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  1. Tell us about your computer system

    Our hospital uses patient care manager. It is not bad, kind of slow (coming from paper documenting). The system is hospital wide so if i float to another unit its the same program. Its nice because everything is at our disposal: labs, vs, i/o etc. ...
  2. Shift Differentials

    Hi. At our facility the powers that be are looking at retention of nurses. One of the things that was brought up by a fellow staff nurse that would aid retention was an increase in shift diffs. We currently get 1.50 for 3-11 2.75 for nights and 1....
  3. I definitely not recommend nursing.

    As for the money. I have read that nurses in Boston, MA make 25-35 an hour. Agency nurses also make decent money I have seen some advertisements for pay to 34 an hour. Im sure both of these already include diffs. I hope yours doesnt already include y...
  4. Assessments

    Hi. I must say I have seen the same thing, however some of these were my assessments. Some people if very unstable can change quickly. I have listened to peoples lungs and find base crackles and go back 1 hour later and hear crackles half up their ba...
  5. IV therapy documentation

    We use a computer system. Everyone of our meds including IV fluids have a bar code (like at the supermarket) and we scan them. Its a cool system. We scan, the computer tells us if we have the 5 Rights, u know right drug, right patient, right time et...
  6. BSN vs. Associates

    Hi all what a nice chat you are having. A nice change from others. Anyway for my two cents. I am a BSN grad. It was my intention when I went back to school, at 30 yrs old, to end up in management once I was out and had enough experience. ...
  7. Hours Worked in Series

    I believe your answer would lie in calling the Dept of Labor. The same group that handles minimum wage etc. I thought I was told once the max in a row that could be worked was 16 hours.
  8. Yes absolutely. It goes right back to the same thing. If nurses were able to charge for each service they perfoemed rather than their pay be included as part of the hospital room cost we could better negotiate wages. Resp. therapists charge $30. to p...
  9. I felt that I was adequately prepared for practice when I graduated. As my instructors said "all the knowledge is in your head now transfere it to your hands" so i did. I found my biggest transission problem was organizational skills. Who to see firs...
  10. The market is fabulous out there right now for nurses. One can get a job just about anywhere, so there is no need to put up with poor treatment or stagnant pay scales. We would hope that once the powers that be figure that out things will change for ...
  11. nurse-patient ratio

    I agree with the last statement. I too am willing to have less staffing when the acuity is low and more when it is high. At our place during the summer the census is low so we end up sitting around and being bored then when winter hits we are running...
  12. mandatory overtime

    What we do for overtime is give everyone one on call per month. Every shift is staffed and then if needed the on call person is called in. If the nurse is called in it is time and a half and (s)he also gets on call pay ( a few bucks an hour).
  13. MICU Wages

    I have checked out 4 hospitals in my area and none of them offer a diff for Critical care nurses. At the first hospital I worked at I did recieve .25 an hour for my BSN however. So now we know what those two extra years of school were worth. (he he)
  14. poor staffing and new grad

    Im with you and glad you left that job. I did the same thing. I was told to stick it out and refused to believe that this was how nursing was to be. I am now on a floor where I have good ratios. 1:4 on days, with two aids and 1:6-8 on nights with 2...
  15. Entering Management

    I am looking for information. I am currently a staff nurse in a hospital and I desire to make the transition to management. I knew going into nursing that I would end up in management sometime. I would appreciate any input in regards to: qualificatio...