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  1. kgh31386

    The most annoying student

    Again...you miss the point with being so quick to become defensive. That attitude will do you a great disservice in healthcare. Is this not you assuming something about them?
  2. kgh31386

    The most annoying student

    where's the face palm smiley face?
  3. kgh31386

    The most annoying student

    You're missing the point...while you may not cry in front of others, I'm sure there have been plenty of middle-aged women AND men who have cried due to stress in clinical. In fact, search for it in the forums and you'll see. All we're trying to say is don't pass judgment on others. Like others have said, this kind of attitude doesn't reflect well on you. And honestly, as someone who interviews and hires new nurses, attitude like this is something that I really look out for. Resume, professional dress? Yeah we notice that, but how you really talk about others you've dealt with is what we focus on. Other managers feel free to chime in, but we really do care about your "retail job, or restaurant jobs" because that shows how you deal with other people, so keep that in mind.
  4. kgh31386

    The most annoying student

    I agree, don't wish death on someone...regardless of how annoying and unprofessional they are. Also, why does his age matter?
  5. kgh31386

    clinical instructor problem or is it me?

    Let's turn this into a positive. Your instructor is hard on you, that's a good thing. The reason she's on hard on you is probably because you set the bar very high. You said you had done very well with all prior things...if your head isn't in it, that's not up to par with how you normally perform. Also, other students may not be performing as well as you are, so the instructor may be focusing on the very basic things with them. If their assessments aren't charted until later, it's because they are with the instructor doing something else...so you can't compare how you're treated to the way they are, especially if you're ahead of them with your performance. Back when I was in nursing school, I got sent home from clinical one day because I didn't have EVERY med on the MAR ready and forgot what one of them was for(this was first semester). She said she sent me home because I usually perform very highly and that I wasn't up to my potential that day. Don't go reporting this or anything, but instead just meet with your instructor and get some feedback.
  6. Just gonna leave it at this...it finally comes out to all those who were curious, there WERE other incidents...a list apparently And you STILL don't get it...you feel everything has been a punishment and accusation. No fault ever lies in the hands of the accused right?
  7. kgh31386

    Failed exam

    Thank you for admitting you didn't prepare. That's the first step to fixing it...next, meet with your instructor because they can see what you need to focus on.
  8. kgh31386

    Through the Hoops

    I'm going to bullet point this one. sorry ahead of time if this sounds mean. I've gone through the BSN and MSN programs, so...here goes -Falsifying documentation, you should quit nursing now -You're a student, you're there to learn -You can't love actual nursing because A. you're a student and haven't taken the time to see what nursing really involves, B. you admit you haven't learned anything. C. you don't sound willing to learn the basics -What seems to be BS busywork is the foundation of nursing. If you look at Nurse Administrators they do change projects, look at change agents, quality improvement projects, etc -What nurses do on a daily basis are the things you write out in a careplan -If your careplan says you haven't done anything, take the initiative to find more to do or a more difficult patient -Rubric? Rubric says you have to have X, Y, and Z in an assigment. I you're X lacks in content, research, structure, grammar, etc. then yes it will be graded differently. -If you haven't learned anything in 2 years, that's your fault for not voicing your concern to them or changing programs
  9. Ummmmm...that's not a good mindset to have. "Trust no one". Sounds like X-files lol I also find it funny how students find the reasons other students fail as unfair. Here's my 2 cents, instructors and faculty do not publicize why someone failed. The only account you have of that is from the student who failed...EVERY time (and you see it in court everyday since we talk about litigation) someone will be the victim. If you hear about someone randomly killing 40 people, their lawyer will say "my client is innocent, self defense". So my advice...STOP speculating why your friends failed, you won't get the whole truth.
  10. lol yes I am. That's the fun in these forums...one person assumes, the next assumes, the next says they aren't assuming but said exactly what the previous person says. Hell yeah I'm assuming haha. Bottom line though, 9/10 with threads starting like this about something was "unfair or arbitrarily done" ...it's all in how the student/nurse/person in general reacts to criticism and feedback given to them. If I were leading a group of students, and I told someone they weren't taking initiative or need to be more proactive...and they proceed to start talking like they're in court and ask (being facetious here) "to the incident in question, upon which pieces of evidence do you base your assumption". I'd fail you too. Reason you ask? Unprofessionalism...you're a student, they're a teacher, take your criticism and fix whatever the fault is. If a teacher says "omg you suck at time management". Is that nice to say? No. But you being the student, fix your time management and move on.
  11. kgh31386

    Kicked out by half a point

    Not to be mean, but prioritization of tests is her responsibility. And again, she didn't fail by a HALF a point...she failed by many points adding up.
  12. Based on what the OP said "letting patients do whatever they want"...I'll tell you that's a bad mindset to have. You have to take initiative when patients don't willingly agree with you. If the patient said "I guess", that means take the initiative and do the procedure! I can't think of one nurse who said patients will always do what you ask when you ask. And why are you talking like you're in court? Always more to a story. Now regarding the comments about "I heard about a girl who was failed because the teacher didn't like them, or my friend was failed because the teacher was unfair". Of course when MANY people are failed they will cry foul and say it wasn't their fault. Or when a few people fail a test, they will say "NO ONE PASSED"...come on
  13. I'm thinking he did argue with her. In the original post he mentioned asking her to "clarify what she based this assumption on". Now...going out on a limb too lol...but I'm willing to bet a dollar when she said he lacked initiative he said word for word with some look on his face "um. what are you basing this assumption on". As a nurse who deals with orienting new people to the hospital, don't talk to me about assumption when I give you feedback. If I give you feedback and say you lack initiative and spoke with the nurse about this, there is no assumption. That's what nurses call an "assessment".
  14. kgh31386


    I used to be nervous talking in front of people now I love it...plus it's a requirement of my job haha. Listen to music beforehand...those songs that pump you up and make you feel good. Then realize that you're telling the audience something they don't know. Use it as an ego boost...you know something they don't know.
  15. Core temp? Psh who needs a messy rectal reading...chances are it's contaminated anyway :poop: hahaha
  16. Dunno bout you...but if you didn't make them bleed you took the temp wrong :)