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  1. KR

    Transitioning to acute care

    One tip that I have is to do as much ICU Con ED as you can absorb and definitely put the classes, hours, etc on your resume to show your interest. Vents, Central Lines, ABG, COVID-19 patients would be some good classes to take. Also, it wouldnt hurt to get NIHSS certified. Brush up on tele and EKG and think about taking an in person ACLS Class if they r having those in your area yet. Doing some of the above would not only show your interest, your intent, that you are a go getter, but it would help you out A TON, to learn even just a tiny bit of this before coming into the ICU. Many places are paying signing bonuses even to new grads, yes even in the ICU. If the hospital wants you to sign a contract that u must stay for a certain amount of time or you owe them, run! because they have a "wonderful ICU Program" that they put a lot of money into training new nurses. That is typically a sign that they cannot retain nurses. Feel free to message me if you would like some links for excellent ICU CEU Online resources. Best of skills to you:)
  2. KR

    Tax home question

    R u the owner of Travel Tax Company?
  3. KR

    California travel & income taxes

    Best thing to do is check with Joe at Travel Tax. Com I think. Over 2 decades he has been amazing at helping travelers with their taxes, he used to travel himself!
  4. Check out fb for travel gypsy forums (newbie, regular, housing, & covid). Awesome webpage too! Gl
  5. Best ONLINE SITES for free ICU Review I am mainly looking for advanced tele strips, drips, vent settings, and such. My ICU books got ruined when my basement flooded. It has been awhile since I have been in the ICU but may be asked to with COVID19 so I want to brush up. Books on kindle r fine too! Ty and every1 stay safe!
  6. KR

    Masks at the nurse's station

    Sorry I am no help as I am waiting to land my travel contract or decide to just volunteer with one of my teams. Wth wontthey let nurses that I'm assuming r not 6' away from each other, heck even if they r, where masks all the time?! That is not best practice and just asking for trouble. I would be wearing a mask regardless. Something I will be adding into my written contract. Prayers management changes their mind to keep ALL their employee safer.
  7. KR

    ICU Residency ; How I got let go.

    Do.not.let.the.haters.win! Nurses eating their young, their old, their this, their students, their that totally disgusts me! I started 20 years ago in a new grad ICU internship program. By thd grace of God I survived, that, lots of prayers and having 5 years of EMS under my belt and I can remember those first days like it was yesterday. You will have "strong personalities" BULLIES in all areas of nursing, but ICU tends to have more. If it is your passion, dont ever give up! Prove them wrong! IDK if u have choices in a different hospital system, but I woulsnt want to work where even the Director of Educatipn is that awful. They failed u too, by not being kind, by not mentioning the many positive things u have done and still do. Everyone told me to do a year of med/surg first. I wouls have never made it. Not my cupf of tea. Inhave a friend who started ICU with me, but got demoted to m/s. She aent on to get her Masters, become and Acute Care NP, teach @UC Davis and manage on of their ICU units. Attitude is EVERYTHING! Iam not on here much, but my inbox is always open. Best of luck to all of you! One suggestion I have is subscribeto an online year membership con ed site and do as much relevant ICU CEU as possible, learn, learn , learn. Most memberships run $80-$110 but swveral companies are running specials thru tomorrow for like $40 for the year (CEUfast and elitehealthcare) are 2 I believe. Chase after those dreams and dont ever loose your compassion for your patients, coworkers, rookie nurses, and students, it will set u a part:) Online education won't teach u all, clinical hands on is really important too:)
  8. KR

    Certified Peds Nurse Exam-Studying

    Thank you both so much! Very helpful♡ I greatly appreciate it:)
  9. KR

    Certified Peds Nurse Exam-Studying

    On the CPN website, they have the exam content outline and some suggested books, but do not endorse any. They have a few free practice questions. Plus u can buy 2 50 question modules for $35 each on their website. I need to get an updated Peds book as I graduated in 2000. I will list the 3 pages I'm talking about below. Best of luck to you! https://www.pncb.org/cpn-exam-resources https://mypncb.pncb.org/pncbssa/ecssashop.show_category?p_category_id=PREP&p_cust_id=&p_order_serno=&p_promo_cd=&p_price_cd=&p_session_serno=142786&p_trans_ty= (Make sure u choose CPN) Lastly, on the resources page there is a pdf download for Exam Readiness Checklist. Hth:)
  10. KR

    Private Duty Nurse NOT through a company

    I have thought about working on my own but won't for several reasons. 1 being insurance. 2-I don't know all the State/Federal Rules/Regs/Laws that the companies make sure we as nurses follow. For example, there are specific things that need to be addressed on their 485/Plan of Care that needs recertified every 60 days in most states. Also, depending on the state docs have between 7 to 14 days to sign verbal orders & fax them back. So there is a lot more to do and know than just the Private Duty Shift Nursing part you are doing now. You would also have to do the Supervisory and Case Managers roles and be expected to know all the rules & regs.
  11. Personally if stuff needs reported to JCAHO, regardless if u stay or go I would do that. Not sure about HR, but I wouldnt want to stay somewhere I was being harassed. Nursing is stressful enough on it's own. Praying 4 u. So sorry u r going thru this
  12. KR

    How to be successful with mental illness

    Hi there! Bipolar, GAD, Social anxiety, PTSD, severe back injury 4 years ago (none of my doctors want me working because I can barely stand somedays the pain is so excruciating) and two 3 year periods sleeping 10 hours a week. Tried for Disability twice at my Doctors and Families Insistence but I'm educated and younger (39) and so keep getting denied. I have been an RN for 19 years, worked 12 of 19 years, mostly Part Time & Per Diem after my 3rd year in nursing. My main specialty was ICU (mainly local agency, some travel) until I got injured. I'm just re-entering the workforce after 4 years off this time. I will be doing Peds Private Duty 3rd shift as the child won't be as active, just 1 or 2 nights a week as that is all I can physically handle and that will be a stretch. I *totally* get missing bedside nursing, i miss ICU a lot! I have a ton of employment gaps in my resume (I'm talking 2,3, and 4 year gaps). Somethings that have helped me. For one, if I was only at a job a short period of time, unless it was a travel contract, I don't even put it on my resume. Secondly, do a ton 20, 30, even 40 or more hours of very recent Con Ed in the specialty you are applying too. Also, you do not have to disclose what your health issues were/are. Some do so they can be protected under the ADA act, some don't. Whenever asked about gaps in my resume I am honest, but vague. "Health issues", "families health issues", back to school, busy with church ministry etc. They can ask for details, but by law they can't discriminate and you do not have to answer (unless u have previously filed a worker's comp claim, and that I'm not 100% sure on.) When you did hospital nursing before was it a steady shift? I highly suggest working the same shift and sticking as close to the same schedule on your days off, with having psych issues, *especially* if u r on meds like me. Also, do u have to work full time? If not, I would suggest part time to ease into things. Also, try to get as long of an orientation as u can. Some hospitals have New(er) Nurse Programs to help transition easier into practicing on the floor, where they have weekly classes, meetings, etc. I hope my ramblings help some, and I wish you nothing but the best. Also, I have worked in hospitals 26 beds to 1100 beds. The smaller hospitals tend to be friendly and may be a better fit and more understanding. Lastly, going with the education piece, there are online CEU sites that you pay a flat fee for a year of online with over 100 courses. Some sites are only $70 a year, some are double. I have gone with netce dot com in the past. They offer over 1000 hours on a wide variety of topics and a year is only $69. Best of luck! You can do it♡
  13. KR

    Do I have the right refuse this client?

    Yes. I would tell.higher up that I do not want on that case. I would in writing make a report describing deplorable conditions and also in the nursing note and send it into the supervisor. I would also let the supervisor know im calling CYS due to possible neglect. We r mandated reporters.
  14. KR

    Order for Assessment?

    Well said.
  15. KR

    Parent/camera nearby...can u read?

    I'm wondering how the kid is getting all the PDN hours if he has so much family around? In PA, we have to fight just to get hours covered while parents work and possibly while they sleep too. Just found out if 8 hours of daytime nursing is ordered M-F while mom is at work and mom is doing any thing but work and company bills it, it is fraud. Doesn't matter if mom is home sick or mom is out shopping, if it is ordered for when she is working. I've always seen it written that way, but I never thought about it in those terms til a recent inservice.
  16. For the Certified Pediatric Nurse, CPN Exam what books and or resources have those of you that are certified used? Which do u suggest? Which do u recommend I stay clear of? Thanks in advance:) I have plenty of time to study as I am just re-entering Peds and working part time. So it will take a bit to get my 1800 hours in. But I don't want to wait til the last minute to study either.