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  1. askater

    Survey: Do you work short staffed on a daily?

    We worked short on weekends every 2-3 weeks. But the problem was "solved", our matrix was changed. We have to take on more patients. Even though they changed midnights matrix, they still are short-staffed probably every other weekend. So they're working a cardiac step-down with 7 patients ne nurse. That's why I left midnight shift, it was never staffed to matrix. Plus they usually have no or only one aide. I must say our nurses work over whenever they can. But most nurses are getting burnt out and not working over as much.
  2. askater

    Does anyone recommend.....

    a certain type of nursing. That's not intensely stressful, but you have contact with families and patients. I love the concept of nursing, but don't like the matrix's and demands of nursing. I currently working a step-down unit, and that's the type of nursing I've mostly done in the past 5 years. Any recommendations???? Thanks in advance!!
  3. that's funny, I was going to leave this message. Anyways, we've been extremely short-staffed on weekends. We never had enough nurses to meet matrix. Well finally management solved the problem. They changed our matrix, we're getting more patients with less nurses. Now it doesn't look bad when you look in the books. It's neat matrix can be changed at anytime.
  4. askater


    A lot of it is confidence. I've been a R.N. for 5 years, and I'm finally getting I.V. starts nearly everytime. What helped me, is moving the bed up to me. And making sure the rooms quiet. And I learned it often takes a while to find a good vein, especially in the elderly or very ill patients. Take your time! Good luck!
  5. askater

    Nurse Employment

    I work PRN, once a week. Which I totally love. It's working well, I get the flexiblity and time with my family. If I didn't get flexibilty I'd probably would've stayed out of nursing until my kids were in school. I feel fortunate to work contingent. I know a few preggo nurses that finally gave birth and quit nursing. And yes, they were only in nursing one year before quitting.
  6. askater

    Staff Retention

    The hospital I currently work at is 10x better, but could use some improvement. I don't remember the last time I've had a break. (food or pee) And being preggo it's tuff, I take crackers and eat on the run. We also got great pay raises, and there also offering good incentives if you work overtime. (moneywise) But not too many nurses are signing up. We're all tired.
  7. askater

    Death With Dignity?

    Thanks for all the nice comments. We have a nice group of nurses here. I used to work on an Oncology unit. I know an excellent Oncologist. Grandma will be here soon, and I'm sure she'll like this Dr. And being close to her family. I just wanted to thank everyone for their support. If I need any more support, I'll know where to turn. THANKS A LOT [This message has been edited by askater (edited August 03, 2000).]
  8. askater

    Death With Dignity?

    Darla80-- Thanks a lot for the encouraging words. Our family is spread all over. When grandma comes to live with my mom, it'll be me, dad and mom. We'll try our best to keep her comfortable, and do as much as we can. I have a 16 month old and currently pregnant. But I only work once a week, so I'll be very available. The road will be tuff, but we're a very loving family. And grandma's taking it well. (that's most important) I'm so happy you shared your story. It was a beautiful story. Again thanks! ------------------
  9. askater

    Death With Dignity?

    This subject I've dealt with, in nursing. Now I will be dealing with this, in my family. My grandmothers got a diagnosis of terminal cancer. I think the hardest part, is knowing what road is ahead. I'm praying her death will be peaceful and the pain will be well-controlled. I agree with much of what's been said. p.s. When the time comes and I want to die with dignity.
  10. askater

    BSN vs. ADN

    emmidee Yes!! Common sense is important. I know ADN's without common sense and BSN's. It's a very small amount of nurses. But there's some out there. Hey come to think of it, I know one or two Dr.'s without the best common sense. [This message has been edited by askater (edited July 05, 2000).] [This message has been edited by askater (edited July 05, 2000).]
  11. askater

    BSN vs. ADN

    Nobody answered my question above. Oh well that's okay....it's just a thought.
  12. askater

    nursery or rooming in

    Hi!! I don't work O.B. But had a child. I spent 3 nights recovering. (from a c-section) I was never told the hospital had a nursery. Matthew roomed-in, except for his circumsion and the last night...Matthew had complications...he went to special care. One night Matthew screamed from 1 a.m. to 5 a.m. non-stop. I seen no nurse. It was the roughest time ever...especially getting up and down. The peditrician came to my room. The nurses never needed to take him out.
  13. askater

    BSN vs. ADN

    Hi!! I've worked 2 hospitals, both got rid of L.P.N position. I was amazed. At that time, it was the start of nurse shortage. My concern is from talking to other A.D.N nurses. The 2 year program is intense...they have a lot of information to learn in a short period. It seems like the medical fields becoming more and more intense. There's more and more to learn. As the medical fields widens it's knowledge...Do you feel the A.D.N program can continue to widen it's program....to cover all aspects (of nursing/medical field)? It's just something I've been thinking, after talking with other nurses.
  14. askater

    L/D Nurses Please Vent Here

    Hi!! I'm being nosy. It's interesting reading all the vents. I find L/D sooo interesting. I had a baby 14 months ago. My Labor R.N. was EXCELLENT. She was sooo understanding. I ended up having a C-section. I was put on a seperate unit. (where c-section patients and high-risk patient went) It was so nice, the R.N. went to drop by this other unit and say,"HI!!" I was so happy to see her there. I went back after returning to work, but she'd quit. I had a box of chocolates and a note of appreciation. I just wanted to write you're very appreciated. (L&D nurses) P.S. Regarding epidurals. My epidural was a great experience. I went from 5-10 c.m. in 1 1/2 hours. I'd do it again. Thanks for being open-minded and understanding, of patients needs
  15. askater

    Hospitals with IV, or Vascular Access Teams

    I work at a large, teaching hospital. The I.V. team starts all I.V's. Except for our unit (stepdown) and the I.C.U's. When we have a hard I.V. start and a couple nurses try. We can call the I.V. nurses. It usually takes them 2-3 hours to get to our unit. And they're very great at I.V. insertion. I wish I was that good. When I get pulled. I call the I.V. nurse. And poof there she/he is. The last hospital I worked at, we had no I.V. team. There was a MUCH larger use of central lines. Dr.'s were inserting them left and right.
  16. askater


    Thanks!!! I AGREE totally with you. Thanks for the wonderful compliment.