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    Written Up

    It is not official but I often tell patients that I cannot give narcs within an hour of each other and I make it a point to check and chart the BP before the second narc.
  2. Alex_RN

    Got in, and failed 😔😔

    What, actually, is the problem? Nursing school is hard and most people have to learn how to study, how to manage their time, and how to prioritize to a degree they have never experienced before. I hope you were not in a for-profit, accelerated program. Those are brutal. That's where I got my BSN and I do not recommend it. I don't understand what you meant about other students, feeling invaded, etc. It's school. Other people attend school. Some people are nice. Many are not. The majority of people are not thinking about you. They're busy being students and working and making it through the next quiz. That's how it works. If you cannot cope with sharing a classroom, how are you going to deal with coworkers, patients, and doctors? Other people are not responsible for your success or failure.
  3. Alex_RN

    Nursing prerequisites

    You need to very careful and make sure the pre-reqs you take are accepted by the program you want. All of the classes you listed were required in-person and with additional lab in my program. Meet with a counselor at the program you want and then work backwards to plan your pre-reqs and anything else you might be able to take ahead of time.
  4. I am including when you come back to work after a few days and find your patient in "rule out TB" precautions. Between rule out and actual, my number is: 3. It is still February.
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    Trigger Warning!

    I find trigger warnings to be triggering. Sorry, I could not resist. I believe political correctness to have a place, like politeness, in civil discourse. And like politeness, if you are impolite or politically incorrect towards me, my head is not going to explode. I am not harmed. I am genuinely saddened that political correctness has morphed into this giant stupid thing.
  6. I used to dread going to work my first year. I lived where it was hard to find a new grad job so I just powered through. I did not consider other options because I knew I had to succeed. Now I am perfectly happy in my work. Hang in there!
  7. Alex_RN

    How do you take blood pressures for 90 people?

    I really hope you have the vital signs machines that automatically upload to your EMR, but I've never seen that outside of acute care.
  8. Alex_RN

    Force to change unit in the middle of shift

    Sure, happens in my very large hospital all the time. They do try to be reasonable about it but it happens.
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    Seasoned Nurses - This one is for you

    My two cents: The boom in for-profit nursing education. These schools exist solely to access student loan dollars and churn out new grads. This goes hand and hand with the elevation of the BSN as a requirement for bedside acute care. This is an artificial market-driven requirement.
  10. Alex_RN

    Seasoned Nurses - This one is for you

    I agree and the cause seems to be the productization of nursing education. For-profit schools are eager to mop up that student loan money and requiring meaningful clinicals creates a back log in their get 'em in/get 'em out diploma mills.
  11. Alex_RN

    Need help from anyone crafty

    "Cricut is the brand-name of a product range of home die-cutting machines used for scrapbooking and various projects, made by Provo Craft & Novelty, Inc. of Spanish Fork, Utah. The machines are used for cutting paper, felt, vinyl, fabric and other products such as fondant." If you are on social media, you probably know someone who has one.
  12. Alex_RN

    No one to talk to about nursing... Am I crazy?

    I enjoy talking about nursing stuff and interesting conversations overall, but in the big medical center I work at, people mostly want to talk about their kids or TV programs. It was the same at my old non-healthcare office job.
  13. Alex_RN

    Teaching nursing with a Ph.D. in medicine?

    I bet he would be excellent. My school was always scrambling for instructors. The bottom line is to reach out to potential employers. They will know if there are any barriers to him teaching now, as is. I think all my school required to teach was a Masters.
  14. Alex_RN

    What's the school lunch today?

    Coffee and cigarettes. It is a bottomless cup of coffee, though. (from an old SNL skit)
  15. Congratulations on starting your research. I was clueless and would do a few things differently. For example, I did not know that SallieMae was considered a private loan, not federal. I did get what I came for: job security, a fair union wage, and I did not lose money from my previous career. I am very happy to be an RN. Good luck!
  16. Alex_RN

    How to NOT stress when a patient has high acuity

    First thing: Stop being anxious. Anxiety actually impairs your ability to form new memories. Remember that every single nurse has been in your position. These other nurses are not smarter or superior to you, just more experienced. You will get there. The hardest thing about being a new grad is that you are slower at tasks, which makes it even harder to take a breath, look at the mess of an IV pole, and work through it. You want to rush, but that makes you anxious, which leads to a mistake or forgotten supply, then the task takes even longer. I used to have a lot of TPN and ancillary IV nutrition patients all due at the same time on night shift. I would go in and have to tell myself: This is what I am doing right now and I cannot think about other things. Hang the wrong filter in the wrong place and you have to start over plus sometimes clean up a sticky mess. Forcing myself to breath, focus, and do one thing carefully though quickly was very helpful.
  17. Alex_RN

    Resignation, What To Do With Accrued PTO??

    We are near the end of the year. Is there anything you can do before 12/31 to lower your overall tax rate? Can you squeeze out a kid in the next 5 weeks? What if you park the cash in an IRA or something?
  18. Alex_RN

    Mandatory Vaccination

    There should be a sub-board or whatever just for flu shot rhetoric.
  19. Alex_RN

    Forced to Chart using another employee name

    Stay strong. We do what we have to do and life is often unfair. Think about your self care and try to take good care of yourself. Pack good lunches and be kind to yourself whenever you can. I started regular fitness walking on my days off to help with the stress. Vent when you can but don't let it poison the rest of your life. I had a horrible job for 18 months and one thing I noticed was that my coworkers were very closed off to me due to the work environment. I was always friendly and helpful but it took almost 9 months before people would start to say, "hello" back and treat me like a person. It did help me be less miserable when they finally warmed up to me. That was a handful of years ago and I am perfectly happy at a different hospital now. You will get through this.
  20. I am an RN starting to look into med-surg certification. A quick search shows: Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses (AMSN) offers Certified Medical-Surgical Registered Nurse (CMSRN) credential. The American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) offers the RN-BC (board certified). The American Association of Critical Care Nurses (AACN) offers Progressive Care Nursing Certification (PCCN). What programs do you like? Any tips?
  21. Alex_RN

    Do I want to be a school nurse?

    In my part of the country they take new grads. Some of my friends from school became school nurses and they love it but they also like the unique aspects, like the summers off and limited hours.
  22. Alex_RN

    Coworker violated HIPPA

    What a hot mess. I think you and your friend should discuss how both of you are pretty loose with HIPPA. Don't pick a fight or play the blame game (because you are both at fault), but review some online education and commit to the ethics of patient privacy. No more looking at charts unless you are providing care. Don't discuss patient issues, especially if they are friends or family. Take the high road. "I have been thinking about the other day and we were inappropriate. I should not have been discussing my nephew's health status and we should not look at charts inappropriately." Since your personal and private life overlap, you need to be a lot MORE vigilant. Look how easy it was for you to commit a major violation.
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    Gave medications too early is this an error?

    Hmmm...changed my mind.
  24. Alex_RN

    Loud Cartoons for Elderly Patients

    At my old job it was always soccer matches.