OK i really think I failed the Nclex


Ok just got back from taking my nclex-RN. I read many post and see that everyone thinks they failed but then somehow they passed. But I really think I failed. My computer shut off at between 90-94 questions. dont remember . But I see everyone posting that they stopped at 75 questions or 80 . I dont see many or anyone in that matter that recently stopped around the 90's. I know they say it doesn't matter how many questions you finish with but I just see the majority of people say they stopped at 75. Anyone that could give me words of encouragement please do lol.. I am feeling really down.. I thought I was prepared. I was doing 100 questions min a day for a while. Read many books.. But when I took the test it was like it was in chineese. I saw manythings I never learned or a few havn't heard of. And when I feel good about the questions the answer choices we wiered to me. lol Oh well. Just let me know if anyone knows of people that stopped in the 90 question ranges or higher and passed.

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Nurses have stopped at every single number of questions. The number of questions that you receive on your exam has no bearing on the results at all.

It is impossible to even attempt to second guess what your results will be. Knowing that 85% pass the first time puts things in your favor.

Best of luck to you.


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Please dont forget ot update us when you find out you passed!!!!


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I will... :) crossing my fingers and holding my lunch in lol


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I just took mine this morning too, and I had 75 questions. I didn't feel 100% confident on ANY of them. Like you, I'd read the question and think I was going to know the answer, and then none of the answers were anything I knew about that topic or drug. :(


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Hey, I just found out I passed today. I had taken the NCLEX-RN on Tuesday, and I found out I passed during my interview this morning...yeah, weird, I know, but the interviewer offered to look on her computer. Anyway, I had about maybe 120-130 questions. I called my dad and my husband, and I told them I mostly felt like I failed.

Immediately after the Nclex I wrote on allnurses.com what I was going through. Someone said that they passed the first time with 180 questions, while someone else failed at 75 questions. If you took the Kaplan course, or even read the Kaplan Strategies book, they tell you that you can pass or fail anywhere from 75 to 265 questions. Another poster commented that a lot of people feel like they failed after taking the NCLEX, so it's natural to feel that way!

The best advice that I got was to try to distract yourself...yeah, right easier said than done! Still though, enjoy yourself, and decompress. If you did 100 questions/day then I'm sure you'll be fine. I did the same number per day, and I passed!

Let us know what you find out! Good luck!

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Congrats and thanks for letting us know how you did


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its good to hear from the people that passed . I am happy for them. But then I fall into the doubt of my exam. I stopped looking for questions I had on the test. I keep seeing that I get some right and wrong so makes me feel worse..


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dont look those questions up again...that'll make u feel bad. i pray u pass...gud luck.


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I know... and I know diesnt matter how many questions but it doesnt make feel better when no one that I have seen or spoke to or replied has had from 90-100 questions and failed or pass lol.. But I will be praying. I have been through so much these past two years and just need some type of light to brighten my life and my families life.

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