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  1. That must have been some odor for her to notice.
  2. Trying to get a breech baby head down

    I am due in 7 weeks and my Dr. said my baby is diagonal between breech and transverse. A girlfriend of mine said there were some things to do that could get her to move into the head down position. Just wondering if it was true or just more of the ...
  3. Question about Dr. refusing care

    When I posted this question, I read it to mean the Dr. was refusing the patient on the intial assesment. I do have a problem with meeting with a patient once and finding out they smoke or whatever and promptly refusing treatment. To me, these peopl...
  4. Question about Dr. refusing care

    In one of my classes we have to answer a question and I was sort of at a loss on the answer. Acutally I know how I would answer, but cannot imagine how anyone could feel the action in discussion was good or responsible. Could you guys tell me what ...
  5. Pre-nursing student w/ questions!!

    Did you say your doc stuck a fetal scalp monitor in your son's rear?!?
  6. Taking an infant's temp.

    How do you all do it? Ear, rectal or underarm and add a degree? I am having a debate with a friend over the best way. She says the nurses in the hospital she delivered @ did it under the arm, but her pediatrician says that is not the most accurate...
  7. Replacing amniotic fluid to raise HR

    Thanks for the explanation. That does make sense. I just didn't have enough info from what I read to reason it out for myself.
  8. Replacing amniotic fluid to raise HR

    I have a question and may not word it exactly great, but forgive me in advance. I read something the other day where a woman was in labor and after her water was broken, the baby's HR started to drop. She said "they pumped her full of fluid" to rep...
  9. ~~~A&P 1 (winter/spring) Club~~~

    I had my first class yesterday and the lecture was great, but am a bit worried about the lab. I had such a hard time operating the microscope...I have not used one since I was like 7. I wish we could skip those and go straight to dissecting.
  10. ? For those who do C-Sections often

    I think I will not dwell on it too much and then when that day arrives see how it goes. If I had to have a c-section, then I will just make sure he is fed and ask him and not push it too much if he is hesitant. I am hoping the excitement will overw...
  11. ? For those who do C-Sections often

    Ok, I am due in May (yay, it's a girl!!!!!!!) with my first baby, who by the way has the most beutiful U/S photos you have ever seen! Anyway, my husband is super squemish (very much on the wimpy side) to the point of utter ridiculousness. The whole...
  12. Medicaid. Is it being abused?

    Would it not have been fraud if she had used Medicaid when she already had another form of health insurance? She didn't commit fraud, but was attempting to as you are not supposed to have Medicaid if you already have health insurance. I may be wron...
  13. ~~~A&P 1 (winter/spring) Club~~~

    i will be starting on monday and am so excited! i am also a bit nervous as i am five months pregnant with my first (a girl!!) and am due a little over a week after finals. wish me luck.:wink2:
  14. Medicaid. Is it being abused?

    How is that affected by HIPPA...or is it? I was @ work the other night and a patient came in to get a RX filled and handed me her Aetna insurance card and her Medicaide card and told me to "try both and use the cheaper one.":angryfire I informed h...
  15. Car Seat Stories or information?

    I can give you a personal story that has convinced me to keep kids in a rear-facing car seat as long as possible. When my sis was a baby, we were in a car accident and she was in a front-facing car seat. I don't know exactly how old she was, I was o...