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  1. MammaNurse2Be

    Pharmacology Flashcards

    Thank you so much for sharing your work with us! I just printed most of them out and will be reviewing before school starts. gosh, seriously this saved me hours of work! so nice of you!!!!
  2. MammaNurse2Be

    Ready to give up my nursing dream............hard times

    I have been working towards my dream for a long time as well. I didn't get in last year and am applying again this year. I was between 200 and 450 on our wait list. I was telling myself the same thing. Saying maybe it wasn't the time for me etc. I went to the pediatrician's office with my kids and I talked to the nurse practitioner that I have become friends with and she told me her long drawn out history in trying to be a nurse. AA to BSN and then to Masters. It took her a long time to get where she is at but she is so happy to pushed through and did it. She has four kids and worked so dealt with the daily grind of trying to get it all done. She gave me a good pep talk and said at least try. You always have the option of pulling out if you find it is too much for you. Maybe the change of daily scenery is what you need to help you in your present situation. Only you know if you can handle things but don't give up on dream because of a few roadblocks. I am mom to three kids and a wife that likes to do it all. I know that isn't possible but I can pretty much talk myself out of doing something that I might be afraid of because I can tell myself I have just too much to do. When really I know if I will lighten up on myself I may be able to give it a shot. So, at this point I am giving it a shot again. I am submitting my application and will deal with the next step when it comes up. Good luck and don't give up on a DREAM!
  3. MammaNurse2Be

    Advice: suggested order of prerequisites

    Chem, bio, anatomy, physio, micro. I found that if you get a good foundation in each of these classes it makes the next one easier. That was my experience.
  4. MammaNurse2Be

    Do I have a good chance at all to get into a good nursing program?

    I think it is great you are thinking about your career goals at such a young age. You have plenty of time to turn things around. If you need it, get a bit of math tutoring to catch up and get you through until you are feeling better.
  5. MammaNurse2Be

    Does anyone take supplements to stay healthy?

    Yes, I take 2 baby aspirin, 1 probiotic, 1 co q 10, omega 3 in the morning. In the evening I take 1200 vitamin d, plus about 750 in calcium. When I am not feeling great I drink emergen-c. I also eat lots of fresh ginger and use lots of garlic in my cooking. I make a check list on a large sticky note to remind myself to take my supplements otherwise I seem to forget. I am a creature of habit and try to take things at the same time morning and night. I keep a spare dose in my bag just in case I rush out the door and forget.
  6. MammaNurse2Be

    Practice question that doesn't seem right.

    I have been in that situation before and I was given albuterol first then oxygen. Maybe I wasn't in enough distress :).
  7. MammaNurse2Be

    I miss Daytonite's posts!

    Just had to say that. I learned so much from her and she was a wealth of information. She was a true nurse mentor to so many people I think. Just thought I'd post that.
  8. Altra, I am sorry if my post offended you. I replied to the op with my opinion. I always find it funny when people post about shorthand or when someone forgets a a period or capital. Obviously this isn't an english paper but a quick reply to give an answer. First impressions of physical appearance do matter and that was and is my point. If more than one person has pointed out to op that she looks frazzled (key word is look) and it is bothering her enough to post about it, I assume she is able to handle a reply to that question about self examination. I see you offer no constructive opinion other than to call me to the carpet on my use of shorthand. Very helpful indeed.
  9. MammaNurse2Be

    Endocrine system help

    This is something I would google. Part of the learning and retention comes from the research. For example, I just wanted to review cardiac action potentials. I pulled out my old physio notes, my old anatomy notes, and then I googled and filled in the blanks. If I didn't understand something specific about ap such as threshold of cardiac ap versus ap in a nerve cell for example then i'd ask it. You r basically wanting me to give you an endocrine lesson which is something you can do. Ill answer a specific question if you need or clarify something you r confused about.
  10. When I myself was hospitalized last year I had a nurse who I would describe as frazzled. She had unruly haphazard hair. It looked like it had been up and was partially falling and she had a pen stuck in it. When she came in she went right to it hanging iv but never stopped to talk to me or answer questions about my meds or why a test was being done. She came in to give me a medicine that the cardiologist had just changed the type. When I asked her what she was giving me, and it was the old medication, I tried to tell her the dr had changed it when he came to see me. She argued with me and said well this is on the chart so this is what you will take. I firmly said," no, you can give it but I won't be taking it- go look at my chart again." she huffed out. She was disorganized, lack bedside manner, couldn't answer questions and looked frazzled. While our society can hyper focus on how one looks, we must remember that before we open our mouths, we r being critiqued and judged on our appearance. For example, if I see a person with horribly scuffed and dirty shoes, this reflects says a lot to me about that person. If you come over to my house covered in cat hair it says something. If you a growing a full mustache and you are a woman, I am sorry it says something. If you are rapidly jumping from topic to topic with nary a breath in between, it says something. If your nails r dirty and full of hang nails, it says something. If you r wearing flip flops and your heels are so crusty and your nails r yellow it says something. If you come in with neat hair, clean nails, clean clothes and shoes, a calm clear manner in speaking well that clearly says something as well. If your medical supplies r organized on your person it says something. I am ready to listen and I feel confident in your care. Self examination is important but it doesn't mean I care what others think of my personal appearance. If I am in a position of authority, such as a nurse or educator, I know that taking note of these things gives others a feeling of confidence in what I am about to say or do. My actions and words then support this. Does this make sense? It is the same about my home, b4 you come over, I have made sure every toilet and bathroom is eat off the floor worthy. I notice the details. Ok, I have gone on and on enough. You get the point! :) self examine and make changes where needed! You do not want that to be others perception of you! By you saying you r fine means you haven't self examined! One person saying something can be overlooked, many people saying it means you should take note and make change. Keep in mind for every person that says something there are many, many more that haven't. Good luck!
  11. MammaNurse2Be

    Will I forget it all??

    I didn't get into NS this year. So i have to wait to apply again next year. I am worried I will forget all the anatomy/physio/micro. What is your experience with this?
  12. MammaNurse2Be

    Patient Sitter

    I have used them for my mom when she has been hospitalized when i can't be with her. they are invaluable. i also used them for myself when i had pneumonia back in november/december. i was reacting to all sorts of drugs and i couldn't breath. we have 3 kids and no family close by so my dh couldn't be with me. i had someone for three days and would do it again in a heartbeat. not only did they help me, they got my mind off of how sick I was when we would visit. tney were right there if i had a reaction and they could help me walk around the floor to get my strength up. we paid about 22 an hour to an agency i believe. so worth it.
  13. I know we are disappointed but I wanted to let you know a little story about school from about 20+ years ago. When I was 18, I tried to transfer colleges to be with my current boyfriend of five years. We had dated all through high school and were still dating as freshman in college. We went to school in different states. His university was a much more academic university than mine. Mine had the reputation as a party school, and it was. I knew my gpa wasn't up to snuff but I tried to transfer anyway. My dad was a business big whig and had contacts at the school. He got me an interview with a higher up and I was sure I would be accepted. Low and behold, I did not get accepted to school and I was devastated. I couldn't believe it. Little did I realize what a fork in the road I was at. I ended up staying at my current college and eventually we broke up as so many long distance, college relationships do. A few years later, I ended up reconnecting with someone I knew from high school and we ended up dating and soon marrying. We have three amazing children and a good life together. My point is, had I been accepted to that college, I would have married my current boyfriend, be currently divorced as our relationship was so unhealthy, and likely be childless. At the time, I couldn't see the big picture of not getting into school, and i was heatbroken. I cried and cried and spent countless hours having a pity party for myself. But shortly the bigger picture was presented to me, and I was so grateful. I have worked at becoming a nurse for ten+ years. Having a baby, nursing a baby, going back and doing it all over again and then again. I had lost two pregnancies at this time too and had taken care of a sick mother. Am I sad that I wasn't accepted? Yes, but my prayer is that God show me the big picture and lead me to school on his time, not mine. There are two ways to go at this point, one continues to lead me towards my goal and that is continuing my education. The other takes me away from my goal and that is throwing my hands up and saying, "forget it, I'll never get in". I think I will stick with the first path and continue on and make myself a better person because of my setback. I hope you all decide that too and try to let the sadness go and the positive back into your life. :I'd love to hear your plans....
  14. MammaNurse2Be

    Santa Rosa JC Fall 2010 Applicants

    What is puc? And where is it?
  15. MammaNurse2Be

    Santa Rosa JC Fall 2010 Applicants

    No I am not on the alternate list. They said i was 200-457 and I had low probability of getting in. Big bummer huh? Well hope you make it in.