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  1. KR

    Do I have the right refuse this client?

    Yes. I would tell.higher up that I do not want on that case. I would in writing make a report describing deplorable conditions and also in the nursing note and send it into the supervisor. I would also let the supervisor know im calling CYS due to possible neglect. We r mandated reporters.
  2. KR

    Order for Assessment?

    Well said.
  3. KR

    Parent/camera nearby...can u read?

    I'm wondering how the kid is getting all the PDN hours if he has so much family around? In PA, we have to fight just to get hours covered while parents work and possibly while they sleep too. Just found out if 8 hours of daytime nursing is ordered M-F while mom is at work and mom is doing any thing but work and company bills it, it is fraud. Doesn't matter if mom is home sick or mom is out shopping, if it is ordered for when she is working. I've always seen it written that way, but I never thought about it in those terms til a recent inservice.
  4. For the Certified Pediatric Nurse, CPN Exam what books and or resources have those of you that are certified used? Which do u suggest? Which do u recommend I stay clear of? Thanks in advance:) I have plenty of time to study as I am just re-entering Peds and working part time. So it will take a bit to get my 1800 hours in. But I don't want to wait til the last minute to study either.
  5. KR

    telephonic home CM jobs?

    I do not personally work for them as it does not fit my lifestyle at this time. But years back i had asked the same question. Several nurses spoke very highly of CVS Caremark, telehealth work from home jobs. They said u have to be in Greensboro, NC for 3-5 months for training (it's like going back to nursing school one had said). But after that ut was 100% work from home, no travel. A quick internet search of cvs telehealth nurse jobs and they came up. I belueve most, if not all of the telegealth jobs r based out of Greensboro, NC. Hth
  6. Im so sorry u too r younger and having so many health and pain issues. Working in the ICU & LTAC destroyed my back to the point ive been off work and in severe pain over a year despite PT, RFA, and many other things from back (disc, ligament, & nerve issues). I know it wouldnt be the same as u r used to but a pediatric private duty case (smaller kid or baby), office or clinic job, triage phone job, insurance nurse, school nurse, and other positions are out there. Dont give up!
  7. KR

    Nursing with medical marijuana card...

    I doubt u would even get a solid answer out of the PA BON. Even ifu got it in writing, i wouldnt trust them honestly. I suffer from extreme back and nerve pain, am a nurse in PA also. At first, i thought MMJ maybe the way to go until i heard what another state did without warning to their nurses (it was either CT or VT, I think). That states Medical MJ system is set to ping the nursing board, it notifies the BON the moment a nurse in their state gets a MMJ card and they automatically REVOKE THEIR NURSING LICENSE! To my knowledge that state did not send out any notification on new policy saying such would occur. I have a non nurse friend in PA that researched PA MMJ, and u cant buy guns, get a conceal to carry permit, and an array of other things. But that said, it is ur life that u could be saving! The best that i would suggest in ur case is to find a attorney in PA to talk to, but they may not know much either as MMJ is new to PA. I will be praying 4 complete healing in Jesus name!
  8. Interim Healthcare, Bayada Home Health, PSA (Pediatrics Services of America) are a few of the bigger home health companies.
  9. Extended Care Home Health is what others call Home Health Private Duty nursing. U r with 1 patient the entire shift. Some people get full time hours and prefer to be with the same patient all the time. The majority of private duty cases r kids. Some companies will hire new grads some dont. There is a Private Duty Nursing forum under nursing specialty i believe. Some kids have trachs and r on vents, have feeding tubes, others are not on vents but may need watched for seizures and such. One case i had was a 5 pound 3 month old premie on TPN, he was my fave♡♥
  10. KR

    Please help. Career over before it starts.

    When I did LTAC, Long Term Acute Care, high nurse to very sick & heavy patient ratios, we were all gimped out, hobbling out at the end of 12 hours. Harder physically, mentally, etc than ICU by far.
  11. KR

    Please help. Career over before it starts.

    That is essentially what I am looming into doing, just praying I can even get thru one Private Duty shift a week. I had/have avery severe on the job back injury 3 years ago and cant be on my feet for very long at all. But due to other health concerns issues, meds, etc, i cant do dayshift so office jobs are out. Is there a proper/legal way to go about getting ADA accomodated for back issues? The one night shift a week if i can find a small enough kiddo is gonna be a trial run. Im praying i can work up to 2-3 shifts/week. Where i live is super low cost of living and my bills r minimal so i am thankful for that. Every day my pain level is 6 or higher.
  12. KR

    Requesting TPAPN / TBON Walkthrough

    What state if u dont mind my asking? I have bipolar, used to travel. Had licenses in AZ, PA, OH, NV, & CA. Ohio had questions about psych issues: bipolar, schizophrenia and one other. I answered yes to bipolar. No, i hadnt been involuntarily committed. And my psych doc had to send them a letter. Year and a half later i got an Ohio license good for like 14 months. It was very odd. I live in PA, but have family in Ohio (2 hrs away) and have thought about staying with them when/if im physically able to do travel nursing again. My Ohio license is inactive. I reviewed application to make it active and it only ask for hospital stays that were nonvoluntary and letter from psych dr that im safe, sane, and fit to work. The whole thing is so infuriating & discriminatory! Is this what u mean by lifetime monitoring?
  13. KR

    Requesting TPAPN / TBON Walkthrough

    Agreed with dont claim bipolar, etc. Not an official dx, i wouldnt open up that can of worms. Maybe post a general question on mental health dx in ur state forum and have people message u instead of reply to their post?
  14. My experience is if u go thru EAP Employer Assistance Program, they ended up telling my boss everything personal. The EAP counselor, my ICU manager, and VP of HR all had a meeting without me and without my knowledge. I ended up forced on FMLA, even tho it was an on the job work injury. My advice, if u r able and it is just for counseling self pay. Boss or HR may request proof. But truthfully, even if u use ur health insurance for counseling, psychiatrist etc boss should not be in the know unless HR demands a letter from counselor saying u r in counseling. Otherwise u r covered under HIPPA, but AVOID the EAP! EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM. HIPPA was violated big time ! I never felt so violated.