omg some one help meee :'( time to cry

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Ok i want to be a nurse and i am amost done with my pre reqs i just seen on youtube how they do an IV and it was scary. I have no problem doing anything else i can easily do other things i can even give a shot but sticking something in someones vein and then leaving it there scares the mess outta me. and i kno it has to feel like crap because me myself do not have big viens nor vissible they are very very small and i would hate to have to give one myself. i heard that they an numb the area. does this really numb it and do nurses do this often? also is it as bad as it seems? i dont wanna IV anyone if i kno it is very painful myself.:crying2:. when i was little i had a problem with needles id run all the way down the hall from the nurses and they had to chase me and hold me down :( but i want to help others and i can do everything else only thing that scares me now are IV's plus i no longer run down the hall from the nurses lol

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If you make up your mind you're going to get past it, you will.

If you allow it to control you, it will.

It really is that simple. How bad do you want to be a nurse?

Good luck.

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