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LunaBuna has 6 years experience as a BSN, MSN, CNM.

Okay so I came to nursing late in the game after getting a couple of degrees and then living in another country. I got my BSN through an accelerated program and jumped into home health care. I have been in that for five years consistently while also doing some other things. I was also in a health center for two years doing work as a Certified Diabetes Educator (which I loved!). I then went on to get my MSN to be a CNm which I thought I would live but I don’t at least right now. I do get to work at a pretty awesome organization doing sexual health, contraceptive and gynecological care so that was worth it. I am skipping over to another state fairly soon and have a desire to take a leap into bedside nursing. So that’s me. There is a lot more other than nursing but you may not be interested in that so I will leave you here. Thanks for reading!

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    Regretting an APRN degree

    I'm posting this because I really want to know if others have had a similar experience - with that said, please no mean comments. I started nursing as a second career. I got into community health nursing and actually truly loved what I was doing. I thought I wanted to be a midwife so I went ahead and left my job to pursue this degree. I went through all of the hoops and a pretty intense clinical and finally graduated with my degree. I thought, well great, now I can be a midwife! WRONG! All I found were crap jobs. And I know some may say "well you have to do the crappy ones to get the ones you want" but at this point in my life, I don't have time to be doing things I don't want to do for less pay and more hours. I am SO disappointed in midwifery. I ended up taking a job at Planned Parenthood, which I actually really liked even though I wasn't practicing full scope. However, I got furloughed! APRN degrees can't even guarantee you stability! And now I've moved to California and there are barely any open positions here. Even the clinic positions, (which is what I ended up doing last year) won't take me here because most of them require a WHNP (and I was doing all this role without this certification because, as you may know, CNMs do everything WHNPs do plus intrapartum care). I regret going down this road SO much. All the time and the money and the loss of a great career that I had in front of me. Every day I sit here applying to jobs full of regret about my career path. It's not the end of the world, (well it might be with everything else that's going on)...I've been applying to mainly nursing gigs since moving here. Even those are hard to come by seeing as my resume jumps around. All I qualify for right now is home health and I don't want to go into that. I really want to get into the bedside and just try to forget I ever got this degree in the first place. If you are considering midwifery, I won't say don't do it, but please have meaningful job prospects in mind before going through with it. If you live in the Bay Area and have some contacts you wouldn't mind sharing or some advice that is helpful for me in my job search, please PM me. In need of some good thoughts and inspiring words because I'm trying not to cry about all of this.
  2. LunaBuna

    Home Health

    Yes I agree and I also feel like some of the referrals are really not appropriate - like “family requests home health nurse to check vitals” ummmm no thanks. This is not the hospital. They are isolating themselves at home for a reason. I feel bad but I also feel like why would we open up that case and put staff and other patients/families at risk. I think home health agencies really need to assess the need for home care rather than just look at making money.
  3. LunaBuna

    Home health nursing to bedside

    Thanks for the heads up! Does it have to be responses to other people’s posts or does it also include my own posts?
  4. LunaBuna

    Home health nursing to bedside

    Hi All! Long time follower but first time posting something on here. So many questions I want to ask but I will start with the most pertinent. I went through an accelerated program 5 years ago and became an RN. I went into community health nursing working in a health center and home health care. After that I went on to get my MSN to be an APRN but I have since decided that was not the best idea (that’s another post for another time). I truly want to do bedside nursing but I it is as if I am handcuffed to home health care forever. I can’t get into the hospital because I don’t have the experience. Just to add another layer... I am moving to another state so it makes things more complicated in terms of connections. I hope I get some advice on here and please be kind!