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26 year old mother of 3.

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  1. Home Health

    I work Home Health. The agency I work for wants us to "carry on" seeing patients after a brief assessment. Am I crazy to think this is wrong? I'm not worried about catching the virus. I'm worried about bringing it into compromised patients. Especiall...
  2. I finally passed on my 4th try!!!

    Congrats! So happy for you!
  3. Pain Management Protocol

    We are implementing something like that! So maybe that will be helpful! Thanks for all the suggestions, I appreciate it!
  4. Pain Management Protocol

    The medical director is great! Very willing to try new things. The problem in this area is the other doc's. They get so upset if the medical director suggests anything. Its a big power struggle!
  5. Pain Management Protocol

    I have heard alot about Methadone and how good it is, and would love to try it. But I am in a rural area with a bunch of doc's that seem afraid of Methadone! Have you run into a problem like that where you are? Do you have any tips of how to get the ...
  6. Hospice has doped my dad!

    Is the SW involved any? Someone for him to talk to and help through this process? Someone for the family to talk to? Especially if you feel like you can't talk to the nurse! Is he Spiritual? Should the Chaplain be involved? The nurse should be addres...
  7. Pain Management Protocol

    I was wondering if anyone uses a protocol for pain management. For instance using a milder pain medication and working up to what is needed. The hospice I work for goes straight for a Duragesic patch when pain becomes a issue. My question is would it...
  8. Tipping a doctor, acceptable?

    Maybe he took it to not hurt his feelings and will return the extra after appling it to his bill?
  9. treating fever

    I have a question kind of related to this one. I am also a firm believer in trying to treat the fever. But has anyone noticed that the body stops absorbing the supp? I noticed this on a patient last week. Do you have any other suggestions in a case l...
  10. Haunted by incidents at work/Part II UPDATE

    Wow, I think that is a really crappy response and uncalled for. From what she has told us I think she handled the situation the best she could have, and probably better than alot of nurses would have. The fact that she is upset about it obviously sho...
  11. I think what you do is wonderful! Don't ever stop. If I was hospitalized or my family was I would want a nurse like you taking care of them!
  12. Patients in Nursing Facility

    Thanks guys. I just need to let go of the guilt! I am fixing to go check in with him and the family!
  13. Patients in Nursing Facility

    I have a patient beginning the stages of dying in a LTC facility. I spent time with him last night getting his pain med's adjusted and speaking with his wife. This morning I went over and checked on him, did a complete assess. Making sure pt is pain ...
  14. Infusaport Question

    Thanks for the replies. I did access it. Got a really good blood return and it flushed beautifully. Thank goodness.
  15. What's Your Best Nursing Ghost Story?

    I read the entire story and I understood she had been lying beside a dead body for hours. But when the Poster was laughing that the caregiver was in the corner shaking...........I didn't find that funny. And believe me, I have a good sense of humor. ...