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I just found out that for the third time I have failed the nclex. I am shivering right now and everyone I have tried to call isn't home. I am so mad. I thought I passed. I don't even know where to begin.....

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I'm sorry Amanda. What kind of feedback are you getting from the NCLEX folks? good luck...


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I am so sorry Amanda. My heart goes out to you and my thoughts are with you. Know that you always have the support of everyone on this website.




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i'm so sorry amanda :( just don't lose hope...we're here to support you



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i called and they said i failed. The last 2 times that I failed I got a letter with the number of questions I got and it said near the passing standard. I am so fustrated! This is torture! How much more can I do? I have used the Lippincotts, Kaplans, and I took the online nursing review course from the ncsbn, and I took the Nclex excel review offered from my college.


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If you got through nursing school you can pass!!!!!!! I know you can do it. Please start studying when you have had a break. Just let go for a few weeks, be good to yourself & then start again. We are all here for you.

I know you must be frustrated. I also know you can and will pass. Are there any experts in your community that you might talk to about this? Past instructors? To me it sounds like maybe you need some one on one help. Also if you can, write us, and tell us what you could do differently next time around that might help you get a passing score.

I am going to ask you some questions to help evaluate what to do differently next time:

1. Did you know all your normals? B/P, R, P, Hgb,Hct,hypo and hyper Mg,Na,Ca etc. If not, make flashcards for each & every one.

2. Did you know the 12 cranial nerves, purpose and testing to evaluate for each? If not, make flashcards.

3. Did you know each of the developmental stages from birth on up?

4. Did you study consistently for six weeks prior to testing every day 4 or more hrs a day?

5. Did you make a list of your weak knowledge areas such as hypo or hyper thyroidism, or heart meds & make a flow chart of the disease process, making notes & diagrams, using different colored pens to aid in understanding & remember what is happening during a particular disease process.

6. Did you take practice tests over and over, and then look at each answer in detail and fully grasp why you got a question right or wrong? Were you scoring 70 or above on the Kaplan tests?


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I will say that no I did not know the cranial nerves, but i knew pretty much everything else. I only studied 2 to three hours a day cause I have 2 kids and can only get to study when they go to bed. I also did do the kaplan questions and would get like 60 to 70 right out of 100 everytime. Do you suggest that I get different books? Or what should I do next? I am not going to take this test a million times!!

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I'm sorry to hear that. Good luck.


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I am a single mom & know how difficult it is to find time to study! There has got to be something that is making this test difficult for you to pass. Are you a poor test taker? You know the info, but still pick wrong answer? Is English your 2nd language? That can make NCLEX more difficult. DO NOT GIVE UP. Take a break, be good to yourself. This is just a test, NOT who you are as a person or even an indication of a good nurse or not. Talk with others who took a few times to pass. You are not alone. PM me anytime.


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I'm very sorry to hear that, Amanda. I know that it's frustrating, but take some time off and start studying again. Don't give up, you WILL pass.


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:o Sorry to hear the bad news Amanda :o


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I am so sorry!

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