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Christie RN2006 specializes in SICU, EMS, Home Health, School Nursing.

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  1. Christie RN2006

    Of Kittens and Computers

    Actually, I adopted a kitten that was abandoned when it was way too little. They found her on one of the coldest days of the year at the country market where my sister works. She was huddled by the door trying to get warm. The poor thing was so tiny and sick. I had to hand feed the kitten and she was pretty much glued to my side for the first month or so. I am happy to report that she is now 10 months old, healthy and very ornery!!
  2. Christie RN2006

    Family Initiated Rapid Response Team

    We also have something similar, except ours is called "Race team". Our family initiated race team just started about 6 months ago. We have fliers that are to be given on admission and we are required to educate the patient and family about it. Thankfully we have not had much abuse of the system either. We were all very concerned when we first started it, but it has actually been a good thing for us so far! We make sure to explain that it is only to be used for emergency situations, not just because they aren't happy with something.
  3. Christie RN2006

    Respirations at 30 bpm

    I was thinking that is what it sounded like. People tend to do Cheyne-stokes breathing shortly before they die. If they are a DNR pt, medicate them to keep them comfortable, if they are with it I usually try to do ativan and morphine, if they are lethargic or comatose I tend to stick with just the morphine. If the patient is a full code and they start doing that type of breathing, you had better be letting the doctor know asap because they will probably code before long!
  4. Christie RN2006

    Real 911 calls.....

    One night I was working in step-down and I was caring for a patient with sundowners, well about 4 in the morning I received a phone call at the nurses station from our local 911 center stating there was a person calling 911 from my floor. The 911 operator patched me through to the call so I could try to figure out who it was. As I was listening to the conversation trying to figure out who it was, I had the other nurses going room to room trying to see if we could catch someone on the phone. We finally figured out it was my patient after she had made 3 calls to 911!! Guess what she was calling 911 for... because she said that she needed to go to the hospital!?
  5. Christie RN2006


    One night I was working in the unit and I got called to go to step-down to assist with a patient that wasn't doing well. I got over there and the pt was in resp distress and we ended up intubating him and moving him to the unit. After we moved him to the unit, he started to stabilize, but I kept getting this feeling that there was something terribly wrong. I told the doc that I thought something was wrong and he kept assuring me that the pt was fine. The doc thought he was just fluid overloaded since he was a post op that had received multiple fluid boluses. After about an hour, the pts pressure started dropping and I kept telling the doc that I had a really bad feeling about the pt. The pressure kept dropping and finally the doc decided to start a line and put him on a vasopressor. As I was running to grab the drip from the tube system, the pt started coding. The pt ended up coding twice that night and we put a balloon pump in at the bedside!! The pt ended up with a massive MI and had to have a CABG, but now he is home and doing fine!
  6. Christie RN2006

    Questions on Nursing

    There are lots of benefits for going to a community college. They are usually a lot cheaper and it is generally a smaller setting, so you can get more one on one time with your professors and clinical instructors. When you graduate, you have the same degree as someone going to a big name school, with a lot less of the debt! Grant it, there are some definite pluses to going to a big name school, but sometimes you have to look at both sides and decide whats best for you. Either way, no matter which type of college you go to, you will be a nurse when you graduate. for example... I went to a private school and one of my coworkers went to a community college. We are both RNs and we both work in the same area and we both make the same amount of money.
  7. Christie RN2006

    Newbie Question...

    https://allnurses.com/nursing-stethoscope/ Click on that link for an entire forum about stethoscopes! As for me, my favorite stethoscope is a Littman classic II and my favorite watch is a super cheap one from Walmart. I have had my watch for years and it still works like a charm and looks as good as the day I bought it :) I can't help you with the gait belt though, my recommendation would be to check at one of your local uniform or nursing supply stores. Good luck with school!!
  8. Christie RN2006

    Too much sadness this shift...

    Your post almost made me cry... and here I was complaining about how crappy my night was!! I am definitely going to be praying for your pt!! I'm sure that was the worst day of her life, I am just glad you were there to help comfort her!
  9. Christie RN2006

    IV site changes/tubing changes???

    If we are running cardene, our policy is site change Q12 hours.
  10. Christie RN2006

    Nurse and Firefighter

    I am a nurse/emt. There are a bunch of us on here that do both :) I really enjoy doing both because they are completely different!!
  11. Christie RN2006

    Home Remedies - Share Yours

    Baking soda paste for bee stings works too! Just mix baking soda with a little bit of water to make the paste and then place it on top of the bee sting.
  12. Christie RN2006

    Stress levels in ICU/CCU

    The ICU can definitely be very stressful, but it tends to be a different kind of stress than a med/surg floor. In the ICU, you will generally have only 1-2 patients, but they will be very sick with multiple drips, drains, vents, monitors, etc. Sometimes the most stressful part is dealing with a critically ill patients family... As for me, I would much rather be in the unit with multiple drips than be on the floor with multiple patients!! I would prefer a crazy night in the unit over a crazy night on the floor almost any day! I know some nurses that can't stand the unit, they said that they don't like having to titrate drips, work with all of the machines, and deal with the families in the ICU setting. But give me a vented and sedated patient and I am happy It's all about what types of patients you like dealing with! If you are seriously considering a move to the ICU, as the manager there if you can shadow a nurse in that area so that you can get a feel for what it is like.
  13. Christie RN2006

    BSN vs. ADN + BS in other field

    There are a lot of schools that offer a BS-BSN degree. I know the college I went to had an accelerated program that accepted people with degrees in other fields. Essentially, they got to skip most of the gen eds and concentrate on just the nursing classes. The course was anywhere from 1 1/2 to 2 years. As for the economy question... how are things in your area? Are the hospitals around you still hiring? If nursing is something you really want to do, go for it. If you are ok where you are at right now and willing to wait the slump out, then do that. Who knows what the economy will be like in 2-4 years when you are done with school!!
  14. Christie RN2006

    Dilaudid shortage - anyone else seeing it?

    We also are having a shortage of the dilaudid carpujects here in Ohio. We constantly have the ampules showing up in our accudose. I am thankful that we have the ampules!!
  15. Christie RN2006

    more than 5 rights to med checks

    This kinda goes along with right assessment... make sure that you are giving it for the "right reasons"! For example, do not give someone potassium if their potassium level is already high or insulin if their blood sugar is low.
  16. Christie RN2006

    Parking Lot Code....

    Here's another quick update for those that are curious... She is supposed to get discharged tomorrow!