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Hi, I was wondering about some of those weird names that you've probably encountered in L&D and PP. I remember when I had my maternity rotation a couple of weeks ago, one of the nurses said she... Read More

  1. by   TennNurse
    I rode the bus with two sisters named Ginger and Cinnamon Cates, and for years thought they were Ginger and Cinnamon Cakes. Pretty girls, very sweet to me when I was in the first grade and new to riding the bus.

    Last month I took care of a little girl named Marijuana, and years ago had a 5-year-old female patient named Jezebel.

    My mother had a student named Aqua Net, and for a short time, two friends of mine, Adam and Eve, dated each other. My ex-husband worked briefly with a contractor naemd Dick Small. Why did this man not insist on being called Richard??
  2. by   Mandynsnuf
    I've delivered a Chlamydeea, Candida, Moon Star and I work with a Semaj (James spelled backwards).
  3. by   jillyk*rn
    Last week's patients included a boy named Yankee and a girl named Diamond Merchant. Her sister Emerald came in for a visit.
  4. by   Mandynsnuf
    the other night I had a homeless couple name their child Loretta Lynn
  5. by   papawjohn
    Hey Y'all

    Best baby name story I know....

    Got on the elevator at Univ of Tenn (Knoxville) Hospital and an older couple got on at the L&D stop, obviously Grandparents. Very very rural Tennessee, salt of the earth, straight shooter folks. She was in a dress (visit to the big city hospital). He had on tweedy sport coat looking jacket over bib overalls.

    "MISTY DAWN" he says under his breath, with a snort.

    "Now, Bill"

    "MISTY DAWN" he repeats shaking his head.

    "Now, Bill"

    "Why couldn't they just name her 'FOGGY MORNING' is they like that so much?"

    And I had to wait for 5 floors til they got out before I laughed.

    Now a Papaw (Tennessean for Grand Dad) myself,
    Papaw John
  6. by   shopgal
    What's up with the car thing too? My friends have Chevy, Portia, Monte Carlo (Boy) and they just had a girl named Lexus. Wrong, wrong. I think that it's funny too when people get married and their name is funny. My friend's grandma was "Erma Jean Pepper" and after she got married it was "Erma Jean Pepper Green" I also know someone who's last name was Rahn pronounced "ran" and married someone with the last name of "Fast." :chuckle
  7. by   TiffyRN
    I've posted before but I have to again. Most recently we've had

    Zykierria Chantae


    Jacorian (and these last two are not related).

    Oh, and by the way, all three of the above infants are of different ethnicities.

    Oh, how could I forget "Falcon"
    I went to undergrad with twins name Perhaps and Maybee :hatparty:
  9. by   Michelle.
    I read the first page of this and decided i had to post...

    My cousin named her first son O'rion.. i think she ended up dropping the O and is now just Rion.

    My stepmom worked in childsupport for the prosecuting attorney here in Missouri.. and there was a lady who named her twins.. LemonJello and LimeJello.
  10. by   rn/writer
    I work on a postpartum unit in a large urban hospital. The trend I see (and cringe at) is the increased use of apostrophes and hyphens in names that are difficult enough to begin with. Examples; Ke'mareion, A'nillayah, De-quarius, and X'avierion. I'm all for self-expression, but I grew up with an odd name that I hated so much that I ended up getting it legally changed. That's not to say every kid with an unusual name will dislike it, but I'll bet the odds go way up if the name is prone to misspelling and mispronunciation. Sometimes it seems like the parents pulled out a handful of scrabble tiles (using the blanks for punctuation), tossed them up in the air, and named the kid whatever combination came down on the table. I have noticed that the younger the mother is, the more "creative" the name she comes up with. And it does seem to be the women naming the wee ones.

    I'm glad we've moved beyond Joshua and Jennifer, but I wonder if there's such a thing as going too far. Twenty years from now, might we see a rebound generation named Robert and Thomas and Lisa and Annemarie?
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  11. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    Years ago, my neighbor was an elderly man names Precious Dahl.

    My mom showed me two classmates in her H.S. year book named Nugget Stone and Pearl Ruby Diamond, respectively.
  12. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    My neighbor's son's name is Javen. I once had a land-lord who named her son Garrick.
  13. by   decartes
    A friend of mine shared some funny baby names which came his way:

    Formica Dinette
    Shanae and Shanaenae (fraternal twins)
    Fuquwan and Fuquwanella (fraternal twins)