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Okay so I've heard how all of the younger students are goofs and idiots, and how all of the older students are rude and don't care. I've heard how some of the "old nurses" are bitter and have sour grapes, and how some instructors are the source of all evil :hlk:I've heard how inconsiderate my fellow students are and how some people are "C" students but still nurses, and how "A" students are overachieving @@fill in the blanks@@. :argue: :angryfire

Tired of it :deadhorse

So here is what I want to know - what nice things can you say about your fellow students and everyone else?

I'll go first - I love that some of the younger students I know bring an energy and a joy to just being able to do this that I feel energized by their presence. It helps when I feel old and beat!

I love that I'm not the youngest student I know :D

I love the instructors that I have thought were the hardest and/or most evil, that have dragged me kicking and screaming to being a better nurse on a daily basis.

I enjoy working with some of the "C" students to help them stay in school, they challenge me to be a better student and know that material better to help them.

I love the students that I study with, who work hard all the time, who struggle to balance lives kids husbands jobs and keep it together. And that I know I can call and scream and cry about how terribly unfair nursing school is and how hard :cry:

I love the nurses on the floor who, despite being busy as a one armed paperhanger (like the way I avoided a cuss word - I'm so proud) have taken the time to teach me and guide me and help me be a better nurse. :bow:

In short, I am fortunate that the good people outnumber the bad. That no matter how frustrated I get I still love what I do. I love having a place like allnurses to talk about it - and to vent, and to hear the vents of others.

Tell me ...do you have anything nice to say?

Just dance:dancgrp:

Again this post does not reflect anyone's opinion but my own, and really only my own as of this moment since I am fickle beyond belief!

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I like the questions my students ask. I like the way they'll stop me until I make the point totally clear. I like their willingness to say "I don't get it, will you show me again" in lab. I like the "thank you"s when I've gone out of my way to give extra lab time. :coollook: I love the look on their faces when it all comes together. I love the way even the nervous ones got through the final exam demonstration with coolness and aplomb, when at the beginning of the semester noone believed me when I told them they'd all be able to do this in 20 minutes by the end of the semester.

I love the way the senior nursing faculty have guided me, let me sound them out and given such great advice during my field work and then when working as a new faculty member. I appreciate the way my hospital coworkers put up with my craziness while working on my masters and patiently listened to my "I gotta get this paper written!" and sincerely congratulated me on my graduation!


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I love the willingness and eagerness to learn! Even when I think someone asked a really "duh" question, I figure at least they asked! I love the extra curiosity that the really young students have and I enjoy that I can ask some of the older students just about ANY life question and they have helpful advice. I sincerely enjoy my classmates for the most part. There are a few "bad apples" but basically a bushel of good gals. :)

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I liked my instructors alot this last semester (my first sem. of NS). They were nice, approachable, and helpful. I had very few complaints.

Most of the students I encountered were great, too. They were supportive and encouraging of each other. I can't say that it was all nicey-nice, as there was at least one student than annoyed pretty much everyone, but for the most part, it was cool. After we took our final exam, a big group of people was waiting outside the building. Someone would ask "did you pass?", and if you gave a thumbs-up, everyone clapped and cheered for you. I'm sure that wasn't so great for the few who didn't pass, though.

I miss my school friends, and am looking forward to seeing them all again in August. :heartbeat


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I have to say, I'm somewhat saddened and disappointed that only three people had positive nice things to say! I thought I'd hear more positive comments. Does that say something about what our focus is? Or just on my outlook...hmmmm...


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give it a day or two. 3 hours isn't much of a gauge.

I love my nursing school friends and teachers. My teachers are kind and helpful and truly celebrate our victories with us. My Med/Surg 1 instructor actually cried happy tears for all of us when we made it through 1st year together. We all were saddened by each person we lost, just like a family and my clinical instructors were fun, even when they were tough. My lab teacher was great at talking me down when a skill made me so nervous I froze. I had a super support system when my close friend died at the end of my first year and again when I failed the 3rd semester math test and had to drop out until this Fall. I am friends with all of them on Facebook and I have been able to keep track of them taking NCLEX, so far all have passed...I'm so proud! I look forward to making more new friends when I start back this Fall. My nursing school is such a family, it's really great!


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I am thankful for the instructor who was caring and patient with me when I was CONVINCED I could never do mental health nursing (absolutely hated the thought of working with mentally ill patients, I had to work past some stereotypes)...now I KNOW I can if I choose to.

I am thankful for the instructor who took time out of his own busy schedule to hold tutoring sessions and exam reviews. If not for him, I never would have passed my HESI today! Woo-hoo!

I am thankful for the wonderful friends I've made in nursing school. I am also thankful for the learning experiences the not so wonderful students have given me.

I am thankful for my loving family, especially my husband, as they have supported me not only financially but emotionally and spiritually while I work towards my goal.

I am thankful for the Nurses who where helpful and friendly during clinical rotations.

I am also thankful for the less than helpful and friendly Nurses who taught me what NOT TO BE.

I am thankful for AllNurses. I have learned so much from these boards!

I know there is more, but this is what I could come up with off the top of my head.


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woops. it was a day. never mind.

sorry some of us are busy studying. was that a negative thought you had?? just kidding, i had say that you know.

i love my instructors who are caring people. all of the ones who live the caring life with their students and their patients. (they walk the walk, not just talk the talk)

i love the other students who come to class smiling, and join together celebrating when we pass the test.

i love having a friend i can call at 2 am when i just don't get something.

i loved the day i was finally able to give bed baths and change the linens all by myself, without having to whine for someone to help me.

the success at finally figuring out the glucometer and not having it give me another error reading for the tenth time that day, and having to stick yet another patient a second time. (come to find out it had a programming error.)

the cna's who love having us on their floor-you can tell the ones who really appreciate the help we're giving them, they're also patient and realize we just don't do it all perfectly (bed changing, etc) and are willing to help us learn. i've heard there are some with bad attitudes towards the nursing students on other floors so i feel lucky we're on the floor we're on.

cheap hospital lunches!! yummy and only $1.50 for main dish, veggie's and soda.

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I have to say, I'm somewhat saddened and disappointed that only three people had positive nice things to say! I thought I'd hear more positive comments. Does that say something about what our focus is? Or just on my outlook...hmmmm...

Gosh...:cry::cry:sorry to hear:cry::cry: that you're "saddened & disappointed" by members not jumping all over your post. Here's my little bit to cheer up your day & help you feel less sad:

During my accelerated BSN program, I was pleasantly amazed at the high level of helpfulness among my fellow students. There was ZERO back-stabbing, which was quite different from my first undergrad degree (1983). The accelerated class was full of over-achievers (myself included), each trying to get a score in the high 90%'s for the all-elusive "A". Your run-of-the-mill prereq course student is normally happy to score a passing grade. My fellow students, on the other hand, were pushing themselves to do their best, and were usually unhappy with themselves if they scored an A- or a B.

Despite this fact, everybody cooperated & helped each other study. If you had a question, you just posted it to our Yahoo group, and within a few minutes, somebody would answer with helpful info.

This helped us all survive the stressful program.


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Kvetching....I LOVE it...my Mama used to say that all the time. Such a nicer word than the one I usually hear.

I'm thankful for all of you who chose to follow me and Florence (we were classmates back in the stone age).

I LOVE students.

I love the look of the spouse when you let them know their loved one will be ok.

I love knowledge for the sake of knowledge.

I love it for the sake of knowing what NOT to do or what TO do in crunch time.

I love reading all the positive (and negative) things people have to say.

I may not agree, but gosh we've all been there a time or two.

What a good thread. Just be kind to one another OK?

Thank you.

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