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Please let me know what your base pay is in your part of the country. I live in TN and where I work our base pay is 13.00/hr. And if you are a CVICU nurse, do you get paid more for what you can do. thanks

Ouch! Here in Minnesota, CCU nurses are making $19-25 per hour, but the cost of living may be quite different, I'm not sure?

I live in the Philadelphia reagion and as a Nursing Home Nurse (RN 1 year experience) am making almost $22/hr, and am considering going with an agency so i can make more. Are payscales so very different?

I work with Traches and TFs and am IV certified from another job (but not in this one) and am Vent certified, but not ACLS.

Cost of living is hard here too (31% goes to taxes, the largest is city wage tax)


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Here in south Texas it varies from 13.66 (exact quotes for new grads) to, I've heard, around 18-20. (this is ICU).

Base pay for NICU here in TX is around $14..they like to tack on the weekend and night diffs to make it sound

better. Even the more experienced ones are making base pay of around $18. There are major sign on bonuses and referral fees going but in my experience, it is only a band aid solution to the staffing problems around here. They are OK for a few months, census drops, staff get cancelled or floated, then get frustrated and leave, only to have census go back UP and the facilities are back are square one.

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I am from Erie, PA. New grads at the hospitals near my home are starting out at about $15/hr. It is one of the highest wages in the area. The sad part though is that everyone make the same from Med-Surg to ER to ICU.

I know that pay scales vary around the usa; but was wondering about the va nuses pay scale(title 38)...we have been under a locality pay act for 10years now & do not get cost of living like all other federal employees.In fact some years got a cut..this year they receive 4.8%....what about the rest of the USA what is your COLA????....maybe it is time that we organize for uniformity of pay throught the usa...

Small city in Kansas, new grads pay scale is about $13.00/h and the top of the pay scale is $21.00, then you have night differential, but no diff for weekends, certifications, etc like some places. A friend of mine works in Denver, she has been a nurse for about 15 years, there for about 7 yrs, and gets around $23/h. There are huge differences in pay scales, as I have seen when I travelled. Depends on so many factors, cost of living of the area, (but that isn't always so, the COL here is almost as much as Denver anymore!!!)

the shortage of nurses in that area, the type of setting,(Large teaching hosp, VA, nursing home, home health, clinics, etc.) and the area itself (some places HAVE to pay more to get anyone to go and to stay there!)

Hi, I work in New Hampshire, the pay here varies greatly as well. A new grad will start at $13-14., plus differentails. Experienced nurses up to $ One facility has there top end at $ but it is the rare nurse that sees that.

Michigan $18-23. But it probably depends on what hospital and location. My first R.N. job I made $15 something that was 4 years ago. Now I'm at a different hospital.

I'm contigent. So without insurance I make a little more.

Here in Los Angeles/Hollywood area registry pay is $400 for 12 hours you get straight pay and are responsible for taxes. As staff it is not difficult in ICU to make about $100 more per shift. It is very possible to earn 90-100,000 per year if you have extensive experience.

The quote I got for a new RN is $14.00. It sounds as if I need to move to California.

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