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fawnsternurse has 24 years experience and specializes in psych, medical, drug rehab.

I have been a Travel Nurse since 2002, in various area. Psychiatry, drug rehab , medical and I am currently working in a Wound Care Center.

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  1. fawnsternurse

    Periop 101 Final Exam Advice? (2018 / 2017?)

    Hi The Study guides are not at the end of the modules, they are almost hidden in the MY AORN area. you have to download them, save them as , then print them out. Sort of like finding a buried treasure. I only happen to know this because a few of us new to the OR met with the educator and we then went on a scavenger hunt to find these study guides. Geez why do they make it so difficult!
  2. fawnsternurse

    Psychiatric Medication Nurse

    Thank you everyone for the feedback. I have come to find out that this is not only a new unit and a work in progress but it is also steering away from the medical model to a more Social work model. However, with that said the bottom line is that when someone is assigned to medications that should be their only responsibility especially when working with high acuity violent patients.They don't seem to "get that". This is not so much about me not being willing to help out but more about overall unit safety. The charge nurse keeps telling me " we work together as a team" Which means that when I am doing rounds they may very well pass a med. or two... That makes me feel very uneasy as this is not always communicated to me in a timely fashion. Oye Vey! I just want this contract job to end with my license intact.
  3. fawnsternurse

    What's the meanest thing a patient has said to you?

    I had a person with Psychosis ( but looks fully functional, so more Cluster B traits) call me an incompetent nurse (I was only going to take his Blood glucose via glucometer before he ate) and then say I was probably an incompetent wife as well! Oh yes, I am disgusting too!
  4. fawnsternurse

    Psychiatric Medication Nurse

    Hello Davey, Thank you for the feedback. I am a Travel Contract Nurse, so yes, I do not always know what I am getting myself into before I start. They would like me to re sign but I am pensive especially after last night.
  5. fawnsternurse

    Psychiatric Medication Nurse

    P.S. I have forgotten to mention that this facility has been in the news for not only the level of violence but successfully completed suicides.
  6. fawnsternurse

    Psychiatric Medication Nurse

    Hello I have another question and this forum seems the best place to ask these questions. How many of you have worked in Facility's that may assign you the medication room job and then also place you on safety checks. (Every 15 minutes) I am currently in a facility on a unit with the most violent Psychiatric patients. There is bare bone staffing. And they are also utilizing Licensed Mental health Counselors. Which is not a bad thing , I am just sharing to give a visual. There is one Charge nurse ( recently a new Nurse and only a few months experience and a week experience as a charge nurse) One Medication Nurse ( me who is Agency) and 2 LMHC for Patients with a history of violence. I find myself the Medication nurse daily because I am agency and not trained for charge.Although I do have 18+ years of experience in this realm. 27 years experience as an RN. However as a Medication Nurse it is my responsibility to make certain that the medications are set up and passed safely. This is the first facility I have ever worked in that does not have a psych tech(s) to do safety checks, and they have the RN's and LMCH's to do checks. Well, pray tell how do I safely pass medications, PRN's etc and also be responsible to do State Mandated Every 15 minute checks? The facility Administration refuses to have more staff even though it is the most violent, acute unit. I have never worked in any Psychiatric Facility that expects the RN's to do these checks and still maintain a safe med pass as well as be available for high unit acuity and escalating patients. Recently we have had a rush of all violent men. Myself an Agency Nurse on Medications(I have loads of experience but have not been oriented to all the policy's of the hospital as well as paperwork) A new RN charge nurse and two young, female LMCH's. We had 3 admissions last night. A high unit acuity with physical and verbal altercations between the patients. In the middle of me attempting to pull medications, or return medications because of refusals and document, the LMCH wanted me to do checks. I said No, because I needed to finish what I was doing. I can honestly say I have no down time in this job, have not taken any regular type breaks(How can I with unit acuity being this high and bare bones minimum staff) I am on the unit in Milieu as often as I can safely be. But I am also in a back room with an Omni Cell and computer so I can pull medications, document and do my BIRP notes. I feel pulled in many different directions here. My feeling also is if a patient escalates the Charge RN should give the checks to the LMCH's ( who cannot pull meds) and have me pull emergency medications.(Also last evening I had a diabetic patient with a very high blood sugar.... but oh wait... Stop everything , I have to do safety checks! ) I have NEVER worked anywhere that is not the expectation. If I am wrong about this please feel fee to share. I am humbling asking what other peoples experiences are in this and thoughts?
  7. fawnsternurse

    CE: Texas Nursing Jurisprudence and Ethics

    Hello, I am just wondering if you take this course does it forego you having to take the test or is it in addition to taking the test?
  8. fawnsternurse

    Stephen Colbert recognizes nurses as Heroes

    That is true LilyRoseRN. NYU is a very nice place to work. However just an FYI ... all travel nurse contracts were cancelled as a reult of this. I am a travel nurse that has been coming back and forth since 2009. Myself and a few other travel nurses are like staff there.... except we are not. I will miss my co workers.
  9. fawnsternurse

    Stephen Colbert recognizes nurses as Heroes

    Awesome NYU nurses. Thank you Stepehen!
  10. fawnsternurse

    You Don't Belong Here (A Nursing Ghost Story)

    LOL. Great read!
  11. I personally prefer to wear my scrubs. I am a travel nurse and the unit I am on wear professional casual attire. I love the unit but honestly cant wait until I can wear my scrubs again~
  12. fawnsternurse

    want to open my own agency

    Hi this is a really interesting post. However what about the Hospitals who tell you they only have contracts with certain agency's? I personally have tried putting AD's in for private duty and never received one response. Not one! Discouraging to say the least.
  13. fawnsternurse

    Nurse -Patient Staffing Ratio

    Thanks for the reply everyone. I am doing a very short term local travel contract. One RN. One CDA , who is gone most of the time doing activities and transports . No unit Secretary. So my rationale for asking is because I find myself wearing many different hats at the same time and its getting rather exhausting. Also these patients have visitors and also go to outside NA and AA meetings. Hence we are doing ceiling checks every day because the unit is loaded with contraband.Any thoughts on this?
  14. fawnsternurse

    Nurse -Patient Staffing Ratio

    Anyone happen to know the Nurse-Patient Staffing ratio on Acute Detox or Rehab Nursing? I have googled and looked everywhere. I noticed they had a conversation in Psychiatry about this but no dialogue in this forum. Perhaps this Forum is not too active? I posted another question on here and no response at all. Hmm, whats up with that I wonder? Is this not a popular type of Nursing?
  15. fawnsternurse

    Psychiatry/behavioral health/Detox

    Hi, I have been down in NC as a travel nurse . Primarily in the Raleigh area. However I am wondering what people's thoughts and experiences are in regards to these positions ANYWHERE in North Carolina. Travel or FT... Some questions: Team nursing or primary? 8, 12, 0r 10 hr shifts? Good work environments? Plenty of jobs? locations? IE Name of Hospital and location? Last but not least: Salary? Thank you so much in advance.
  16. fawnsternurse

    What Happens If You Cancel Your Contract?

    I really dont know if things like this come up on a background check or not and it would be interesting to know, but just for the record and adding my two cents: Life is too short and we worked too hard for our licenses to subject our licenses or ourselves to miserable, abusive conditions. There is way too much lateral violence in nursing and especially in the travel nursing industry many times they dont want Nurses but rather cattle. I think NOTHING of walking away from a situation where I am being abused, where I am asked to commit fraudulent documentation or where an outright lie has been told about me. This has all happened. I do have to work for a living but that doesnt mean i have to sell my soul for a living.