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  1. DeepFriedRN

    Man eaten by maggots

    Actually, there are certain species of maggots that do eat live tissue (non- necrotic tissue). The type used in medicinal maggot therapy only eat the necrotic stuff (of course), but it is entirely feasible that another species that consumes healthy, living flesh might have been present as well. I'm not sure which thought is worse though, that he laid in one spot long enough to get rotting sores that were then consumed by maggots, or that he was literally eaten alive by maggots.. That's the kind of stuff nightmares are made of.. ETA: Screwworm fly maggots are the eaters of living flesh... Google 'em. Usually start in wounds, but move on to cause terrible damage to healthy tissue also..
  2. DeepFriedRN

    Can anyone tell me?

    Agree with the above, first thing I thought of was diversion.. She has others remove the meds and in doing so avoids a paper trail (or computer trail, I guess). However, if she is having you give them also, maybe it is an issue of sanction. The next time she asks, just tell you will be happy to walk her through using the machine if she's having trouble (on the off chance that maybe she is just having trouble with it), or just ask her why she is continually unable..but don't do it for her. And give a heads up to your manager. It probably needs to be addressed.
  3. Agree with the above..You are hanging your behind out there writing out things about a patient you have not assessed, and she's hanging her behind out there assuming you have written the correct info on her patient. A lawyer would have a field day.
  4. DeepFriedRN

    Needle Stick Injury on HIV+ pt

    I'm so sorry this happened to you.. You aren't over-reacting to the situation, because what happened would be terrifying to anyone. Rationally we can all know that with the PEP your risks are really quite low, but it's hard not be frightened anyway. I think the EAP idea is a great one, they will help you find a way to deal with your fears and anxiety. Prayers out for your peace of mind, and for your continued health.
  5. DeepFriedRN

    Move Over, Norma Rae

    Sorry to hear you're having to go throug this. Last year I herniated a disc, and living with pain all the time sucks..but having an employer give you crap about your injury sucks even more. Good for you for taking a stand. I'm so sorry you're stuck leaving a job you love, but when God closes a door, he usually opens a window, you just gotta be brave enough to dive through it, lol.. Good luck!!
  6. DeepFriedRN

    Recession keeps nursing grads looking for work

    Amen to this. They are most assuredly not in any way prepared to do this. No prejudice against new grads, it's just a fact.
  7. DeepFriedRN

    Using Ampules w/o filter needles

    I recall being told by a hospital pharmacist that the glass particulate can accumulate in the liver. I was taught to always use filter needles, but have met tons of nurses who have never used or heard of 'em. It's not a regional thing, either, because I went to one school in town and was taught to always use them, and work with a nurse who went to the other school in town and never heard of them.
  8. DeepFriedRN

    Handling Seekers

    Agree with the posters who say just give it-as it's ordered, within appropriate time frames, and as long as the pt is stable to receive narcs. When I first became a nurse this problem used to befuddle me too, until a wise nurse told me that acute care nurses are not in the business of detoxing patients; and that quite frankly the drug addiction is almost always a symptom of much deeper problems in the patient's life that we certainly aren't going to fix in the 4 days they're in the hospital. So try not to drive yourself crazy. Give them what's ordered, and be firm and consistent in your dealings with the patient. It's the only sane way to deal with it, really..
  9. DeepFriedRN

    Oh, The Politics...

    Thanks you guys. I realize thatI definitely have to hash it out. I guess it's just the whole politically correct direction that I have to take that's irking me. I'm used to the floor, where when you have an issue you just kind of duke it out right then and call it good. This whole picking the appropriate words and being careful about your approach is new to me, but I'll learn. I think I just needed to vent. Thanks for the words of wisdom and support. I'll let you guys know how it goes.
  10. DeepFriedRN

    Oh, The Politics...

    yeah, it's just one of those weird situations where they are on the same level but work for different entities... she asked me what she could do for me to help (as she could see I'm getting frustrated) but I'm kinda at a loss..sigh. I'm starting to miss the floor. Yes, it's that bad, LOL.
  11. DeepFriedRN

    Oh, The Politics...

    Hello all, been a while. But I have a "thing" going on at work, and need to hear from some of you who might have some more experience with this kind of thing. So I changed jobs, and now I'm working in an office/clinic type environment, in orthopedics. Learning new stuff, like most of the people I work with just fine. Here's the thing though. This is a hospitalist program. So we have most of the staff working for the hospital, and then we have the hospitalist coordinator, who obviously works for them. I am the only clinical person there (besides the MD's of course). Here's what I am coming across.. As it is a hospitalist program, these MD's have not CHOSEN to practice together, they are just thrown in together. Therefore there are a few who are CLEARLY not fond of one another, and aren't shy about the fact. Which is fine, but my problem is this. They are making it impossible for me to do my job!! For instance, one of my responsibilities is surgery schedules. Since MDs rotate through clinic, very often one will order and another will actually do the surgery. So I'll get the order, set it up, and inform the MD. More often than not, the MD will decide he's being "dumped on" ("why am I getting this one??") and so, instead of just calling me, will call the Medical Director, who then calls the coordinator, who will more often than not bow to the whining and change said surgery. And tell me AFTER the fact. So then, why is it you are having me do this stuff if you are just going to re-do it anyway?! I'm also finding that the coordinator kind of foments the bad feelings, by repeating to the docs what one has said about the other.. So inefficient, such a total lack of meaningful communication..There's a lot more crap, but this is already a novel LOL. This is a new program, and it's only been 2 mos. I consistently make attempts to deal with people directly to avoid this stuff but feel as though I am continuously circumvented by the coordinator..am I not giving it enough time? Is this kind of crap normal? This is my first job in a clinic setting, so maybe its just different and I'm not used to it yet. I just don't feel any "teamwork"..
  12. DeepFriedRN

    Oh, the gossip.

    It made me laugh that "high" vs. "elevated" was the best that they could come up with to make fun of you. Geez, pretentious much? Blow 'em off. You'll find those kinds everywhere. They make my head, and the head of every other self-assured nurse, hurt.
  13. DeepFriedRN

    Chief complaints that made you laugh?

    not a chief complaint, but when looking for a family contact/next of kin in the computer, found that someone in admitting had taken the time to put in "Noe, Juan" for next of kin. Heh, kinda dumb but still made me laugh.
  14. DeepFriedRN

    New Grads and Temp Agencies

    I agree with morte, any agency who would take in and place a new grad on a floor is one that you should NOT work for. Nobody is saying that new grads are useless, and we aren't having an attitude with you. What I am saying, at least, is that as a charge nurse, when I have an agency nurse come in and work, he/she needs to hit the ground running. I will show you the supply room, the bathroom, the break room, where your meds are, and get you temp access to the pyxis. That's about it. You need to be able to go from there. And frankly, even if you were #1 in your class, there is no way that you are going to be able to get through the whole day solo, because you just don't have the experience. Inevitably there will be multiple situations that you are going to feel you need back up, because you haven't experienced them before. And when I have an agency nurse, that means staffing sucks that day. Which means that I will be very busy. So I don't have time to hold your hand and guide you through the day. Thats why you need to be experienced, it's not that we don't want you, it's just the nature of the situation. I feel for all you new grads who can't find jobs, and I don't have the answer. But you do NOT want to do that to yourself.
  15. DeepFriedRN

    My Father Died Today

    My deepest condolence on your loss.. Sounds like the world lost a good man. My thoughts are with you and your family.
  16. DeepFriedRN

    day 2! and i left sobbing!!!!!

    or even further, to the house supervisor or whoever it is that does bed placement for admits..OP, hang in there. It's kinda scary sometimes, but it'll get better. The longer you're there the more you'll know. Like this, you'll know that you guys don't titrate drips on your floor, so if you hear that when you're getting report, you'll know to say "sorry, gotta call house sup, we don't do those." Try to chalk it up to a learning experience, and one where there was no harm to the pt, which are the best kind. Good luck.