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  1. findingme02

    Mercy school of nursing vs cpcc??

    Mercy School has pretty intense requirements. I have a friend who transferred to CPCC and loves it. Have you thought about continuing classes for your BSN while staying on the waitlist?
  2. findingme02

    Chamberlain BSN- Single mom

    I know this is a totally off the wall idea, but I was in the same situation. I was struggling to finish school and be a single full time mom. I knew school was the only way to get out of our financial mess. I'm now at a school that allows single moms to live on campus with my kids. There aren't a lot of these schools, maybe 15, but it is by far the best decision I have ever made. My kids and I live on campus, their daycare is right nearby, and I am able to focus and stay in school.
  3. findingme02

    TEAS testing

    So the nursing program I am hoping to apply to once I finish pre reqs just added the requirement of TEAS testing. What should I focus on for this? And since I can't apply for the nursing program until next spring is it better to wait to take it and finish this semester (have more knowledge) and then take it? Or just take it now and see how well I can do? Is there a book I should get for it? I really can't figure out what exactly this test is for, and since its new to the program I am a bit unsure of how to approach studying for it.
  4. findingme02

    I am psyching myself out... someone smack some sense into me

    I am 27, this is my second semester back. I withdrew from college the first time around in 2005. Had two kids, and divorced. Like others said take advantage of free tutoring when available, sciences almost always have open lab times, and there are a ton of online resources to help. I also email my professors and advisor as needed. My major advantage with being older, I am not afraid to ask questions in class at all. If I don't get it, I ask. When I was younger I would have never asked. Now my comprehension means more than doing well, it means getting a degree I need and want. Also as hard as some material is for me, I'm shocked at how much comes back. When we did chemistry in A&P it was easy because I remembered enough from high school. You will do well!
  5. findingme02

    Anatomy & Physiology I/II Summer 2013

    Just got my grades. A in math, A and A&P! Feeing so happy right now!
  6. findingme02

    Hi I am new...

    Lab is a lot of looking at models and dissection. At least at my school, that's where the majority of our anatomy knowledge is tested. Yes, there are still anatomy questions in lecture, but more or less lab is the hands on learning of anatomy. You also get to practice microscope knowledge, and identifying things through a microscope. Oh and lab reports and lab drawings...at least at my school! Like everyone else said, be at class. That's the first step in succeeding. My next piece of advice, just because you are there doesn't mean you are present. There are so many people in my class who complained because of their grade, while they slept through class. Be prepared for class, find out what materials you learn best with and use them! The anatomy flash cards didn't work for me, but coloring did. I know people who did the exact opposite and did well too. It's all about your learning style. Another thing, YouTube. There are so many lectures and tricks I used from YouTube, to help comprehend the difficult stuff. Our school has a packet of pretyped notes you can purchase. They are great! My school also has course information and study sheets available at our course online site. If you can answer and comprehend all of those questions you can do well. See what tools your school has in place, and USE them!
  7. findingme02

    Summer Classes

    Two more weeks here too! Still holding and A and both classes!
  8. findingme02

    Just started A&P1

  9. findingme02

    Opinion on class load with two young kids at home

    I think there's a lot more to consider than just having kids at home. Do you also work? If so how many hours? Do you have a time where you can dedicate to studying, no interruptions? Is this your first semester back? Or have you been in school for some time? Have you taken any science classes recently/ and how well have you done in past science classes? For me I don't work right now, but I'm a single mom to two little ones and don't have a lot of time I can dedicate to school without interruptions. My night routine is putting my little ones to bed and then studying until I go to bed almost every night a week. Only you know how much time you can put in and how much you can handle. It is great if you can handle it, but you also have to keep your grades up and if you feel like it might be too much, hold off on one science.
  10. findingme02

    Just took my first A&P test

  11. findingme02

    Just took my first A&P test

    I take notes during lecture, reread the chapter, watch videos on what we covered via YouTube, do coloring pages, and use flashcards. We also have a mandatory study group that meets once a week.
  12. findingme02

    Just took my first A&P test

    Thanks! I actually like A&P so far. I heard a lot of people talking about how much they hated it in real life, but I find it interesting. Hard, but interesting.
  13. findingme02

    Just took my first A&P test

    I studied like crazy and was terrified to take it...BUT I made a 95%! It was on the first 5 chapters. Feeling like my focus on really learning this material is paying off. I know it's going to get harder, but at least I know my studying style is working. :) I really am working on my goals to get to the nursing program!
  14. findingme02

    Single mother, no support, nursing school

    Although my ex husband pays support it barely covers the bills. I am attending a tech school instead of a community college or university because its cheaper. Add in that under certain incomes the school provides additional funds for tuition assistance, and my actual school tuition is quite low. There are also votech schools that only have class during a regular school year from 8-5. This would only get you to an LPN, but its a start! I also have networked and found a church that helps cover my sitter with the funds I can't cover. There are many resources through the state for single mom trying to better their lives. I don't get these because I do have my ex husband's financial support for the majority of bills, but programs do exist. You have to dig for them. There are tons of daycares that fall under certain income amounts for when you need additional care. If you want this you will find a way. Reach out through meetup, I have found a ton of single mom groups, and they can help point you to other resources you may have not known about. There are programs designed for single moms who need places to live that are safe, but income based. Pretty much, if you start digging and want this bad enough the resources are there. Is it hard? Yep. Take a ton of work and energy? Yep. But if you want this you find a way to make it work. I hope I gave you some new ideas and hope you find one that works for you! Good luck!
  15. findingme02

    Anatomy and Physiology

    What's the name of the game you can play online? I'm thinking that could be quite helpful!
  16. findingme02

    First day of school!

    I am taking advantage of all times I can at the moment. Luckily my girls are in bed at 7pm so I literally clean and play while they are awake and the moment they are down for the night, grab a drink and begin studying until 11 or so every night. Add in I knew what books and what the class was going to cover so I already have preread a few chapters and listened to the lectures online once. I am preparing as best I can. :) when I have extra sitter time available I take advantage!