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Any applicants to the Georgetown ABSN program for Fall 2011 out there? I have been reading old threads from last year and for applicants to Spring 2011, but it would be nice to have a place for Fall... Read More

  1. by   jennmcschmo
    I'm from northern Va and as of now I am going to the Georgetown Experience on the 29th. I am thinking to just do the interview on the 30th.
  2. by   mailedc
    I'm signed up for the 29th and 30th! I'm really looking forward to it! See you all soon!

    @dlrosen: I was also accepted at GW and Georgetown. I have to tell GW by April 29, which is two weeks before I will know about the scholarships (we find out the week of May 9). I'm really leaning towards Georgetown. Mostly because of their track record with the NCLEX and even more mostly because I live in DC and don't want to commute an hour every day. (I did some rough estimates and it would be probably cost me $7000 in gas and tolls for 1.5 years!).

    I'll probably let GW know that I'm not going to go there soon! I would like to be able to wait until I have the scholarship, but it isn't worth $275. Hopefully that will free up space for others as well!

    Hope this helps anybody who is having the same concerns about GW vs. Georgetown!! They're both great programs, I just think Georgetown will be a better fit for me!

  3. by   3v3r5
    I have a fairly random question that I haven't been able to find anywhere. Does anyone know how many students were accepted or will be in the 2011 cohort? I was just curious as to how many students will be in our class.

  4. by   mailedc
    I think it's around 60!
  5. by   lstuckey79
    Wow! That is less than I thought...I heard that 20 get the WH scholarship, and I think there will be a few that do not apply for it, as a lot of people are out of state.
  6. by   3v3r5
    Thanks for the info! I'm just trying to get my head around all the pros and cons of the different programs. I was shocked it was only 60!
  7. by   lstuckey79
    Yes, me too! Does anyone have suggestions for where to live? I am from Atlanta, so I need to start investigating living arrangements. DC seems to be extremely expensive, and I want to make sure I chose an area that is safe.
  8. by   3v3r5
    i used to live in dc (i live in virginia now and would be commuting in to the city) and loved it. i lived in an area called cleveland park. it has a much more neighborhoody feel to it and it's right off the metro. it's a quick bus ride to georgetown. that area has a lot of old buildings that are under rent control, so it's not uncommon to find a one bedroom for super cheap. i used to rent from and had a 1 bedroom for $725 a month with utilities included! it's worth making a phone call to them and asking if they have any rent control units available or if they know of any coming open soon. the buildings daro managers are old, which means they are pretty big and you don't have to pay for water, heat or electric (just cable and gas). the map in the above link shows a pretty decent neighborhood layout. i'd say anything west or south on connecticut is good - safe, clean and within a few blocks of a metro. dupont circle, georgetown, glover park, tenleytown, m st, etc.

    i used to live in arlington, too, if you don't mind a quick bus ride from georgetown. the gus bus actually stopped 1 block from my 1 bedroom apartment. i paid $975, all utilities included, and didn't have to worry about parking. plus, taxes are cheaper in va the complex didn't have many amenities, but i'm one of the weird people who enjoyed going to the laundromat.
  9. by   lstuckey79
    Thanks for the info. That is extremely helpful!
  10. by   rikkitikki

    Bless you! Finding an apartment is so difficult!

    Also, does anyone know anything about the financial aid situation?
  11. by   mailedc
    @rikkitikki: I just called the financial aid office today! I submitted my FAFSA and PROFILE back in March, but had not heard anything yet. It turns out, they needed my 1040 form...I submitted that today and they said I should hear back in the next week or so regarding what the school will be able to offer!
    Hope that helps!
  12. by   snm2399
    I live in Arlington, VA. Specifically a little area called Ballston. Its a 5-10 minute metro ride to the Rosslyn station (where the Georgetown shuttle is located). There is also a nice bike trail that runs through part of Arlington right into Georgetown. When the weather is nice, I would bike or run to Georgetown's campus (15-20 minutes max on my old mountain bike and 30 minutes running).

    I think Arlington is pretty convenient, especially Rosslyn where there are a lot of apartment buildings. You can walk the 20 minutes to campus or take the Georgetown shuttle from Rosslyn. If you want to live slightly further away, but still convenient and good areas to live in in Arlington, you can try "Court House", "Clarendon", "Virginia Square" or "Ballston". They all have metro's there, or you can bike (if you're into biking that is). Unfortunately I have no advice on locations outside of Arlington!
  13. by   NYCgal2010
    Hey all,
    Did everyone get the water bottle today? =) It was a nice surprise. I have not really been considering Gtown because it is so expensive but this woo-ing is pretty nice! Now that I have almost all my choices in front of me, the decision making is so difficult!