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Can I just say I'm sorry. Sorry u waited until 2am on a Saturday night to bring your relatively healthy kid to the ER with symptoms that have been going on for 3 days!. Sorry u didn't get the timely treatment u rightfully deserve! Sorry you had to WAIT, while more urgent matters were attended to. Sorry I didn't treat your kid like they were dying! I also recognize its MY fault that your kid has been out "all night" waiting for slow, unsatisfactory care. Sorry u feel that perhaps u should have just waited until Monday to get them in to their regular doc (hmmm). And YOU'RE WELCOME for being allowed to use me as a punching bag for your poor parenting choices!

Oh, and if you aren't capable of securing you 46" television, I'm sure it's my fault it fell on your kid to start with! If the X-ray doesn't show a break why does your kid c/o pain? Lets revisit the 46" tv thing again shall we?

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I had a mom leave AMA, fuming mad. Why? She had brought her 11 month old child in the night before, got a diagnosis and meds. Reason for coming back in? She couldn't get the child to take her meds.


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These are the same parents that are yelling at their kids for being whining at 2am in Wal mart when they should have been in bed hours ago.

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I love this!!!!!!!!!! :roflmao:

It NEVER ceases to AMAZE meat the audacity of some people......and I think it's getting worse!!!!!!!!! :banghead:

They see all this crap on TV, they are called after their visits....right after their visit, "How was your visit?" so they can formulate a list of what they didn't like including they didn't like the cold turkey sandwich because there wasn't the right brand of mayo! and Concierge triage.....ER Reservations and Concierge Services at Hospitals Boost Bottom Lines :arghh:

Couple that with the trend of instant gratification epidemic like FB, instagram, twitter, texting and being forever connected with that *&^(^%^T% phone attached to their fingertips and you have an ED nurses worst nightmare!!!!:yes:


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I think it's the age of instant gratification and entitlement. I see it everywhere, not just with idiot parents, and it is highly annoying.


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This kind of situation is really frustrating.

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Or the parent who gets all ***** when called on the medical history they provide.

"______ was in the ICU for 5 nights because of her blood sugar"- actually overnight while an insulin drip infused and then home the next day

"_____ will be in the hospital for one, no make that two months to test for seizure activity"- PCP/Neuro doc had no record of this-had not even heard of a testing regime that would last for any longer a few days...

"_________ is ok to drive" despite documented medical condition that could render them unsafe on the road AND they are medication for said diagnosis AND they have had accomodations given to them based on said diagnosis.

and this goes on and on and never ceases to amaze me the what mileage a parent gets from their childs actual or percieved illness.....very frustrating when you deal with kids in the same building whose illnesses are REAL and LIFE THREATENING :banghead:

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So in other words, I should work at a PCP if i want time off since everyone is going to an E.R. ...

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I don't know if it's because I've been a nurse for most of my kid's lives, but I never abused the ER. I did everything I possibly could to keep from making an ER visit in the middle of the noc.

But let's break it down...

1. someone else to fuss with your sick kid

2. someone to wait on you

3. a warm place in the winter, cool place in the summer

4. cable TV, DVD's, popsicles, snacks, beverages

This might be better than what they have at home.


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I don't know if it's because I've been a nurse for most of my kid's lives, but I never abused the ER. I did everything I possibly could to keep from making an ER visit in the middle of the noc..

Maybe it's related to the job but more likely, it's because you have common sense and a brain that you put to use regularly. We have 3 boys and I'm just now enterring the field as a 2nd career and I always avoid the ER if possible. That's where all the sick people go! hahaha

On our last visit (I took him to Urgent Care for a dog bite to the face that was going to need several stitches. Urgent Care sent me to ER because of the location and depth of the puncture near his eye). This mother was there with 2 kids and laughed about how they're there every couple of months because when the kids have respiratory illnesses, they often stop breathing. When asked if her kids were current on vaccinations, she scoffed and said she'd never vaccinate (like the vaccination poses the greatest harm to her children). Apparently she's never heard of an ounce of prevention...



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Yeah for some reason people have forgotten what the E in ER means.....I loved our peds office, they had weekend hours for the illness that always got worse and couldn't wait till Monday AM. Some people think that the ER was created for their convenience.

When we have gone the to ER it was not a long wait cuz it was an emergency.....the time I took our 12yo son when he had an was less than 5 min from the time we walked thru the door till he was in CAT scan....scariest day of my mothering!


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LOL I will admit with my first child I was that mom once. I took my kid in with canker sores, convinced her face was going to fall off!