OHIO Nurses what part of Ohio are you from and what kind of nurse are you/will you be - page 15

Hi everyone, just trying to get some posts goin on in our OHio chat room, im from cincy and i want to be a travel nurse eventually...i also want to specialize in pediatrics maybe become an NP... Read More

  1. by   VinoLover2030
    I heard too many bad things about Garden manor so I have been working agency
  2. by   charebec65
    Hi Shannon and LostInTrenton..... I'm a neighbor too (though closer to Middletown) as I'm near Lebanon. I also graduated from Great Oaks (Wilminton Campus) and am working on my RN.
  3. by   DoveNoir
    I was just looking through and see that you're at MSJ. (at least you probably are by now) Are there things that you'd recommend to an incoming student? I've been accepted for May 07, but I only know the "official" information about the program.. And I know thats not the whole story- but I'd love to hear about your experiences with the classes.
  4. by   allantiques4me
    Hi everyone! This is so cool talkin to fellow Ohioans!!Im an LPN from Cleveland and do pediatrics.
  5. by   VinoLover2030
    charebec where are you working on your RN?
  6. by   MSJ2007
    Wow! I'm glad I stumbled onto this link. I, and a few others on this site that I've found so far, are starting at The Mount's MN program in May. Any others? I'd love to hear from someone who is currently in the program.

    I'm also out in Warren County and am not looking forward to the drive each day!
  7. by   sunnyjohn
    I will be a a student at MSJ in Cincy in May.

    Right now I am looking to move out to Ohio. Any suggestions on where to live in Cinncinnati???
  8. by   DianeK4HVCH

    Southeastern Ohio here....wear many hats from working PT in an Occupational Health Clinic and PT researching, developing, reviewing and revising policies and procedures.
  9. by   NICHOLERN
    Hi I live in the Dayton area. I have been a LPN for 4 years, just passed my RN nclex in Feb and am starting on a med surg unit monday.
  10. by   VinoLover2030
    NICHOLERN, what did you use to study for your NCLEX? I am starting to have some anxiety here
  11. by   ClassQ1
    Northwest Ohio here, male nursing student...interested in nursing informatics and lately have been thinking about ICUs...
  12. by   NICHOLERN
    Actually I went to review class that was excellent, it was given by a man named Mark Klimek. He gives you two workbooks so I only studied from them.
  13. by   Soon2bnursekiki
    I'm from the Dayton area and will be graduating next month with my LPN. Right now I'm looking at a LTCF by my home for about a year..plan to go back for my RN after my hubby is done with school. I'd love to work in LAD after I get my RN...toying with the idea of being a Midwife when I'm a bit older, but only time will tell where I actually end up.