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  1. Canadian RN's working in Canada

    bunky, Hey, I'll keep you posted. Wish me luck.
  2. Canadian RN's working in Canada

    Hi there!! I too am a Canadian RN who went to the US after graduation (also Texas). I just got a full time job in BC!! I also heard though, that full time jobs are not easy to find, and the push is on for BSN nurses. Personally, I'm a diploma nurse...
  3. I got my 1st job in CCU and stayed @ that hospital full time for 9 mos until I decided 8's and 12's were too much (working nights) and asked for 3 12's. They said no, I said bye. But stayed prn (better $$$). Then I went to another hospital ICU and st...
  4. Making the transition???

    Hi all!! I currently work ICU and am considering a change to the ER. What could I expect in making the transtion from ICU to ER? Any suggestions??
  5. Question re. CHF

    How is CHF addressed @ your facility? I'm currently working 2 hospitals and they are very different in their approach. One is very aggressive, using Bumex,Zaroxolyn,Diamox, and inotropes ( dopamine and dobutrex). Whereas the other seems to think 40mg...
  6. Tell us about your computer system

    I work in an 8 bed ICU @ a small hospital and, as many of the small hospitals mentioned above, we use computer charting. I think there are pros & cons. Personally, I think it's use in the ICU definately leans toward the "cons". First, as someone ...
  7. CCRN

    Hi there. I picked up a study guide for CCRN the other day and, WOW, is there alot to study!! I've always heard it was difficult so I figure I'll allow myself ample time to review. My question is, being fairly new to the internet, any suggestions on ...
  8. Pay Scale

    Here in south Texas it varies from 13.66 (exact quotes for new grads) to, I've heard, around 18-20. (this is ICU).
  9. staffing in icu

    Where I work (8 bed unit plus up to 8 tele pt monitors)we always have 2 RN's on even if we have only one pt and no tele. It may get boring ( I work noghts) but safety is the primary issue here. If the one pt goes bad and you can't leave the room the ...
  10. Atkins Diet low carb

    I think the safety of this diet varies depending on who you talk to. Most MD's that I've spoken to oppose it. Personally I believe that it works, I've seen results first hand, but I also believe it's not something to use off and on. As Dr. Atkins say...

    Reading these messages just enforces the fact that NONE of these entities - hospitals,HMO's,insurance companies,and most doctors - could survive without US!!! I only wish someday they would realize this.
  12. Nurses watch your backs

    sorry to hear what happened to you. I do have to agree with the fact that our bodies are more important than our jobs. I love nursing in some ways and hate it in others. I have to admit I didn't enter this profession to be an angel of mercy. Sure we ...
  13. Critical Care Nursing

    hey, good luck! I'm a fairly new nurse (2yrs) and started in critical care right out of school. I love it! e-mail me anytime with questions. KATUKS@aol.com
  14. Work in Canada

    I'm a Canadian working in ICU in Texas and would like to return to Canada. Vancouver preferably. Any insight into jobs up there?