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  1. monica f

    Patient falls

    Our facility puts a big emphasis on no restraints. We have had an increase in falls,but I think that it is because of the combination of short staffing and no restraints. It also seems that we have a lot of impulsive people who like to get up witho...
  2. monica f

    Do you need....

    Here is web site that gives information about lactation consultants. It takes a lot of experience / hours before you can be certified. I'm not sure if this is the only way to become certified. http://www.iblce.org/
  3. monica f

    Working Part-time - how flexible?

    In the hospital that I work in PRN nurses are required to work atleast one shift per month. They can pretty much choose when they want to work because someone is always wanting to be reduced or have a day off. As far as the partial shifts go it's a...
  4. monica f

    Experiences with Remicaide

    The side effects of Imuran are really bad also. A family member we placed on Imuran for her Crohn's disease (age 10). Undocumented side effects: Stroke and RSD Although these side effects have been reported to the drug company multiple times they ...
  5. monica f

    Flu shots

    All of the flu shot clinics here have been canceled. Two weeks ago I was supposed to start at the clinics when the agency I work for called and said that the shots we not going to be available until late November, leaving the last of the shots to be ...
  6. monica f

    Lily---Humalog Pen---75/25

    I just had a pt that used the 75/25 pen. I brought up the fact that you must recap the needle so that it can be disposed of. I was told 75/25 only comes in a pen and they don't know what else to do. I have seen nurses draw up the insulin with anot...
  7. monica f

    Blood Pressure

    I probably would have also held the med but would have notified the doctor. I have found that alot of the docs that I work with want the medication given anyways, if the systolic is above 150. When ever this situation occurs I make it a habit to doc...
  8. monica f

    agency nurses

    I work 20 hours at a hospital, just the minimum to get the benifits, and then work agency for the remainder of my hours. I make twice as much at the agency as compared to the hospital. This pay difference and lower stress level is the reason that I...
  9. monica f

    TB Skin Testing While Pregnant

    Sparrow - Do you know of any side effects of taking the TB Test while pregnant? My facility uses something called Tubasol (not quite sure if that is spelled right). On the lable it states to use only if risks of TB outweigh those of the drug. I'm ap...
  10. monica f

    TB Skin Testing While Pregnant

    Has anyone recieved the Mantoux tuberculin skin testing while pregnant? I'm hesitant to take the test while pregnant. There was not any information on the drug information sheet except it is not usually given unless the risk or TB outweigh possible...
  11. monica f

    Poor Pay Raises

    Consider yourselves lucky. In the facility that I work in the average raise is 5 cents per year! It will take 20 years to get one dollar raise. We have no cost of living increase. SAD
  12. monica f

    Duramorph (intrathecal)

    Our facility it's atleast 48 hours......most of the time longer
  13. monica f


    Where I work LPN's are treated just like the RN. There is equal respect. We do have an occasional person that does think RN's are better but this is rare. In any facility you will find some good RN's and LPN's and then some that are bad. I don't t...
  14. You might try checking out jobs on the east and west coasts. Kansas and Oklahoma start new RN's at $14.00 per hour, this includes those whom are starting in ICU ect.This pay is pretty average for this area.
  15. monica f

    Increasing LPN Role

    In the facility that I work in LPN's do almost everything that RN's do. They are responsible for everything except PICC lines, CVL's, and hanging blood. In other states LPN's are allowed to do everything including PICC care and hanging blood. A lo...
  16. monica f


    Vulvodynia is not very well understood, some say it's an irritation and other think it could be nerves or even allergies. Whatever causes the problem women with this problem experience sereve pelvic pain, burning, among other problems. There is no ...