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Hi! I was wondering if nurses could work part time 8 hour shifts? For example: three 8 hour shifts a week (24 hours total a week) I know that you can do two or three 12 hr shifts for part time, but is it possible to do two or three 8 hour shifts a week?

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Only if your employer offers 8 hour shifts. They are sadly disappearing from the healthcare landscape.


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At my hospital it depends on the floor. My floor has both types of shifts. I think the 12 hour shifts are given to more senior nurses though. My position is part time 8 hour shifts. I enjoy it. 12 hour days are nice in that you have more days off with more hours logged, but I sure do like getting off work after 8 hours.

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It depends on the place. That's pretty much what I do though; I work every other weekend, plus 3 weeknights per pay period. 8 hour shifts. My floor has both 8's and 12's.

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If you work somewhere that offers 8 hr shifts, sure. When I worked in the hospital, you wouldn't be allowed to work just two 8 hr shifts if you were permanent staff though. Permanent staff had to work 20 hrs/week minimum, per diem staff could work as little as they pleased.

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For some reason, a don't see a lot of listings for part-time jobs. Most hospitals around my area either want full-time or per diem.

Most places that schedule 12 hours would be out of the running unless you find someone willing to work those extra 4 hours for every shift and convince a nurse manager hiring you that your scheduling issues will not become a big headache.

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My organization is trying to move away from the "only 12 hour shift" mentality. This is being driven by our interest in retaining highly experienced older nurses who are physically stressed with longer shifts. They contribute so much to the clinical environment & we don't want to lose them. Some of our facilities are also investigating alternative work schedules to provide better work-life balance such as 'shift sharing' (6 hours each), special function shifts such as admission-discharge nurses for busy units, etc.

In many of our markets, it's difficult to fill part time positions because most nurses are supporting their families these days. However, there also seems to be a continuing supply of PRN nurses who want to 'stay involved' in nursing to maintain skills but don't want a regular commitment.


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Depends on the workplace. I'm switching to PRN status and will do 8hr night shifts 2-3 on weekdays and 12s on some weekends if needed. It works because 2 other nurses do 2nd shift and I can follow either of them..


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Here, that's the standard. Most nurses work less than part-time, and the shifts are 8 hours. Each hospital does things their own way, so if that hospital only does 12s, that's what you get.


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Thanks guys :) I am not picky, I will take what I can get, but I was just curious if working three 8 hour shifts a week was possible.

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Our ER allows flexible shifts and some are only 4 hours

Depends on the need