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  1. cassius15

    Wolford College

    hey how are you doing? Well that's great!!.. when is your interview? and where are you from? They will tell you after the interview that you will hear from them in 2 weeks. They changed the interview process and you will take a 60 question test on neuro blockers,induction agents, etc... lol jk no the interview is very much a meet and great. they will ask you question but nothing to be worried about. They want to learn more about you as a person. this time is taken for you and them to get a feel for each other. The interview is quick and you will be out of there in no time. They do it by the order you sign the paper. I suggest get there early and sign in. At the start they get everyone in and talk a bit then the financial aid director comes in and shows you how much debt you will be in lol. then they will call you in one by one. Just be relaxed and be yourself. usually when you get an interview you have it locked down. The first semester was great. So much to learn and it is a bit of a shock. You realize that now your learning medicine and you didn't know jack before lol. this semester is harder then the first, that's because we have a bigger load of classes. but all I do is study and work out. well if you have anyother question or would like to speak.. pm me your contacts and i can speak to you about things.
  2. cassius15

    Wolford College

    ya in 2nd semester.....
  3. cassius15

    Whose going to Anesthesia School?!

    hi I am currently attending wolford college and just started this spring.. I hope everyone is doing well and congrats on getting in for the fall.... I am just taking a quick short break from studying..
  4. cassius15

    Wolford College

    Hi, I am starting school at wolford college. I am going to be driving from st pete/tampa area. Was wondering if there is anyone else from the area that got accepted to wolford to start FEB 20110.. I am looking to commute and wanted to see for fellow students to car pool with.. Please let me know
  5. cassius15

    Wolford College

    Hi, I am starting school feb 1 2010 at wolford college I live in st petersburg and was looking for others who will be commuting from tampa area.. If there is anyone please ht me up... Thanks
  6. cassius15

    anyone heard of the university of south florida?

    Hi, I am a graduate of the USF accelerated Nursing program. I just got excepted into CRNA school at a different university. I know the whole process and real info on the usf program for crna and nursing. I have several family members who teach at the clinical sites for the crna program. If you need information please pm me or send me a message.
  7. cassius15

    UNE/ST Joe, Barry Uni, or Wolford College. Which one is the best?

    Hi, Did you make your decision yet. I think I decided on Wolford College...