is it ok if i write on somebody else's nursing notes and then she/he would sign it?


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okay... i know it's a stupid question but a friend of mine lags when she writes on her nursing notes.... so what we did is i wrote on her nurse's note and then she would sign it at the end. i would copy exactly what she wrote on the 24 hour report. i know it's bad. but the important thing is her signature, right?! :redbeathe

legally i know it looks bad but is it okay? can we get away with it? thanks thanks!:confused:


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Imagine yourself testifying about this in court and I think you will have your answer.


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Agree with the above..You are hanging your behind out there writing out things about a patient you have not assessed, and she's hanging her behind out there assuming you have written the correct info on her patient. A lawyer would have a field day.


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Oh GOD! what can we do from here then?


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can we go back to the record and have it as error? or what? :eek::bugeyes::banghead::redbeathe

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Make her write her own notes from now on.


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thank you loriangel14... but what do we from now? can we make the whole charting as error or what? i feel sooo stupid. i know better. but what done is done.


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your friend has to write her own notes.

you can't correct what's already done.

just don't repeat it.

i'd hate to see or hear about this in court!:uhoh3:

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I can't even wrap my head around this one.

What's done is done. Do not repeat it.

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If you are copying exactly what she wrote on her 24 hour report that means you can read it. If you can read it, why can't anyone else? :confused:

There may come a day when you and your friend aren't working together. She needs to learn how to write. You'd be doing her a great service if you offered to tutor her, whatever the root cause is (ie language and/or legibility) Good thing you checked it out here! :)

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i dont see were the legal issue is here......your name/signature is not on the note, hers is.....basically your are transcribing for her......if this goes to court she is the one being called, not you.....

NOT! Do not take a chance with lawyers needing a new car.