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hi, I know how you feel I fail the nclex. I notice one of my reasons was my anxiety level. do you have really bad anxiety? My anxiety is so bad that I lose my train of thought. But I perform well on the question when I'm at home. They also say however you studied before try a different. I know how you feel being a mom I have 4 children all under the ager of 11yr and it's very difficult to study. But don't give up you can do it. and remember you have all of us rooting for you. :) :)


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If you need some additional nclex study resources, nclex cds or the feuer home study course, e-mail me at [email protected]. I will be happy to share study resources and tips.


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I'm so sorry! :(


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hi amanda, i am sooooo sorry, i can say i am right there with you. i too failed for the second time and am shooting for the third. i am signing up today to take the kaplan coarse online. i have heard through these threads that it's the best thus far. i asked someone who i went through nursing school with who did not pass her first time and she said that while she was taking the coarse, all of a sudden things just clicked that made sense all of a sudden. it's not only knowledge based, but they focus primarily on "the test taking strategy." i hope this helps. pm me anytime.


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I am so sorry to hear this. I also went through school as a single mom with two kids.It was very challenging....

Please dont, give up!!! I can't emphasize that enough.

You are in my prayers.

Mary Jo


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Hi Amanday, First of all what is the state board you are trying to get license with ?

PLease don't lose your faith and keep studying and praying

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