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  1. DadStudentPerhaps

    Bones, Articulations, Muscles...Oh my!

    I loved learning all the bones, the skull, and all the muscles. I just broke them down into smaller bites and learned those before I moved to the next bite...
  2. DadStudentPerhaps

    Attempting to become an RN

    Hi, I'm not a RN yet either. However, my wife has been a RN for about 28 years. I can ensure you that there is much more to nursing than just tending to someones personal hygiene. She works on a Neo Natal floor, splitting time between the nursery and with the mothers on the floor. Her job is not nearly as fast paced as the ER, but it's not without it's own adventures. Over the years I've heard about women who crash on the floors and the RNs are the first on scene providing life saving support (CPR) until the Doctor arrives. Even then they are fully involved with pushing meds, pumping the chest, providing O2, blood, or whatever is required. Additionally, they are carefully monitoring vitals throughout the shift on mommas and babies. Blood Sugars, signs of internal bleeding, O2 Stats, BP, pulses, are just some of what they carefully monitor. In addition they are looking for symptoms like confusion, skin tone, pupil dilation, blueness around the babies mouths, dizziness, nassau, abnormal pain, etc. If the RN misses anything, it could mean death in a worse case scenario. I just described the role my wife plays on a non emergency care floor; her shift is tame compared to what you will see in the ER. Good Luck with your career choice, don't let anyone talk you out of your goal. Oh, by the way, the pay is pretty good. Most years she makes mid-70,s. This past year, because she worked part time to finish her BSN, she made mid 60s. You can make six figures if your willing to put in the time or travel.
  3. DadStudentPerhaps

    Bone practice worksheets

    Try getbodysmart.com
  4. DadStudentPerhaps

    accepted to nursing school after deciding to finalize divorce

    Matthew 19:26 inspires me, maybe it will inspire you as well.... Jesus says - "With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible" Stay strong, keep in faith, God never steers us to a problem or obstacle we can't overcome.
  5. DadStudentPerhaps

    Family Support

    My wife and I were both in school the past two semesters. We both work full time and home school a 17 and 11 year old. I have been attending part time, mostly online. My wife just completed her BSN and was a full time student. When she needed help, she would draft me to help her with homework assignments. I used to tease her and ask what grade I got when she submitted work I helped with.... I know Nursing subjects can be challenging all on their own, but adding outside distractions can really be frustrating. In my case, I might have to wait in line for one of our two computers in our house. When 4 people do a bulk of their school work on a computer.... working out a schedule is a necessity. Then I often found myself awake at 0300 grinding over a A&P or Algebra question. Sometimes I thought the whole thing was just nuts... Why am I stressing myself out over this; was and still is a question that occasionally pops into my head. The bottom line is that anything worth having, like a career in Nursing, usually comes with bumps, bruises, and frustration along the way. Once you achieve that goal, it just makes it so much sweeter. As for your husband, try to include him in your work assignments. Give him something to read, ask him for his opinion on questions you have, let him proof your work... Try making this a joint venture, this way he will feel invested in your success. Hope this helps....
  6. DadStudentPerhaps

    Anyone here from North Mississippi?

    Northwest Mississippi Community College here. I was born in the small town of Pontotoc, MS... Not too far down the road from Itawamba.
  7. DadStudentPerhaps

    My mom won't let me be a nurse. How do I convince her?

    Tell your mom that nursing is an honorable profession that touches peoples lives in a positive way. Also, you can always advance your career after becoming a nurse. You can become a NP, PA, or even a Doctor of Nursing. There are other specialties you can migrate towards as well. Who knows, once your a RN for 20 years, you may even want to teach your skill to young impressionable minds. You can tell them how your mom tried to convince you to choose a different career but how happy you were that you pursued nursing.
  8. DadStudentPerhaps

    Bodies, The Exhibit

  9. DadStudentPerhaps

    Bodies, The Exhibit

    Morally speaking, would not viewing a mummy or any other exhumed body without consent be equivalent to viewing an unclaimed body donated to science? It's an interesting question, no doubt. I'm not here to argue semantics, like someone said, it's a decision we all have to make for ourselves. As for understanding A&P, the Exhibit is a wealth of information. While I was there, it was a very quite respectful atmosphere. People were mingling around, reading the plaques, listening to the lady who was there to explain what you were looking at.... and people took note of what a diseased lung from smoking (for example) actually looked like compared to a healthy lung. Having just lost my mom from lung cancer at the time, it really drove home the point on why a person shouldn't smoke.
  10. DadStudentPerhaps

    Bodies, The Exhibit

    It was very educational. The lady who worked there would spend a lot of time with you going over exactly how different systems functioned. She was very knowledgable; most like a pre-med student I'm guessing.
  11. DadStudentPerhaps

    Bodies, The Exhibit

  12. DadStudentPerhaps

    Bodies, The Exhibit

    I recently visited "Bodies, The Exhibit" in Atlanta. I did this after taking A&P..... I have to say it was sobering yet awesome. They have a guide that floats around answering questions and explaining the various body systems. The displays were amazing and tastefully done. I think it's a must see for any aspiring nurse or med student.
  13. DadStudentPerhaps

    16 on ACT for LPN PROGRAM??

    NWCC has an ACT workshop to help students raise their score. That might be something to look into if you can't get into a LPN program. "B"s are not a bad score. You may want to talk to a counselor at each program and see if they can offer some guidance. You may be able to get into a program with no problem. I think it really depends on open slots.