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WickedRedRN has 4 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in ER/Trauma.

43yo Married, mother of 1

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  1. COHN Exam

    No tips, but good luck to you! I plan on testing next year sometime. Which study guide are you using and do you like it?
  2. Anyone attending Kaplan or Walden University?

    Fellow Walden student too, starting in September. Welcome!
  3. Walden's MSN in Nursing, June 2012

    Starting tomorrow as well, enrolled in the MSN in Leadership and Management, transferring to the FNP program in fall. Hope to see you there! Message me if you want to exchange info?
  4. Vent: Why I won't accompany my mother to the ER anymore

    Oh dear, I have been there way too much recently.....my mother likes to throw around the "my daugher, the ER RN at xyz in the big city" card. I can tell right away when the staff is on edge abt me because she has blabbered on before I get there. ...
  5. IU Hospital floors/RN positions?

    Med Nursing, Surg is a med-surg floor. Typically, all their med surg floors tend to specialize, although they all take any type of pt when beds are tight.
  6. Best one sentence handoff report

    me to icu nurse on transfer of my intubated, active gi bleed from everywhere "Blood. He doesn't have any. He needs more. That's pretty much all you need to know right now."
  7. Which one is more stressful: med-surg or LTC

    Worked in both and hands down I would choose med-surg over LTC any day. MS in a hospital generally tends to give you a better new nurse orientation imho. Don't get me wrong, it is stressful, but it's a different kind of stress.
  8. Combative/Violent patients - NO MORE OF THIS!!!

    Whoa! If you meant this to be a sarcastic joke, it's backfired. I suggest you step back and re-think this a bit. Until you walk a mile or two in our shoes and get a feel for what we are talking about, you won't understand where the OP is coming fr...
  9. Do you stop infusion "for a walk?"

    Can't leave the floor with an IV because I am legally responsible for their condition. If they are infusing meds, I need to be able to monitor for any potential problems/issues with med and iv. Constantly hooking and unhooking the iv puts them at g...
  10. Are YOU terrified to be a patient (and your loved ones, too!)

    I trust my floor, know my co-workers and their habits. I know who I would trust and who I wouldn't. That said, I would still be right there with my family member. We are a teaching hospital and some of the interns are downright frightening!! Now...
  11. Do Nurses Still Make *Real* Beds?

    Bottom sheets are fitted ones at my facility, so no hospital corners here. I am particular about no wrinkles in the sheets, draws are folded "just so" and I still face the open side of the pillow slip away from the door. Funny, just the other day I...
  12. How to correct gpa problem?

    Hi everyone, looking for some advice from those who have dealt with this problem. Way back in the 80's I was a fresh HS grad, entering college with no idea what to do with my life. My first attempt at a college education ended poorly, through no one...
  13. Preceptor Story...Refreshing

    Excellent! Such a good experience for you, and when you are ready to take on the role of preceptor yourself you will have a wonderful role model to follow! I wish more facilities would embrace this level of thought when it comes to matching oriente...
  14. Nurses working without health insurance

    I am fortunate in that my husband carries the insurance for the family. It was financially better for us to have him carry us, as a family policy through my employer would have cost us more than $350 per pay, and that was just for the health ins! H...
  15. Working in a nasty nursing home

    Many years ago when I was a CNA, I worked in a good LTC, just on a horrible unit. One of the nurses I worked with was the bomb, always took the time to talk to me, answer my questions and show me things. She knew I was in school at the time and alw...