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  1. madnurse2b

    What type of drug tests do nursing schools do?

    I have to laugh - I only had to do urine for nursing school. But here in Vegas - all of the hotels I worked in did hair! Sad that they want to test more completely for a casino/hotel/restaurant job than a nursing job in this town. Just keep dancing!
  2. madnurse2b

    'Ignored' patient sues Las Vegas hospitals

    Actually, I also have a lot of friends who work at that hospital. They were seen in a UMC urgent care, when she was UNABLE to urinate she was told to go to the UMC ED which she did. She did not know that she was pregnant, and so had not received prenatal care. Despite being in enough pain that witnesses in the waiting room asked for her to be seen, she was not seen. I have sat in that very waiting room with an older person with a possible stroke for no less than 12 hours (back when I was REALLY new to town and it was the only hospital I knew of...). While I realize that if symptoms have occurred for too long there's not much they can do, that is excessive. There are a number of wrong things that happened. And yes there is culpability on the part of the patient. I can't say if I would have called an ambulance, it depends on how much pain I was in. Having miscarried at that approximate number of weeks I can say for me the pain built. As far as the fact that it could have been a spontaneous abortion anyway and maybe that's all they would have done for her? Having been there more than once, including helping deliver the fetal demise of patients while in school - JUST STOP IT! If I ever get that callous about a PATIENT please tell me to stop being a nurse! And that is what it comes down to. We may not know everything about how it was handled, and we don't know everything about the patient, but for a woman who sought care to go through that ordeal alone is a tragedy. This only happened a couple of weeks ago. This was a woman, a patient, and a family that went through something awful. We don't have to be happy about the legal aspects and ramifications thereof, but must we immediately be suspicious of something that was an awful thing to happen to someone? Okay, now, I'm stepping off of my soapbox.
  3. madnurse2b

    My personal ADN vs BSN debate in Las Vegas

    CSN's program is second only to UNLV in the state!! The NCLEX pass rates were just slightly under UNLV's - which is pretty darn awesome if you ask me!! (As of two years ago - not sure how they currently stand...but I can't imagine it changes that much.) Just because CSN offers an ADN program doesn't mean it's easy. About half of the people who get accepted each semester will fail out at some point. They expect a lot of their students and want to make us just as hirable as any other RN graduate! You're not going to find that kind of education at NSC (I've taken a couple classes there and know someone who graduated from their RN program). Good luck with your decision!! Actually this year - the NCLEX pass rates at CSN are the highest in the state. And there actually are certain hospital hiring managers who will privately tell you that the CSN grads are better prepared clinically than the UNLV grads. I checked with some that I knew before I started. I will finish my BSN, but I am finishing some additional course material and doing an ADN to MSN nurse practitioner track. It will take me out of state eventually, but I'll take the NP in the end. I am a biased CSN student. Thanks!
  4. madnurse2b

    when did you know whether you would like your job?

    As to what defines toxic - "You'll know it when you see it" trust me... Life is too short to spend your life miserable. However, if you have a job, be thankful. If you need to stay for a short time, do it. And then move on. Most things are tolerable (only tolerable) for a short time. If it gets to the point where you are crying nightly (or daily depending on shift) at home, and your spouse can't take you anymore...you might be in a toxic environment! Get OUT! Other than that, good luck, keep your eyes open and your ears perked. And just keep dancing!
  5. Our papers are all pass/fail and count in clinical. Which if you can't do the physical skills it won't matter if you wrote a stellar paper, the instructor has to pass you based on your ability, or not. Lecture is testing only mostly, some quizzes and occasionally a very low point piece of homework. Or my favorite, homework with no points except for point deductions if you don't do it - so basically docking you a question or two on an exam. Bah. No matter what, ya gotta get over it. Nursing school is not fair. Pass it pass the NCLEX wait to find a job! And keeeeeep on dancing!
  6. So I just need to get some stuff of my chest. I hate cheaters! I can't do anything about them without proof but gosh I hate your guts if you cheat! I'm tired, I'm having trouble being motivated and gosh I can't wait for this semester to end! Next semester (our hardest and my last) scares the carp out of me! Please - back the heck off about my getting A's - okay you aren't but please don't try to make me feel bad because I'm working hard, and sometimes tests are easy for me! If I help you study, when I have no time, please don't whine to me when you don't do as well on the test that you didn't have the time to study with me for! Now, please excuse all of the grammatical errors - I'm kinda cranky today Just Keep Dancing
  7. madnurse2b

    on being the patient and critical

    My mother was in ICU for 3 months before she died (yeah this was before the kick them to rehab days). I watched some of the most amazing nursing go on. Real CARE...not just tasks. I have every hope that I will be that nurse when all is said and done. I am so sorry that this happened to you. I hope that you are able to heal with time, and eventually bring this knowledge back to our profession.
  8. madnurse2b


    Yes but is it postpartum care plan...or careplan for the newborn? If newborn then risk for infection would be entirely appropriate...unfortunately.
  9. madnurse2b

    Nursing school stress

    There's no such thing as nursing school stress...really, it doesn't bother me to not get sleep, not have time with family (even when they are in the hospital), not be able to go to a friend's funeral in another state because I have a test...to have patient's be abusive...and instructor's be on powertrips. Really there is no nursing school stress. (and I am not a complete blithering idiot right now, doing the finger between the lip thing either!) Just keep dancing! :dancgrp:
  10. madnurse2b

    Woman Calls C-Section "Rape"

    I have to say that I go back to the concept that rape is about dominance, control and violence...I can definitely understand her statement. Is it rape...no not by the legal definitions, but is it assault/battery - yes. If you do not have access to another hospital in the area, and they refuse to do VBAC out of fear and monetary concerns...that does not offer the patient an option at all. Moving to another location is not an option for most people. What concerns me is the banning of VBACs. Is this another doctor convenience issue? Is this a malpractice sue happy issue, a money issue? And how do we as nurses help to solve these problems long term for patients?
  11. madnurse2b

    Some CSN nursing program questions

    It's the Retention Center. However, again you will know. I have not had a class that didn't give you in the syllabus the number of points and information you need to pass the class. If at one point you are not doing well not only will your instructor talk to you, but you will be referred to retention. If you do fail a class after first semester and you have to repeat the part of the semester then you will also have to go before a faculty committee in order to be reinstated - and explain what you will do to change the reasons why you were not able to maintain the course load. Don't borrow trouble - there are people who struggle but get C's, there are people who struggle but get A's. There are people with kids, pregnant, with full time jobs. This is doable. You will get through - there are loads of us who are doing it right now.
  12. madnurse2b

    VENT: scantron error

    To a certain extent your instructor is right. You have to pay attention...misreading one 0 could change a med to a fatal error. I am extremely fast on tests... I NEVER change answers (when I do I shouldn't have - learned that a long time ago) - but I check as I go to make sure that I am on the question I mean to be on. I usually do this about every 5th question or so. As far as that test - let it go, it's over, you won't make the mistake again, move on. Just make sure that you find your way to be sure that you have a clean scantron and turn it in.
  13. madnurse2b

    13 things a nurse won't tell you

    ROFLMAO Now that is funny....
  14. madnurse2b

    Some CSN nursing program questions

    Unlike first semester when you would have to reapply...if you fail one class that is the class you repeat. You don't repeat the entire semester. However you also cannot take the class with the next semester of classes you would have taken. And why would you want to? You failed a class, while sometimes it may seem that one semester is easier than another - you don't want to overload yourself, get your second fail and end up at the beginning again. CSN is not an easy program although it is "just" an ADN program. Be prepared if you have struggled with some of the classes in the prerequisites to work very hard in the program. As far as the people, I have made some incredible friends in the program, and for the most part the students are great. Like anywhere else some people are PITAs - oh well. But this is also a competitive program, we all want to do well. Don't take it personally and you will really enjoy the process. This is an amazing program with amazing students and instructors, come on in the water is fine!
  15. madnurse2b

    Are there hospitals hiring new RNs in Vegas?

    The Valley Health System just posted some "entry level" nurse positions - not called new grad but it sure sounded like it. Hope that helps.
  16. madnurse2b

    i cried tonight

    Empathy is not just the purview of nurses. This person was in pain and you provided presence and care. That is a blessing. Don't forget to take care of you, but you are a special person. Remember that.