforts to get you off the floor are imprecise and not exactly perfect. I would not want to be responsible for managing you and would not trust you to care for my loved one, and no one at your school is interested in taking on that kind of liability. There is literally no good reason for them to support you at this point. Yes, expectations were poorly communicated: "what happens on the unit stays on the unit" was not clear to you. Unfortunately, telling you to grow up, take responsibility, be engaged, and behave professionally is also vague and probably not helpful to you. But that is how life is.
  4. Alex_RN

    Barbie's Career Advice for Nurses

    Barbie dishes out some helpful career advice for all the other nurses out there...