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I work Home Health. The agency I work for wants us to "carry on" seeing patients after a brief assessment. Am I crazy to think this is wrong? I'm not worried about catching the virus. I'm worried about bringing it into compromised patients. Especially since we can be carrying the virus without being symptomatic. Am I wrong to want to refuse to see patients until this is under control? These are patients that do not have wound care, IV treatments, etc..... Just a basic visit.

My agency extended care clients won’t even allow the clinical supervisor into the home to do supervisory visits. So many have taken that stance that the managers discussed it and came to the conclusion that supervisors would view the pt through a window and have a video conference with parents. You sure can’t do that with wound care.

I agree with your statement. CDC gives “blanket” guidelines for health care providers and does not address the home health sector. To make matters worse, the company I work for is sitting on their hands waiting for direction that isn’t coming. Frustrating! Better yet, they are telling us that PPE equipment is not necessary if patient is asymptomatic.

LunaBuna, BSN, MSN, CNM

Has 6 years experience.

Yes I agree and I also feel like some of the referrals are really not appropriate - like “family requests home health nurse to check vitals” ummmm no thanks. This is not the hospital. They are isolating themselves at home for a reason. I feel bad but I also feel like why would we open up that case and put staff and other patients/families at risk. I think home health agencies really need to assess the need for home care rather than just look at making money.