plantar fasciitis

  1. hope i spelled that right! Help!think i have that..extreme pain when i try to walk in the morning and after sitting..sometimes abates during the day but not always...have tried some inserts into shoes but not all that helpful...have MD appt but not for 2 weeks.. doing yoga and pilates for hamstring stretchng .any suggestions???
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  3. by   teeituptom
    I have shoe inserts with Magnets in them

    cleared it up in no time for me
  4. by   TLC RN
    I went to a podiatrist who made me some orthotics. They cost an arm and a leg & it took about 6-12 months to be pain free. I used them almost all the time for a year and now I only wear them to run. No problems since.

    I used to do stretches each day. I also rolled my foot over a tennis ball or pop can filled with frozen water.
  5. by   llg
    I've been treated successfully for it twice. The first time, I got perscription orthotics -- had to wear the at all times (even in my bedroom slippers) -- but they worked quickly. I wore them until they wore out in about 3 years.

    About 7 years later, the problem returned and I went to a different podiatrist. He gave me cortisone injections in my heals and that also worked. The first injection got rid of about 75% of the pain. A month later, the 2nd injection didn't do much. A third injection got rid of it all. That was about 5 years ago.

    In both cases, my 1 regret was that I didn't seek professional help sooner. It was fairly easy, successful, and fully covered by my insurance. Why did I let myself suffer so long! :-)

    Both podiatrists suggested that I not wear the same shoes everyday. By changing shoes, I vary the stress and am less likely to aggravate the problem. That sounds like good common sense advice to me.

    Good luck,
    llg (ddd is my home computer and I am taking another sick day today.)
  6. by   webblarsk
    Quote from Tootyx121
    I used to do stretches each day. I also rolled my foot over a tennis ball or pop can filled with frozen water.
    That is exactly what the doctor told me to do! I also had a lift for the heel of my shoe!
  7. by   Fiona59
    My podiatrist said tennis ball or wine bottle for the rolling. Did the prescription orthotics. Love them.

    Feet haven't hurt in ages. Also are you on concrete floors? They killed my legs as well.
  8. by   stevierae
    I got it when Doc Martens were popular (don't laugh--I live close enough to Seattle that, when grunge was king, Docs were part of the uniform--those and flannel shirts.) I even wore them in the OR (not the boots; just the shoes.)

    I went to one of the podiatrists I worked with, and he gave me a prescription for custom orthotics. I never got around to filling it, but I DID stop wearing Docs (probably right arond the time Kurt died.)

    No more plantar fasciitis since.
  9. by   P_RN
    Dr Scholls arch supports, frozen Mt. Dew bottle to roll arch over. IB for pain. Took about 2 weeks to get well.
  10. by   Lucy4
    OUCH! I had heel spurs a few years ago - extreme pain when getting out of bed in the morning and after sitting awhile. Went to Doctor who recommended heel cups and antiinflammatorys. I took Voltaran and that helped alot. A friend of mine has had her heel injected with some success and recently got orthotics. Good Luck!
  11. by   renerian
    Hubby saw a foot doctor and has custom supports which corrected the problem. He is a runner so it needed to be taken care of corrrectly.

  12. by   WickedRedRN
    My hubby has it, I sent him to doc, who sent him to podiatrist. He gets his custom inserts next week, they gave him some anti-inflammatory and made him a temp support. He said it made a big difference, so he thinks the customs will help too. He stands on concrete all day and wears steel toe work boots, I guess this is pretty common.
  13. by   prmenrs
    Found a good book recently, Those Aching Feet..., by Christine Dobrowski, DPM. Everything that could possibly go wrong w/your feet, and what to do about it. Easy read, too.
  14. by   TLC RN
    I have been training for a few 1/2 marathons and my long runs have been around 8-10 miles the last few weeks. In the last week I noticed my calves getting really tight under the poppliteal fossa. I thought it was weird but did not think much of it cause the tightness was so high up.

    Also a month or so ago, I stopped wearing my custom orthotic at was using a gel insert from the store cause the whole bottom of my feet would be sore after a shift.

    I guess all the above has lead to another flair up of PF...I had really tight calves (along the whole calf) the last few days and woke up today with a bit of the heal pain

    I guess I will be using my orthotics as much as possible from now on. I hope that will curtail it. I don't want to miss my 1/2 marathon next month!