Opinion on class load with two young kids at home


How possible or should I say manageable is it to take AP 1, chemistry and a non related science class?...i know its only three classes but i am concerned about juggling it all....has anybody been in this situation? I don't want to set myself up for a big mess. With family vs school.


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Do you have any kids? Last semester I took 18 credits: microbiology, biology, nutrition, math and lifespan psych....I got all As and I have 2 kids and worked 16 hrs a week. Trust me, you will be fine ? I studied a little bit each night and several times over the weekend before an exam, it definitely helped! Good luck!


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Currently in 8 week summer course I have 11 credits being taken, for the fall I am taking 15 credits. I have 10 month old, 2 year old and 8 year old :)


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I think there's a lot more to consider than just having kids at home. Do you also work? If so how many hours? Do you have a time where you can dedicate to studying, no interruptions? Is this your first semester back? Or have you been in school for some time? Have you taken any science classes recently/ and how well have you done in past science classes?

For me I don't work right now, but I'm a single mom to two little ones and don't have a lot of time I can dedicate to school without interruptions. My night routine is putting my little ones to bed and then studying until I go to bed almost every night a week.

Only you know how much time you can put in and how much you can handle. It is great if you can handle it, but you also have to keep your grades up and if you feel like it might be too much, hold off on one science.


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If you haven't taken any sciences, I would start with one and make sure you can handle more than one. They are a heavy load to begin with but with 3 hard sciences classes and kids, it could be too much. For instance, my microbiology instructor says that the class requires about 20 hours of study time outside of the classroom per week.

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As long as you have a good support system - I don't see why not. Just know Chemistry is a lot of studying. I'd let ya know about AP but I won't be taking that until fall.

For me, I'm in an 8 week chem class, and I basically study constantly. From the time I wake up, until I go to school & come home, then until I go to bed. I have a 2.5 year old, and a 10 month old. My husband is a saint though, and takes care of them while I study.


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I agree that other circumstances should be looked at before considering taking 3 science classes. If you work then that's going to be something to consider. Also, it's easy to say you can time manage your study, but until you actually throw yourself in there then you won't have any idea. My first semester back at school after being out for 13 years and having 2 younger kids and working full-time, I only took Algebra, I could have handled another class for sure. My second semester I took Chemistry and Sociology and still had time to devote to my family. I'm taking Biology with lab over the summer hybrid and it's kicking my butt! A lot of information to learn on my own in half the time. I thought I would focus on time management and study an hour each night and then a couple hours on the weekend but you have to be VERY disciplined. With my boys being in baseball there's 2 nights out of the week that I'm not home, so it's something I'm definitely going to consider next semester. Maybe start out with 2 classes if you don't work, but like others have said, it really depends on you. Good luck!!


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I have three small children, two at home while one is in school, and last semester I took 15 credits. I'm taking two classes now during the summer and will be taking 14 credit in the fall. All of these are online, even my classes with labs. It's hard but definitely doable. My advise is stick to a routine with your kids and keep a very detailed planner. Each week write down what is assigned, when it needs to be started, and when it is due. Some assignments will take longer than others so I found that it's good to not only write down when things are due, but when to start them as well. Do class work during nap time and bed time. As long as you devote time to it each day, it's easy to manage everything. The first couple weeks will be hard because you'll be getting a feel for everything. It might seem kinda overwhelming but push through it. Once you figure out the work load, it's much easier to plan for it. A good support system is important as well. My husband has been very helpful and picks up the slack if there is any. Good luck! You got it!


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Hey everyone! I have been out of school for about 10yrs now and I work full time. I want to start my nursing prereqs this summer online. How many classes should I take at once to start and what ones would be better Off together? How about nutrition and statistics?

I had a girl in my A&P class that was taking it for the third time. She was struggling and down on herself. She told me she didn't understand how she did so well in HS and couldn't score better in this class. The more I talked to her I learned she worked full time and was taking 15 credit hours that Semester. I told her, in my opinion, when you take very demanding courses, like A&P, she needed to take fewer credit hours. She was smart, she was just overloading herself making it near impossible to score a good grade.


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How possible or should I say manageable is it to take AP 1, chemistry and a non related science class?...i know its only three classes but i am concerned about juggling it all....has anybody been in this situation? I don't want to set myself up for a big mess. With family vs school.

Much will have to do with your support system in your home, or available to it. Your own employment considerations will weigh heavily; you don't mention if you're married to an employed partner? How many hours will you be able to free yourself to devote only to study?

These questions are paramount to being able to answer your questions. Anything is workable with the right circumstances.


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Danad - You should be fine combining nutrition with another harder class. I also took nutrition online and it was pretty easy, a lot of common sense/common knowledge, and didn't require hours of work. Lifespan development was the same. I'm taking stats this fall, but I've talked to a lot of people and the general consensus is 1) get a good calculator; and 2) as long as you're pretty good with math you'll be fine. I don't know about the time commitment, however. Good luck with your classes!