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  1. What is a reasonable nurse: patient ratio in ICU?

    Last time I worked agency (local) I was making about $6-$7/hour more but what staff doesnt realize is THEY could CHOSE to be agency too. Plus I got u benefits and the average benefit package is worth I believe an estimated $6-$8k. Not to mention the ...
  2. No politician that I know of has said BIOLOGICAL warfare but if the shoe fits...
  3. What is a reasonable nurse: patient ratio in ICU?

    That is awesome that they were able to do that for a little while at least. What is ecarts?
  4. What is a reasonable nurse: patient ratio in ICU?

    Yes, please let us know how we can back u! This is so very wrong!
  5. W.H.O. being non-bissed? 15% of their money comes from Bill Gates Foundation. There is a reason, IMO, a good one, why the current administration decided to break away from the W.H.O.
  6. Sadly, it wouldn't surprise me if it wasn't FORCED (or an attempt wasn't made at forcing it on ALL Americans) . Not saying I am going to be a Guinea pig, but the way things seem to be going...
  7. Me too and the funnel cake!
  8. What is a reasonable nurse: patient ratio in ICU?

    I have worked in at least 8 different ICU's maybe more, either as staff or agency (local) and travel & only 1 hospital was 1 nurse to 2 patients the norm. Everywhere else a lot of the time being tripled (having 3 patients) was the norm the vast m...
  9. Lower O2 sat parameters in babies with cardiac defects

    Adult ICU Nurse here. Thank you for the very enlightening education on how very different NICU & PICU Cardiac kiddos are compared to adults. As others have said, u genuinely have a teaching gift, and I hope you get a chance to utilize it to the f...
  10. is like $40/year for unlimited CEU. They have great online classes on ABG, Vasoactive Drips, Vents, and other ICU (and non-ICU topics). Also, had a free online 6hr COVID-19 course. You just had to register for free on the...
  11. Not so much book recommendations at online Con ED classes. Many websites you can get unlimited CEU for a onetime yearly fee. There is one website in particular I have no affiliation with, but prefer. I'm not sure if I can post here, but feel free to ...
  12. Proning patients, face and neck positioning

    Thank you for sharing!
  13. Transitioning to acute care

    One tip that I have is to do as much ICU Con ED as you can absorb and definitely put the classes, hours, etc on your resume to show your interest. Vents, Central Lines, ABG, COVID-19 patients would be some good classes to take. Also, it wouldnt hurt ...
  14. Thoughts on Charge RN

    I have well over a decade in various ICU (staff, local agency, & traveler). 26 bed to 1000 plus bed hospitals. Here is my two cents. #1 Charge Nurses have always had regular patient assignments on top of being charge (theoretically the easiest as...
  15. Tax home question

    R u the owner of Travel Tax Company?