omg some one help meee :'( time to cry

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Ok i want to be a nurse and i am amost done with my pre reqs i just seen on youtube how they do an IV and it was scary. I have no problem doing anything else i can easily do other things i can even give a shot but sticking something in someones vein and then leaving it there scares the mess outta me. and i kno it has to feel like crap because me myself do not have big viens nor vissible they are very very small and i would hate to have to give one myself. i heard that they an numb the area. does this really numb it and do nurses do this often? also is it as bad as it seems? i dont wanna IV anyone if i kno it is very painful myself.:crying2:. when i was little i had a problem with needles id run all the way down the hall from the nurses and they had to chase me and hold me down :( but i want to help others and i can do everything else only thing that scares me now are IV's plus i no longer run down the hall from the nurses lol


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I dont like the thought of it either, or giving shots, and taking blood. All of it hurts, but I have to tell myself that it's helping the patient. Whether it's preventing diseases later on or trying to figure out whats wrong with them. I'm finishing my pre reqs up right now, so I havent started nursing yet, but I'm sure we will see worse things.

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It's not that bad. I get the same effect when I start an IV on a patient as I get when I get one started on me. I try to make it quick as possible. I also try very hard to only stick them once.

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i've been starting IV's for many years and as scary as it seems it is one of the most important jobs a nurse does. we don't use numbing meds to start a iv at my hospital. the more you do it the easier it gets.. it's just part of the job.. you have to get people better and you need to give them fluid or push iv meds through that iv. it's just a fact of the job.. i have had to have iv's before and you just do what you have to do to get better and get your patient better. you will find it's not as bad as you think.. good luck in school ...

They don't numb it. Just tell them it's gonna be a big stick. Tell them you'll do it on 3...but sneak it in on 2. By the time you get to 3 it's in. Sticking them isn't the hard part, getting it into the vein is the tricky part. Sometimes you might have to fish around for it, that doesn't hurt's just that initial stick that might sting. It hurts no more than an IM injection. It really isn't that bad :wink2:

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I was an IV therapist for over 6 years and was nationally certified for 4 years in this specialty. Starting IVs is not something that is taken lightly. We learn the principles of how it is done as well as the anatomy of the veins of the arm before attempting any sticks on a patient. I estimate that during my career as an RN I have started more than 50,000 IVs. Most people who are admitted to the hospital will get IVs and/or IV meds. As a patient myself I have had a number of IVs including a PICC line for chemotherapy which I had for 6 months. If this nursing skill is something that you believe you absolutely cannot do or will cause you to re-think becoming an RN it's better that you find out now. Most hospital jobs require RNs to be able to start IVs.

FYI. . .we sometimes numbed the IV site prior to insertion of the needle.

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To be honest, worry about it when the time presents itself in school and then in the clinical/work setting. Worrying about something you don't have to do yet is just going to cause you great pressure that is unneeded right now.


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I agree with chuckz. I think you should focus on getting in and getting ready to study. You'll never know if you REALLY can't handle it until you try. I think I would have a hard time dealing with the fact that I turned down a wonderful career because of something I saw on youtube that made me feel like I could never make it in nursing.


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Thanks everyone im still scared but maybe if i had one in myself it wouldnt be so bad im not scared to do shots because i take them all the time. But im not going to raise my hand to get iv'd lmao


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How did you get through anatomy? I had to personally do a huge dissection that took 12 hours where I was knee deep in the body. I could stick a needle in anything now.

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Not all of us are fortunate enough to get that much exposure during anatomy: I had an emblamed fetal pig for a few hours only. :D

I had a hard time poking a needle into a live arm the first time. I finally made myself do it, and there was this huge "that didn't hurt!" I don't know if I was expecting to feel my patient's pain with him or what. Never looked back since then, needles are just part of the job.

Doing your best to minimize the pain on the other end is good, which can include some relaxation techniques to get the muscle relaxed. IMs hurt more if the muscle is all tensed up. I have people take a deep breath, and blow out hard, which makes them concentrate on the breathing rather than the shot. Many have said (in surprise), "that didn't hurt much at all!".


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im worried about getting them and giving them we want to have a baby but i hate pain i really want one tho and the big needle that goes in the patients back oh no ma'am not at all i will just have to do something idk but when i talk about the steps to giving IV'S is doesnt bug me so maybe i will get over it once i finally get to do one. as long as i dont have to have anyone do one on me in class or i will not get a grade for that lol someone unexperinced poking my veins i dont think so. thanks everyone for the comments and about anatomy im taking an intergrated program starting in the spring and i will take them along with my nursing classes then.

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