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  1. Question is the A&P 6 credit exam a combination of A&P 1and 2 which will show as 1 grade on your transcript or two grades on your transcript for A&P 1 and 2?
  2. jagged777

    advice for new corrections nurse

    Thanks for this. I just got hired for a lpn per diem position in correctional facility too.
  3. jagged777

    Prn lpn position armor correctional

    They are offering me per diem
  4. jagged777

    Prn lpn position armor correctional

    I applied to them last year and just got a call from them.Does anyone have any experience with them as far as flexible hours, pay, and benefits? I would appreciate all input thanks.
  5. jagged777

    Need advice on HOW to study for nclex-pn!

    @ determine Well Saunders book recommends six weeks of study and practicing questions and pea son vue let you retest the nclex in 45 days= 6wks if you don't pass. So in my opinion take 6 wks or as long as you need, but not to long though. Just make sure you set goals/ study schedule and stick to it don't deviate and if you do get right back into it. There will be times you will be discouraged absolutely, just keep positive thoughts and reaffirmation like I will pass my nclex pn exam. Believe the statement and say to yourself everyday when you wake, coming in from work and mean it. Praying, meditating, working out helps clear you mind and increases clarity. At the end of the day find what work best for you. You can follow the steps i wrote on the first verbatim or modify it to suit you need. Before i forget, start studying your weak areas first and then review areas you already know after. The kaplan strategies book for nclex pn 2012 - 2013 read it about 5 times cover to cover, till you know the strategies by heart. I know it sound overkill but knowing the strategy and being able to identify what the question the asking helps a lot. There are a lot of success stories on allnurses.com to read for encouragement. Stay positive and you will do well this time. Oh one more thing, since you are going to pass this, have a shot of tequila on my behalf LOL joking. It also helps to laugh and smile as opposed to feeling sad and defeated. Good Luck.
  6. jagged777

    Need advice on HOW to study for nclex-pn!

    @determine I know how you feel. You can still pass n u have to believe in yourself that u can. Go to the first page of the thread n try the steps I listed. It worked for me n it also helped others too. Get the books I listed there too. If u still need help, u can pm me good luck n don't give up.
  7. jagged777

    Need advice on HOW to study for nclex-pn!

    What books did you use to study for the nclex?
  8. jagged777

    How I Passed the TEAS Exam

    congrats @ rainbow
  9. A lot of good tips thanks.
  10. jagged777

    Guide to first job in LTC!

    This very much needed. Thank you so much @ KRODD
  11. jagged777

    I just got hired at a LTC any advice?

    @newnurse I am in the same situation.I start orientation on monday. I am a nervous, but i am trying to stay calm and soaking all the advice in this thread. I am approaching my first Lpn job in LTC by being humble and willing learn . Any advice on time management, dealing with stress on being a new nurse and just anything else i need to know.Thanks in advance.
  12. jagged777

    Passing meds already "prepared "??

    good info
  13. jagged777

    First LPN Job, 5 day orientation, 1:40+ patients...advice?

    good info
  14. Thank you all for the info
  15. jagged777

    Help! I'm trying to understand this med test for employment