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I took my boards on Monday and was soooo scared because I thought I had done real bad. But, today I found out I passed and can say thanks to a great education with EC, I am a RN! Thanks everyone for being so supportive here on this thread. :nurse:


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Awesome! Good work!

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I said it in the NCLEX forum, and I'll say it here, too ...



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A big Congrats to you. You have earned it, and have become another role model for the ones following in your shoes...such as I. Best Wishes! Traci


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Congratulations!!! I know you are so Happy! Now you can get started with your new career of more money and opportunities!


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Congratulations for a job well done.:yeah::yeah::yeah:

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oh my ......congrats....this is great news

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Awesome job:nurse:


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Congrats!!! I had to call several times to get EC to send my stuff to the Board. It's finally done, so now I'm in a holding pattern again. Can't wait for all this to be OVER!!!!

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