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OK, I have to take A & P II in the spring with at least one other science. Which one is less likely to kill me with A & P II...Chemistry or Microbiology?

Thanks :)


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Hmmm....well I took A&PI with chemistry and I survived relatively unscathed. Micro is a lot of information, but I didn't find it all that difficult. Chemistry is math and some difficult concepts, but it didn't kill me. Really depends on how the classes are taught, but I'd have to go with....chemistry. I may or may not stick by that choice after giving this more thought.


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A&P and Micro complement each other. There are several topics that overlap. Micro can be a really difficult class depending on how it is taught. Chemistry is mostly math.

If you are strong algebra student, I would suggest taking A&P II and Chem together. If you find algebra difficult I would wait on that class and take A&P and Micro together.

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If it were me, I'd take micro and A&P together any day over chem and A&P together. Both Micro and A&P just made sense to me, Chem has been much more difficult for me to grasp - more concepts and math.


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I took A&P II with Chemistry (which I might mention is my WORST subject EVER...I HATE, HATE, HATE it!!!!!!) and survived. I also took Nutr 223 and Eng 102 at the same time. I ended the semester with B's in both Chem and A&P and A's in the other two. I will be taking Micro this summer in an accelerated 3 week course, so I can't comment on that class yet.


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I would take A&P II and Micro together! I just hate chemistry. If you can take that class another semester, I would advise you do. I have a chem minor (just barely) only because I had to take so many chem classes for my first BS....Marine Biology.:rolleyes:


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I would definitely take micro because chem is extremely difficult.


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Originally posted by RNnTraining1973

I will be taking Micro this summer in an accelerated 3 week course, so I can't comment on that class yet.

Yikes! How is it humanly possible to absorb that kind of information in so little time! 8 week summer semesters alone are enough for me! It must be quite intensive!


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another vote for micro - as another person said, depending on your math skills. If you like math/chemistry, then it probably won't make much difference to you. Both of mine were pretty challenging because the teachers weren't easy, but I am more interested in the micro subject matter.

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I vote for chemistry. You'll be learning a lot of new terminology in A&P and Micro is basically all terminology as well. I had a hard time with Micro (mainly because I was a bad student back then and never went to class), but I find Chemistry really logical and straight-forward. Also chances are you've had some chem in high school, so some of it may be review.

Good luck! :cool:

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Chemistry: HATED IT!!!!!!!!!! Said repeatedly that I would rather be trapped in a room full of angry rattlesnakes than take it ever again....(see below)

Organic & Biochemistry: I had a better teacher, but it was still hard. I no longer had visions of rattlesnakes.

Microbiology: I learned that everything on earth was absolutely disgusting and all I wanted to do was disinfect everything, which has actually come in handy in the way I clean my kitchen, bathroom...

My suggestion: stick with Microbiology :D


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My college requires chemistry as a pre-req for A&P.

Interesting how so many schools differ.

I really don't know what to tell you as I have not had micro yet, but I did find that the chemistry was important to know for A&P.

Good luck with your decision!

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