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  1. cmarsh333

    Calm me down!!! Help me please!

    Relax!!!!!!!! I know how u feel. I was ready for NCLEX, I was well prepared. I took the test on the 11th and found out on Sunday that I passed with 75Q's. Do not study the night prior to the exam. I know it's hard to not grab the NCLEX materials but u need sometime to catch your breath and feel good. I thought the NCLEX was pretty comparable to the study material I used. If you have been practicing and reading rationales u will be fine. FYI I had prioritization, math(gtts), medications, and SATA. U will be fine. U need to build up ur confidence, take ur test and then have a cold one!!!!!!!!!! I usually don't drink, but I drank the whole weekend with dinner!!!!!!!! Good luck to u:hrnsmlys:
  2. cmarsh333

    It has been 48hrs

    :hrnsmlys:Quick results came YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Thank you to Suzanne4 for an awesome plan, thank u to all on this site for the support. Good luck to all CMarsh, RN
  3. cmarsh333

    It has been 48hrs

    and no quick results. Does this mean I failed?
  4. cmarsh333

    It has been 48hrs

    it will be 48 hours since I took the NCLEX. What is the chance of pearson giving quick results today?
  5. cmarsh333

    It has been 48hrs

    Would u consider questions related to ventilator troubleshooting and hyperosmolar non-ketonic hyperglycemia more difficult questions for the NCLEX RN? I took the test early friday morning and felt okay when i left the testing center but since have been reliving the test and now I know in my heart I failed. I had 75Q's. I prepared like crazy. I cannot even count the amt of practice questions and rationales i reviewed. Anyone think my results will be ready on Sunday?
  6. cmarsh333

    Question about NCLEX math

    It'll tell u, Good luck
  7. cmarsh333

    I am freaking out!

    It has been 24hrs since I completed the NCLEX RN on Friday. I am ready to vomit. I couldn't sleep the night before and I woke up at 2am today. I had 75q's but that means nothing. I worked so hard. I have a husband, and 2 children. This has been a journey for all of us and I don't want to let anyone down. I've been an LPN for six years and have been working at my current place for 5 years. The pressure to pass is getting to me. I just want to cry.
  8. cmarsh333

    Question about quick results

    I took my test today (friday) so will my quick results be available by Sunday or Tuesday next week? Ohio Board of Nursing
  9. cmarsh333

    Full of anxiety

    I know quick results aren't ready for 48 hours, but when I took LPN boards they were available in 2 hours. I can't stop looking at the Pearsovue website to find out if i am going to be an RN. I am so nervous. I finished the exam at 0830 and it's only 1200. Time is going by so slow. AAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH! I keep reliving the test. I am pretty sure i failed:o
  10. cmarsh333

    Took NCLEX RN today

    I hope i passed. I had 75q, a ton of SATA, meds, med calcs, and priority. I am so nervous....
  11. cmarsh333

    7 hours

    until I test for RN, cannot sleep!!!!!
  12. cmarsh333

    I failed NCLEX-RN 1/9/08

    Hey the chances of passing at 75 are very good. I am sure you did fine. You always remember what went wrong and not what wen right. Hang in there. I am testing tomorrow. Think positive ( thats what i am TRYING to do). Let us know.
  13. cmarsh333

    Received ATT...........

    Testing Tomorrow-------------I am sooooooooooooo nervous!!!!!!
  14. cmarsh333

    to all LPN to RN

    NCLEX test takers, did u find the NCLEX RN was easier being an LPN already?
  15. cmarsh333


    My ATT for NCLEX RN- Getting nerrrrrrrrrrrvoussssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am doing Suzannes plan. I feel I am ready??? I hope! Good luck to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1:specs:
  16. cmarsh333

    LPN IV Certification

    CSU offers IV therapy