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  1. recurring dream

    I had dreams like that before too!!!
  2. Nurses that change their jobs often. Is that common?

    First job I stayed 2 years. Left because I didn't like staffing. Didn't feel "supported" by administrator's. I actually stayed there longer than I should've. Present job I've been at for 4 years. Though I'm actively looking for a new job. I stay...
  3. Patient Falls in Acute Care Setting

    I've dealt with falls. My first facility did not have patient sitter's. The staffing was minimal. There were many fall incident's. Second institution had sitter's. A lot less fall incident's noted. Staffing comparable.
  4. Floating nurses

    What do you mean by "demoralized"?
  5. Temps

    I have found tymphanic on adults very unreliable. I've heard other nurses say that too. Has anyone had better luck with tymphanic than me???
  6. Cell phone use in hospitals

    I work a cardiac step-down. And yes each nurse gets a cell-phone. They started that a few months ago. I must say I love using cell phones b/c when a patients in distress you never have to leave their b.s. And on weekends we don't have a secretary...
  7. Do you have to be good in math?

    I am the worsed with math. Believe me...just as long as you know basic math you'll do fine.
  8. I need your input

    I have worked different jobs. Our unit is one of the best staffed unit. We keep the most nurses b/c there's the "best" staffing other than the unit. Right now I only work contigent and wish not to work in the unit until I work at least part-time. ...
  9. I need your input

    I'm so tired. I see nurses crying. They are so frustrated of the condition's. I hear nurses say they want out. I try to encourage nurses to speak up. I have written my boss. (previous boss) A long letter about working condition's. This was long...
  10. Nurses strike

    Maybe they want better working conditions. I don't know the story...but that's a big factor in disatisfaction with jobs.
  11. General question for Critical Care nurses

    I'm actually from a cardiac step-down. Our "sister" unit is CICU. We get pulled there all the time. They try to pull med/surg nurses to med/surg floors. Intensive care nurses to intensive care units. I felt useless the times pulled to med/surg. ...
  12. Courses offered from your working institution, community college courses, online offers?? Does your employer offer CEU courses? How often? And is their a charge? I work in a large, major city hospital. It's a teaching hospital. Going from a smal...
  13. I'm curious of your opinion

    On another board a group of people are discussing a case. It's about a 25 week premature baby needing a blood transfusion. The family refused the blood transfusion. The court's interceded and the courts ordered the hospital to give the baby the blo...
  14. Bullied in Report

    I've had to deal with this. My prior job the Mn. nurses were horrible. They were constantly going to supervisor's saying we give bad report's. (we included too much info.) I basically ignored did the supervisor. Than my next job the sam...
  15. Yes I worked backed than. I was full time/part time around than. We had contigent nurses on our unit than. They always received a lot of hours. Now with the shortage I could work full-time. Any hour of the day. I hope the shortage can be sol...