Passed NCLEX-PN, Thank you Lord!


OMG! Best day of my life!

I just took Nclex-PN last Friday & it stopped at 85.

It has been a really long road for me. I graduated in the Phils. in 2007. Passed my Phils. boards then volunteered for a couple months at a regional hospital only to find out that 'twud take me another year of volunteering in order to become an employee. So, I decided to go back to my college & taught basic nursing procedures for a semester making 250 USD a month barely enough to cover my rent but was so much better than leaching off of my parents.

Late 2008 my classmates & I planned to go to Saudi Arabia but later changed my mind when my US Visa was approved. When I got to the US in 2009, I worked as an UAP and thought I'd do it for a little while until I got all my papers read for the NCLEX. June 2011, I took the NCLEX-RN but after 265 quetions, didnt make it.I WAS CRUSHED! I was so depressed for months then finally decided to go back to studying again. This time I studied for the PN in preparation for RN. I know its kinda silly but being an UAP for so long, I didn't wanna risk going back to that job. Not EVEN being able to cut somebody's nails bc " I was just an UAP" was just to excruciating for me knowing I am capable of more than that. I wanted to do PN this time just as a safety net.

So Friday, I took NCLEX-PN & it stopped at 85. I had 21 SATA, 4 meds, 3 PEDIA, a ton of Qs about procedures/dx test, tons of med-surg qs & 4 infection control. When I got out of the testing center, I immediately did the PVT & got a good pop up. But for the whole weekend I was trying to re-register q 5 mins, LOL!

Review materials I used:

When I did NCLEX-RN last year, I used Saunder's but didn't make it so i figured I'd use other materials this time. After I failed RN, I went into panic mode and bought literally 12 nursing books.BUT I stuck to 6 of them so I don't get overwhelmed.

1. Prentice Hall Comprehensive Review for NCLEX-RN by Mary Ann Hogan ( This book had really helped me out alot. Very good in content.)

2. Davis's Q & A for NCLEX-RN Exam ( I think the Qs on this one was harder than NCLEX, a lot of SATAs. Very helpful.)

3. Exam Cram Books ( Practice Qs & Content books) I loved the practice Q books. To me my NCLEX qs were kinda similar to theirs.

4. Kaplan Strategies, Practice & Review

5. Lacharity PDA ( Very good tool for learning how to prioritze patients.)

6. ( This I read on my way to the testing center. Awesome material to read. )

I also read the 295 page allnurses guide, helpful but I think the one from senseiRN was more organized.

How i studied: I took time off from work for a month & told them I was going for a vacation. The last time I took time off for NCLEX from work & told them what I was doing, it was soooo embarrassing coming back & having to tell everyone that I didn't make it. So, this time. I didn't tell nobody. I studied everyday from 8am-11pm. I did content & did qs on that topic. I was a little bit disorganized but I made sure that I read something everyday & did at least a hundred qs/day.I didn't deprive myself of FB, TV or whatever.I took breaks in between, even went fishing. I just made sure that I accomplished what I set out to do for the day.

What really helped me alot was going on this website & reading people's posts. I was really loosing hope & was ready to give up but allnurses to me was like a support group. Thank you very much for the kind-hearted people who shared their NCLEX experiences & resources to everybody in this website. I am forever grateful!

Advice to those taking NCLEX is know your content really well, do alot of practice qs, pray, pray & pray! Good Luck & God bless everyone!


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thank you!!!


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Congratulations now it is party time whooooooooo:hrnsmlys::hug:


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Thank you very you guys!


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Hi kabayan! had the same scenario. I took my nclex-rn exam last march but failed. i reapply again but got denied due to concurrent cases. (another prob for international nurses), so im planning to take nclex-pn instead. Just wanna ask if the exam for and pn the same? can i use my review materials for RN? or do i need to buy another material for nclex-pn?


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Like you, I finished my nursing a while back. Your post is so inspiring!

I want to ask that same question Kishmwah raised. Will wait for your reply.


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