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Wolfe24 has 8 years experience and specializes in ED.

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  1. Wolfe24

    Nurses Liability Insurance: Yes or No

    I always did until I started working in a military hospital. My logic might be flawed, but it just doesn't seem necessary right now. If I go back to a civilian hospital, I will get a new policy then.
  2. Wolfe24

    Government Contract Company Question

    I messaged you just now :)
  3. Wolfe24

    Government Contract Company Question

    I work for MedTrust at NMCP. Feel free to direct message me with any questions. My department isn't staffed by Loyal Source (I think they used to be), but I assume they are pretty similar in how they handle things.
  4. Wolfe24

    Reserve RN

    I've been looking in to Navy Nurse Reserves and I've been told only your years as a BSN nurse count toward your rank. I'm not 100% sure as I haven't yet talked to a recruiter, but I was told this by someone who recently commissioned into the reserves...
  5. In almost 9 years of nursing, I've never attempted to aspirate blood prior to administering medications. I didn't learn to do that in school nor has it ever been a part of policy at any of the hospitals I've worked at. On that note, I have never seen...
  6. Wolfe24

    Why don't you just read the chart?

    I'm going to have to come to the defense of the OP here. I think many of you are not really reading what she's saying. She never said that verbal report shouldn't be given. Obviously there are times when a thorough report is necessary, but the point ...
  7. Wolfe24

    11am-11pm ER nurse help!

    1100-2300 is my favorite shift in the ER! You don't have to get up early and you don't have to stay up all night. I also like being busy because it makes the day go faster. At my job we would open 2 more pods at 1100 and then close them at 2300 so th...
  8. Wolfe24


    I read through Jeff Solheim's pocket pearls, then went to a live course of his, and then did practice tests in the ENA book. I'd HIGHLY recommend Jeff Solheim, I think that review course was what ensured that I passed the exam. Good luck!
  9. Wolfe24

    Travel in San Antonio, TX

    Hello everyone! I'm looking to start a travel assignment in a couple of months in San Antonio. Just wondering if anyone knows of which hospitals are the best or which to avoid all together. I will be looking at ER assignments only and would love work...
  10. I did the RN to EMT-B course a Creighton and it was fantastic. The staff there are wonderful; very knowledgeable, helpful, and nice. I really wanted to do their paramedic program but its expensive and my state offers RN reciprocity. One of my co-work...
  11. Wolfe24

    "Houston we have a problem" This just got very real

    Being more contagious later in the disease process actually makes a lot of sense. If you think about how this disease works and how people begin sweating with fevers and bleeding from all orifices, the opportunities for coming into contact with infec...
  12. Wolfe24

    Supplies a new grad ER Nurse should carry

    Wow you guys carry a lot of stuff! When I hit the floor I grab pens, alcohol swabs and flushes. I have a small tote bag with other misc stuff like crit care and emergency references, extra hair tires, gum, phone charger etc, but I just throw that und...
  13. Wolfe24

    What is the "best" stethoscope for the ED?

    I went through several until I settled on the Master Cardiology. I can actually hear stuff through it now! The Cardio III is probably similar, however the Master Cardiology doesn't have a bell and diaphragm, just one side. You can still hear everythi...
  14. Wolfe24

    Different shifts in the ED

    Yup, this is exactly what I would have posted. 11-23 is my favorite also! Home in time to sleep for the night and you don't have to get up early. Plus the shifts go by so fast! Love it :)
  15. Omg that was great! Looks like so much fun!