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  1. 7237dallas

    GYN Floor

    Thank you for your response:)
  2. 7237dallas

    GYN Floor

    I’ve been at my current job for the last 4 years and feel extremely burnt out. I’ve applied to Antepartum and the manager said she wants to hire me but due to COVID and census they are not hiring at the moment. There’s a night position on a GYN floor so I’m wondering what that would entail? I’ve tried googling but it all goes toward OB. Thanks in advance!
  3. 7237dallas

    How far is your commute to work?

    Just wondering how far you drive to work? I interviewed for a position and it’s a little over an hour each way, and it’s on nights. I currently drive 30 min and it’s on days but I’m ready for a change.
  4. 7237dallas

    Wound care to maternity nursing...

    Good evening! Short background on me, 7 months floor nursing in stepdown/surgical nursing then transferred to wound care inpatient/outpatient. I’ve been doing wound care full time for 4 years and feel like I’ve lost some bedside skills like IV’s, med administration, Foley’s. I work in an acute wound care setting so it’s very fast paced, we see very sick patients; we basically case manage all the patients we see during the day. So I’ve learned a lot with time management, prioritizing, bedside care. I’ve gotten the itch to learn something new so I’ve applied to mother/baby and antepartum positions because it always interested me, I applied out of nursing school but no luck. I’m just curious if you experienced OB nurses could tell me how much of a transition it will be? And do I have a chance with only 7 months floor experience? I know I’ll need refreshing on some skills, but I’ve learned a lot in the 4 years of doing wound care. I’m just ready to learn something new in hopes I’ll find my niche in nursing. I like wound care, but I don’t see it as my end all. And any books I should purchase to help ease into maternity nursing would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  5. 7237dallas

    Wound Clinic for new grad?

    I have no certain area that I "must" work in. I'm just taking it all in and learning as much as I can. The clinic hours are nice since I have children in sports and have to help with their homework. I'd eventually like to go into pacu or hospice. I just don't want to pigeon-hole myself in the event I want to change specialties. Thanks for the replies. They called back and I will still qualify for tuition reimbursement so I'm going to enroll in a couple classes to start on my BSN.
  6. 7237dallas

    Wound Clinic for new grad?

    Hello everyone! After 6 months of working nights on a step-down and surgical floor I asked my supervisor if he would consent to me switching departments for a day position. My body just is not built for nights and I started to feel depressed due to the lack of sleep. He gladly consented and I was offered a PRN position at the wound clinic. They are swamped and the manager said I could pretty much work when I want. I'm wanting to go back to school and start on my bachelors so this seems to work out nicely, but the manager said she wasn't sure if I'd get offered more per hour since I wouldn't qualify for benefits with it being a PRN position. This hospital offers tuition reimbursement and loan forgiveness which is what I'd be wanting to go back to school. I'm waiting to hear from the recruiter today because if I'm not able to qualify for the reimbursement then I'm not sure I'll accept it. Also, being a new grad with only 6 months experience, do you think it's a good idea to switch to wound clinic so soon? I know I'll learn a lot but will it still be considered good experience when I'm ready to continue elsewhere? I don't think I'll want to stay in wound care forever, but I haven't started so I'm not sure. I did shadow one day and it was very interesting. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  7. 7237dallas

    Acute adult senior unit

    Anyone work on an inpatient acute adult senior psych unit? A day position opened up and I'm interested to see what a normal day is like. I'm currently on nights on a medsurg floor and my body is not adjusting and it's been 5 months. Thanks in advance:)
  8. 7237dallas

    What to study for NCLEX-PN??

    Anyone have any recommendations for study materials? Any suggestions for those who have passed?
  9. 7237dallas

    Reviews & Rationals or MedSurg Success..

    Thank you!
  10. Looking to purchase an additional source to help with MedSurg and looking for suggestions between the two:) Is one better than the other? Or a different book that helped you? Thanks so much!
  11. 7237dallas

    My mom died just before Christmas - advice needed

    I'm sorry for your loss.
  12. 7237dallas

    Day In The Life of an LPN/pay

    I'm also from Missouri, Ste. Genevieve:) Where are you from?
  13. 7237dallas

    non required supplies

    Yes that's the website! You can get them engraved as well.
  14. 7237dallas

    non required supplies

    I've heard the prioritization book is helpful for both LPN and RN because it helps prioritize the duties of care and which things you should do first to help answer the select all that apply questions on the NCLEX exams. I would just google nurse clipboards and it'll come up. Amazon has them but they were $10 more expensive than on the regular website which I can't think of at the moment. I know it has MD in it though. I start my program in August:) I did get my NCLEX book today so I can't wait to skim through it when I get home! You can also youtube nursing school videos that's where I found a video with the clipboard.
  15. 7237dallas

    non required supplies

    I've heard people use the NCLEX books throughout the program because it helps them get use to the style of questions. I just bought the Saunders NCLEX PN and think I'm going to get the prioritization and delegation book also. I think that's by Mosby. I'm also going to get this nursing clipboard that folds in half and has cheat sheets like lab values and injection sites on the outside. It looked pretty neat.
  16. Well I bought the NCLEX PN book so I officially made my first purchase for my PN program:) I just received my letter about registration and it isn't until 7/9 so I won't know anything regarding what else I'll need until then. I did see a cool clipboard that folds in half and has a nurse cheat sheet on both sides. I'll probably get that closer to clinicals.