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  1. kgh31386

    The most annoying student

    Again...you miss the point with being so quick to become defensive. That attitude will do you a great disservice in healthcare. Is this not you assuming something about them?
  2. kgh31386

    The most annoying student

    where's the face palm smiley face?
  3. kgh31386

    The most annoying student

    You're missing the point...while you may not cry in front of others, I'm sure there have been plenty of middle-aged women AND men who have cried due to stress in clinical. In fact, search for it in the forums and you'll see. All we're trying to say is don't pass judgment on others. Like others have said, this kind of attitude doesn't reflect well on you. And honestly, as someone who interviews and hires new nurses, attitude like this is something that I really look out for. Resume, professional dress? Yeah we notice that, but how you really talk about others you've dealt with is what we focus on. Other managers feel free to chime in, but we really do care about your "retail job, or restaurant jobs" because that shows how you deal with other people, so keep that in mind.
  4. kgh31386

    The most annoying student

    I agree, don't wish death on someone...regardless of how annoying and unprofessional they are. Also, why does his age matter?
  5. kgh31386

    clinical instructor problem or is it me?

    Let's turn this into a positive. Your instructor is hard on you, that's a good thing. The reason she's on hard on you is probably because you set the bar very high. You said you had done very well with all prior things...if your head isn't in it, that's not up to par with how you normally perform. Also, other students may not be performing as well as you are, so the instructor may be focusing on the very basic things with them. If their assessments aren't charted until later, it's because they are with the instructor doing something else...so you can't compare how you're treated to the way they are, especially if you're ahead of them with your performance. Back when I was in nursing school, I got sent home from clinical one day because I didn't have EVERY med on the MAR ready and forgot what one of them was for(this was first semester). She said she sent me home because I usually perform very highly and that I wasn't up to my potential that day. Don't go reporting this or anything, but instead just meet with your instructor and get some feedback.
  6. kgh31386

    Question about this dosage question.

    If you understood how to do it, you wouldn't be confused by the answer. Those two answers are VERY different.
  7. kgh31386

    Is it really that bad?

    I've been through the BSN and MSN programs...like they've said before, it's very individualized. When I was going through school, I didn't think it was that bad. I did work full time, still had friends, socialized, etc. Nursing school is no different than any other school. Those who say it's very very hard want to make it sound like if they struggle, you should struggle. It's a challenge for some and of those challenged and struggling, some of them don't want to feel alone. Some people have the mindset of "it was hard for me or I failed, so EVERYONE struggled and failed". If you want to see challenging, look at med school or pharmacy school, biochemistry, physics majors? Their math problems are more than a page each sometimes. When you look at what nurses do with 10mg equals how many pills when each pill is 5mg? You tell me if that's the same as calculating the bare minimum angle based on to determine the friction to avoid falling down a hill. Or the math behind out a drug interacts with certain cells in certain parts of the body....no comparison.
  8. kgh31386


    And doing it for them helped them learn how?
  9. kgh31386

    The famous "I failed" thread

    Start looking at what those who were successful did. No excuses...pick yourself up and find out what it will take to do better next time. And nursing school doesn't expect you to quit those other things. Many people work and have a family, yet they're still successful. Find out what went wrong and stop focusing on the half that failed.
  10. kgh31386

    The famous "I failed" thread

  11. I was a new grad who went into LTC...specifically an LTAC(long term acute care) facility within our main hospital downtown. Were there horror stories? Yes Did people frown and say that sucks when I told them where I worked? Hell yes. Did I make the best of that experience? Well lemme tell you, in 3 years...I can stick an 18 guage IV in a 90 pound 95 year old patient with rolling veins, Foleys are 2nd nature, codes, vents, wounds, assessments, time management, skills you don't even realize you have will shine. I'm not at the bedside anymore, but I'm now certified in Gerontology and I'm about to graduate with my MSN in May. I've developed a Geriatric course for my hospital since I work over in education/corporate. Nursing should be something you're proud of, wherever it is you do it. It's a profession. My advice....STOP listening to the horror stories, and like someone else said...burnt out and you haven't even done it yet? I've only been a nurse 4 years now, but I've realized in dealing with many new grads in orientation, there's a sense of resentment against LTC, med/surg, and a few other areas. NURSING IS NURSING WHEREVER YOU GO. For all those who want to work ICU and refuse to look at med/surg, you do realize that many ICU units have no Nursing assistant? So you get to have your ICU patient, but you get to clean, bathe, and turn them...isn't that what people fear about med/surg and the "floor"??
  12. Where do people get this stuff? It's actually the opposite. If you can work LTC, LTAC, Extended care of any sort...you get the assessment skills, IV skills, Foley skills, Vent skills, experience with codes, etc.
  13. Just gonna leave it at this...it finally comes out to all those who were curious, there WERE other incidents...a list apparently And you STILL don't get it...you feel everything has been a punishment and accusation. No fault ever lies in the hands of the accused right?
  14. kgh31386

    Failed exam

    Thank you for admitting you didn't prepare. That's the first step to fixing it...next, meet with your instructor because they can see what you need to focus on.
  15. kgh31386

    Through the Hoops

    I'm going to bullet point this one. sorry ahead of time if this sounds mean. I've gone through the BSN and MSN programs, so...here goes -Falsifying documentation, you should quit nursing now -You're a student, you're there to learn -You can't love actual nursing because A. you're a student and haven't taken the time to see what nursing really involves, B. you admit you haven't learned anything. C. you don't sound willing to learn the basics -What seems to be BS busywork is the foundation of nursing. If you look at Nurse Administrators they do change projects, look at change agents, quality improvement projects, etc -What nurses do on a daily basis are the things you write out in a careplan -If your careplan says you haven't done anything, take the initiative to find more to do or a more difficult patient -Rubric? Rubric says you have to have X, Y, and Z in an assigment. I you're X lacks in content, research, structure, grammar, etc. then yes it will be graded differently. -If you haven't learned anything in 2 years, that's your fault for not voicing your concern to them or changing programs