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Ontario, CA student nurse video

I found this on YouTube; hopefully I can link it here so you can all see it. I'm not Candian, but I think the message speaks to everyone.

Crux1024 specializes in Cardiac Telemetry, Emergency, SAFE.

That was a very powerful and touching video, but....

I had to LAUGH at the patient giving herself the injection....:lol2:

bopps specializes in Nothing but ER.

wow, that made me cry.....guess im sentimental. Powerful stuff. thanks for sharing

ArwenEvenstar specializes in med-surg, teaching, cardiac, priv. duty.

That video was excellent!

At the linked site there is also a 30 second video of a commercial by the Ontario Nurses Association about the nursing shortage. It is an awesome ad. Makes a real impact in only 30 seconds! The American Nurses Association should do a similar one. I liked how it emphasized that the nurses are overworked, burned out, stressed (so OUR side is seen! poor us! haha) but it also noted how patients will suffer as a result as well.

RNDreamer specializes in acute care.

wow! this video made me sad, the song made me emotional...I know now that I made the right decision to pursue nursing

WOW! That was mighty powerful and it made me sad too. If I knew how to make one of those videos, I'd use the exact same song only set the pace to Long Term Care showing the old folk lying in bed with no one to check on them for hours, the med nurse in and out quickly so she can get to the next 30 residents, residents sitting in their w/c's all day with people passing by not even bothering to say "hello" or "have a nice day" when they leave, a pt having a nightmare and no one going in the room to comfort him and the list is endless. Yes it's sad, it's very sad and it's hard to make a difference when there's not enough staff to make that difference. :o

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