Trying to get a breech baby head down


I am due in 7 weeks and my Dr. said my baby is diagonal between breech and transverse. A girlfriend of mine said there were some things to do that could get her to move into the head down position. Just wondering if it was true or just more of the endless stuff people come up with to tell pg. women. (like don't raise your arms above your head or the U-Cord will get wrapped around the baby' neck:uhoh3: ) Not sure I would try anything...just thinking if she moves, then she moves. I just wanted an opinion from some L&D nurses.

Anyway, advice was as follows: You can take a flash light and place the light against your belly, watch for babies reaction and steer baby toward pelvic bone with the light.

Place a headphone or speaker playing soft classical music against your pelvic bone. This can cause the baby to turn head down to get closer to the music.

With your rear end elevated higher than your head (either pillows, or an ironing board propped against your couch work well for this) place a bag of frozen veggies on top of your shirt where babies head is. The baby will move away from the cold.

Someone can also encourage baby to move around with his hands on your tummy gently pushing baby toward the pelvic bone



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DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES PUSH ON THE BABY TO GET IT TO MOVE!!! A physician will sometimes try this maneuver in the OR in case something tragically goes wrong (like the cord is wrapped around baby and is torn when the MD pushes on the baby).

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Please don't do these things.

I am closing this thread.

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